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September 4th, 2014

Thanks to Beth Schwartzapfel’01 for writing an excellent piece on Lois Lowry ’58 and The Giver (“The Memories We’re Made Of,” July/August). I encountered the book for the first time as an adult and it made a strong impression on me. I enjoyed learning about the woman who wrote it and some of the backstory on what inspired her to write it.

Allyson Goose ’06 MAT
Cambridge, Mass.


I grew up loving Lowry’s books. It is great to learn more about her life and inspiration. This article was a great read. I only hope that someday I can grow old in a Maine farmhouse full of books and find half the inspiration that Lowry has!

Danielle Breakell ’11
Comment from brownalumnimagazine.com


Lowry’s books were such an inspiration to me when I was growing up—they were the books that really got me into reading. I didn’t know she was a student at Brown. Just knowing that Lowry was here makes me feel that much more honored to be a grad student at Brown.

Stephanie Prochaska
Comment from brownalumnimagazine.com

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