November 5th, 2014

    1    Plan for losers, informally?
    5    Just under half a penny’s weight 
    9    Cat calls? 
    14    School attended by Aldous Huxley and John Maynard Keynes 
    15    Tortoise racer
    16    “Little Orphant Annie” poet James Whitcomb ___
    17    It was written in 1861, and gained traction in 1869 after a perfomance by the Glee Club
    19    2013 Katy Perry album with the single “Roar”
    20    Branch of computational linguistics: Abbr.
    21    Myrmecology subjects
    22    Ukraine’s capital   
    23    Words said after “...so help you God?”       
    24    Opposite of aye    
    25    Drool catcher    
    26    “Ich bin ___ Berliner”    
    29    Rover    
    31    Among its notable alumnae are Lois Lowry and Marilynne Robinson   
    33    Command to Rover
    35    “Monsters, ___”    
    36    Took a gander at    
    37    It’s bounded to the west by North Main street    
    40    “Kapow!”    
    42    Relative of .edu or .com
    43    All ___ day’s work    
    44    Noted psychoceramist and namesake of a sandwich at Brown    
    46    Astronomer Brahe    
    50    Barrett of Pink Floyd, for whom “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” was written
    51    Lisa, to Bart    
    52    Like some broody teens
    54    Street cred    
    55    Resident of the ancient city Choquequirao
    57    Get off the highway
    58    School with a Narragansett Bay campus: Abbr.    
    59    Actor Hill of “Superbad”
    61    The first student publication at Brown, whose editors were accused of being “so much attached to Latinity, as to reject the letter
            W because it is not found in the Roman alphabet”
    63    Lessen    
    64    The Beatles’ “Ticket to ___”    
    65    Capri or Wight    
    66    Member of the track team    
    67    Many bills in tip jars
    68    Most New Dorm suites have four    

    1    2013 book subtitled “Women, Work, and the Will to Lead”    
    2    “Good enough for me”
    3    It might be shaken at Brown Stadium    
    4    Stop ___ dime    
    5    Country that’s west of Togo    
    6    Sharpe, to students
    7    God wounded by Diomedes in the “Iliad”
    8    French for “sea”    
    9    Dr. Pepper alternative about which Mitch Hedberg quipped, “Dude didn’t even get his degree”    
    10    “Sing of old ___ and the ancient ways”: Yeats    
    11    Popeye’s gal    
    12    Film’s Anderson    
    13    Prefix with metric or pathetic    
    18    TV host Howie    
    22    Traditional Korean vegetable side dish       
    25    “Va ___!” (“It’s going well!” in Italian)    
    27    “I Like ___” (50s political slogan)    
    28    “Game of Thrones” protagonist ___  Stark
    30    Manhattan Project focus, briefly    
    31    “Wittle” toe    
    32    Race with batons    
    34    Singer Estefan    
    37    ___ red (one of Brown’s official colors)
    38    Makes a boo-boo    
    39    Completely    
    40    Elton’s johns    
    41    Library across from the Van Wickle Gates
    45    “Drawing Hands” artist    
    47    Actor Tom of “Edge of Tomorrow”    
    48    Beverly Hodgson, its editor in 1970, was the first female editor of an Ivy League daily
    49    Gives one’s two cents    
    52    Give off    
    53    Excavates    
    56    Fivethirtyeight’s Silver    
    57    “___ Brockovich”    
    59    Musical improv    
    60    ___-Wan Kenobi    
    61    Frat ___ (certain collegiate archetype)
    62    Tip for a writer   

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