Captured Moments

March 10th, 2015

The paintings of Helena Wurzel ’03 focus on femininity. They feature women at the beach, at the pool, in a hammock, at the park, in a car, or just reading or sleeping. “I make paintings about stories of women in moments of self-reflection and celebration,” she writes on her website, . “The compositions are often tightly cropped and use bold pattern and saturated color to create emotionally charged moods.” The artist, who received her MFA from Boston University in 2007, lives and works in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her paintings are available at Jonathan Adler boutiques in Miami and Los Angeles, and high quality prints of her work are for sale on the online site 20 x 200. “Whether contemplative, vulnerable, intense, or humorous, the work seeks to capture an insular moment,” she writes. “They are tied to the reality and imagination inherent in the feminine realm.”

Courtesy Helena Wurzel


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