Schools Debate

March 12th, 2015
I found the contrast between the hopefulness and innovation described in the piece about The Learning Community (“A Way of Teaching,” January/February) and the despair and cynicism of the review of the teacher wars (“Teach Our Children Well,” A&C, January/February) very telling about the broader education discussion currently under way in this country.

Would David Marcus ’82 agree that The Learning Community has something to offer our district schools? Would Sarah Friedman ’97 be vilified by Dana Goldstein ’06 because she started a charter and is part of the “privatizing schools conspiracy” because it takes money away from traditional schools?

Brown alumni have an unusually strong connection and history in the education space, and it is my great hope that we as a community can have an honest discussion beyond rhetoric—unlike the rest of society.

Hillary Gross Moglen ’98
Los Angeles
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