GS Class of 1981

Jan, 2023

Alice Goldberg Lemos ’81 PhD writes: “I was made a director of the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation and have published in CNS News and American Thinker.”

Apr, 2022

Joel Scheraga ’79 AM, ’81 PhD (see ’76).

Apr, 2022

Joel Scheraga ’79 AM, ’81 PhD, led the team that produced the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s new Climate Adaptation Action Plan. The plan was released by the White House, along with others from across the federal government, on Oct. 7. It describes how EPA will work with its partners in states, tribes, territories, local governments, and businesses to promote a healthy and prosperous nation that is more resilient to a changing climate with a particular focus on advancing environmental justice.

Jan, 2022
The Brown Planet
Two upcoming NASA missions to Venus are led by Brown-educated scientists. Read More
Nov, 2021

Drew Rubin ’81 ScM, writes: “I was a professional systems engineering analyst (now retired). I analyzed the federal government’s ‘best data’ on their website a few years ago. It suggested, but did not prove, climate change. It seemed to disprove man-made climate change. Interestingly, the data was removed within a year. If climate change exists but is not man-made, trying to stop it is either fruitless or extremely dangerous. We should not try to stop a natural ‘warm spell’ or the next ice age. If climate change exists and is man-made, what we are doing (and not doing) to stop it is poorly planned, poorly executed, and will not work.” 

Sep, 2018
Weather Warrior
Dispatches from the front lines of climate-change adaptation Read More


Apr, 2023

James P. Bolan ’81 MAT, of Madison, Conn.; Oct. 16. He was diagnosed as a young child with a rare form of muscular dystrophy but persevered until the disease eventually forced him to be bedridden. From 1984 to 2014 he was a social studies teacher at Daniel Hand High School in Madison. He loved modern history and political science and was an inspiration to his students and colleagues alike. His passion for learning and knowledge were his most effective teaching tools. He married his wife in 1992 after meeting as jazz announcers at WWUH FM in Hartford, Conn. Their love of music kept them involved in the Hartford jazz scene for decades. He was also a dedicated sports enthusiast and a lifelong Red Sox, Green Bay Packers, and Hartford Whalers fan. He is survived by his wife, Donna; a sister and brother-in-law; a brother; and nieces and nephews.


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