Painting For Numbers

By The Editors / May / June 1999
November 14th, 2007
When Charles Donahue '65 decided to commission a painting of University Hall to raise money for his favorite Brown causes, he turned to his friend, Thomas R. Dunlay, a Boston painter known for his realistic landscapes of Nantucket harbor in summer and the Boston Public Garden during a snowstorm. "I just thought it was a wonderful chance to combine a friend's talents with a beautiful setting," Donahue says. "I've always had a warm spot for my days at Brown."

Proceeds from Dunlay's painting will benefit the Michael Allara '65 Scholarship Fund, the classics department, and the men's and women's hockey teams. Donahue hopes other campus groups will sell the reproductions to raise money for their own purposes as well. - Emily Gold

Reproductions are available in various sizes from the Brown Bookstore at (800) 695-2050.

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