Bear on the Move

January 4th, 2012

In the interest of journalistic correctness, may we fill in the gaps concerning "The Prodigal Bear" (Finally, September/October). The article should have been titled "The Purloined Bears." There is no mystery as to its history.

Purchased in 1908 by our maternal grandfather in Germany, it remained in our possession as a sentimental and valuable reminder of our family tree. We Brunonians in 1952 decided the bear needed a more suitable and permanent home and so gave it to Brown as a gift from John V. Keily, class of 1911.

The author's emphasis is misplaced by applauding Mrs. Zucconi's returning the artifact when we believe it was purloined from the Alumni Center by her husband when his employment ended at the University. Peter Mackie '59 deserves much credit for engineering its return to its rightful place and the grateful thanks of its original owners. Hats off to you, Peter!

Ruth Keily Dugas '45
Warwick, R.I.

Frances Keily Uricchio '50
Wayne, Pa.

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