Frerichs Tribute

May 6th, 2014
I was very sad to see the death notice of Professor Ernest Frerichs (Obituaries, March/April). In 1960–61 I had the pleasure of taking his Religious Studies 21-22 course. Although the details of the curriculum have long left me, I remember him very clearly. 
What a wonderful teacher he was! More than just an excellent instructor, he was an extraordinary human being. He was enthusiastic about both the Old and New Testaments. He clearly respected both Judaic and Christian tradition. He had profound knowledge of the material and conveyed his deep respect and admiration for both traditions. He was analytical without being judgmental, deeply knowledgeable without being pedantic, and principled without being dogmatic. I have always remembered him with respect and admiration. One can only hope his family finds some solace in knowing how highly regarded he was by his students.
William Fishman ’62
Potomac, Md.

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