Sobering Thoughts

February 12th, 2007

What an inspiring essay by Molly Hurley Moran ’69 on giving up alcohol (“The Calculus of Drinking, Alumni P.O.V., September/October)! The author does not say if she attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but I strongly recommend the program to anyone who thinks he or she has a problem with alcohol. I recently celebrated five years of sobriety and prefer to remain anonymous, in keeping with the tradition of the program.
Many of my fellow classmates have discovered that drinking less or not at all is appropriate for our lifestyles. I attended my thirtieth reunion last summer and had a wonderful time—sober. As I walked to my car at one o’clock in the morning, I passed a dorm where a student was being wheeled to an ambulance. He looked completely stoned, apparently dangerously so.

I know Bruce Donovan ’59, my old classics professor at Brown, has helped students stay sober in the past, and I am aware that Brown currently has programs in place to help students with addiction problems.

As the mother of a son who is a sophomore in college now, I am all too aware that binge drinking, sadly, has not gone out of fashion.

Anonymous ’76

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