Reunion Report: Class of 1935

May 3rd, 2007


Merely to recite, as a lifetime, "three score and five years" is a most respectful number; but to relate it to a college reunion approaches an occurrence to be marveled at – and a marvel it was to participate in the joyous event of a return to campus of thirteen of the 1935 men’s class of our beloved alma mater.

The 65th reunion provided a meaningful dimension of renewed recognition of not only friendships with classmates, but a reminder that what Brown had given to us during four years of attendance should be, and was, rewarded by the generous giving of the 1935 men’s gift to the University in the sum of $338,613 from forty-seven classmates – an astonishing percentage of the present class membership, and a most prideful response. In the happiness of being together, we remembered with deep emotion those who had left us – but who, in their respective time, had maintained a loyalty to the college.

The reunion activities, as so expertly guided by the alumni relations staff (to whom our class offers boundless thanks), were enjoyed to the fullest, and they added the requisite range to revive our past memories, and to regard with wonder at the expansive changes. What a revelation it was to view Providence – a true renaissance city – with the revival of its rivers, the artistic capital, the WaterFire display, and even a ride on the gondola. To come back was, indeed, a great gratification and pleasure.

The class ushered in its new leadership, electing Irving Brodsky as president and treasurer and Ross A. deMatteo as secretary. These appointments resulted from the retirement of Stanley Henshaw Jr., who had been president and treasurer for many years, and who personified the whole spirit and dignity of a Brown alumnus. Our class thanks him wholeheartedly and wishes for him continued years of participation in the life of Brown. Not only as a recognition of Stan’s service, but also in recognition of the intensive effort of his dear wife, Elizabeth, who worked most diligently in the preparations for the reunion, did his classmates move for Elizabeth’s being named an honorary member of the class (with dues-paying obligations, however!).

The 65th reunion’s tone of delight was sounded by the resolve: sixty-five and counting! – Irving Brodsky

Brown 65th reunion attendees:

Wally Buxton

Henry Fancher

Frank Patchen

Ed Tuller

Edward Perkins

Al Kessler

Ross deMatteo

Harold Johns

E. Gage Hotaling

David Horvitz

Irving Brodsky

Stanley Henshaw

Louis Stein

John Grossman



Twelve Pembrokers returned to Brown for our 65th reunion. All expressed our good fortune in being there. We enjoyed the interesting, educational, and humorous forums; the wonderful dinner at Chez Pascal; and the fascinating WaterFire show. Unfortunately, Catherine Jodoin Beckley, Dorothy Blanchard Vamvaketis, and Caroln Troy Watts had to send their regrets.

We progressed pleasantly through Saturday’s photo sitting, luncheon, and meeting at the Faculty Club. College activities of the 1930s were recalled, especially the humorous memory of the rivalry between two dormitories, Miller and Metcalf, one of which hosted a strawberry festival and the other, an onion festival, with the class’s favorite teacher, Professor Carmichael, as a guest. We also shared notes from those who could not attend the reunion.

During the business meeting we agreed to eliminate class dues and to keep the present slate of officers: Dorothy Blanchard Vamvaketis, president; Catherine O’Meara Moriarty, vice president; Elizabeth Blanchard Nolan, secretary; Dorothy Markoff Nelson, treasurer; Alma Stone Sich, reunion activities chair; and Beatrice Wattman Miller, archivist.

Thanks are due to the reunion committee, to Jill Rossi and Doreen Perreira of alumni relations, and to the Brown Alumni Association for the many complimentary offerings.

In contrast to our early experiences at Commencement, some of us observed and remarked positively on the increased manifestation and talented participation of so many different cultures in our University. This was evident especially at the graduation mass, the all-class memorial service, and the Baccalaureate.

Please continue to let us know about you so that we can have more news in future issues of the BAM. Send news to Beatrice Miller, 161 Everett Ave., Providence 02906. – Alma Stone Sich

Pembroke 65th reunion attendees:

Frieda Lisker Corris

Natalie Basford Fancher

Gertrude Ketover Gleklen

Evelyn Kaplan Gompertz

Bea Wattman Miller

Dorothy Markoff Nelson

Elizabeth Blanchard Nolan

Mary Fullerton Oleksiw

Sara Bloom Paul

Ruth Williams Perkins

Alma Stone Sich

Sara Dowty Toney

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