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By The Editors / May / June 2002
June 29th, 2007


Albert, Himself by Jeff W. Bens '85 (Delphinium, 181 pages, $14)

Rules of Ascension by David B. Coe '85 (Tom Doherty Associates, 604 pages, $27.95)

The Melancholy of Anatomy by Shelley Jackson '94 M.F.A. (Anchor, 179 pages, $12)




Creative Fitness by Henry B. Biller '62 (Auburn House, 226 pages, $22.95)

Parables for the Virtual: Movement, Affect, Sensation by Brian Massumi '78 (Duke University Press, 328 pages, $19.95)

The Problem of Justice: Tradition and Law in the Coast Salish World by Bruce Miller '73 (University of Nebraska Press, 256 pages, $55)

Voodoo Science: The Road from Foolishness to Fraud by Robert Park '64 Ph.D. (Oxford University Press, 230 pages, $25)

Sitting Up with the Dead: A Storied Journey through the American South by Pamela Petro '82 (Arcade, 414 pages, $25.95)

Making Museums Matter by Stephen E. Weil '49 (Smithsonian Institution Press, 273 pages, $18.95)

Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts by Sam Wineburg '80 (Temple University Press, 255 pages, $23)

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