Animal Rights

By The Editors / March / April 2002
July 1st, 2007
There have been a myriad of meaty issues for members of the Brown community to ponder this winter but until last month no one suggested that the campus was going to the dogs. And then it happened.

John McConnell, assistant director of housing, started it all by notifying the students that the University intended to put some bite into its regulation on campus pets - mainly dogs. Too many canines, he said, had been roaming the campus, and matters had come to a head when he looked out his window and saw two students jump on the hood of a car to escape a pack of 15 dogs.

From now on, students must pay $5 to register their dogs and cats with the University. And the new rules specify that dogs must be either on a leash or under control at all times.

Those breaking the rule will be faced with a $10 fine, McConnell said. He estimated that there are between 60 and 75 dogs and cats housed on campus this spring, a sharp drop from the 150 or so in residence prior to the Christmas holidays.

Stressing that his bite would be worse than his bark if the rules were violated, the assistant housing director said that anything with four legs that isn't caged must be registered. Well, almost anything. He conceded that his edict would not include pet hamsters, mice, quail, anteaters, or boa constrictors, all of whom are currently exposed to the educational climate on College Hill.

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