Have You Been Saved?

By Chad Galts / November / December 1999
November 5th, 2007
Missionary Jed Smock brings a little fire and brimstone to campus.

Students leaving the Green after David Lewis's Opening Convocation address got another earful of advice on their way back to their dorms. Two Christian missionaries stood at the corner of Brown and George Streets slapping Bibles and admonishing students to give up their sinful ways. "I have evidence that students on this campus are fornicating with each other!" one bellowed to the passing crowd. "They are using drugs, and they condone the sins of homosexuality!" The reaction from students was what you would expect from such an eclectic group."Shut up," one student muttered to the preachers as she walked by. Others lingered awhile to listen, and a few engaged them in brief conversations.

When one student yelled from his dorm window, "Can I borrow your Bible? I need to look something up," Michael Leisner, one of the preachers, stifled a grin and kept on gesturing at his copy of the Good Book: "There is mercy here - even for you," he said over his shoulder to the voice in the window.

Midwestern missionaries, Leisner and his colleague Jed Smock were touring a half-dozen East Coast college towns with their message of salvation. Brown was their first stop.

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