Taller Than Jesus

May 23rd, 2008

The March/April issue, headlined "The New Racism," might as well have been slugged "The New Anti-Semitism." Practiced by Jews alienated from Jewish religion and culture, it persists. Why the Brown Alumni Magazine has given attention and exposure to Sean Altman's Taller Than Jesus escapes me, except that Altman is an alum and there is always space to fill. Altman's lyrics, which consist of humorous turns on the canards that anti-Semites have pinned on Jews for centuries, is a singular example of the sort of offal produced by some Jews who have become alienated from Jewish religion and culture. I would point out, however—at the risk of sounding square—that derogatory lyrics and jokes ridiculing Jews were used by the Nazis to dehumanize them and facilitate the Final Solution.

Max Gartenberg '48
Fort Myers, Fla.

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