A Great Loss

July 15th, 2008

I was greatly saddened to read of the death of Professor Hugh Townley, who was my mentor not only at Brown, but as I moved after graduation into my professional career as an artist (Obituaries, May/June). The Brown community has lost a wonderful teacher.

Professor Townley encouraged students to think, create, and truly challenge themselves, and provided me with support in undertaking community-based murals as an independent project outside the immediate Brown community. My ability to move easily into the professional world was due, in part, to his continual support and encouragement. He helped my own confidence as a young woman emerging from the protected environment of the college campus to undertake my work in Great Britain as a community mural artist. While I know that he retired a number of years ago, his continued connection to Brown was apparent. When my son, Jordan Mainzer, arrives at Brown as a freshman this fall, I hope he finds a mentor who will mean as much to him as Townley did to me.

Beth Shadur '75
Highland Park, Ill.

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