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September 8th, 2008

Think women are finally earning as much as men? Think again, says Assistant Professor of Economics Yona Rubenstein. He coauthored a new study finding that the increase in women's earnings is a function of the kind of women now working. "The growing equality between genders reflects the entry of the most able women to the workforce rather than better pay," he says. "While there may be more women holding high-power positions today, they are still being paid as their counterparts were three decades ago."... Modern culture and media studies professor Mark Tribe spent the summer reenacting not Civil War battles but Vietnam War–era speeches and protests. Professional actors delivered speeches by Angela Davis, César Chavez, and Stokely Carmichael at historic sites in New York City as well as in Los Angeles and Oakland, California. The series draws its name, The Port Huron Project, from the manifesto of the Students for a Democratic Society.... On July 1, Karen Davis, Harvard's number-two human resources staffer, took over as Brown's vice president for HR.

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