September 8th, 2008

Was I hallucinating during the 50th reunion, or were there not Pembrokers in attendance? I seem to remember a joyous time spent with sixty-five or seventy female classmates. And need I remind you that the Grand Marshal was Martha Sharp Joukowsky '58?

Not only did President Simmons fail to mention Pembroke or Dean Nancy Duke Lewis in her comments to us in Sayles Hall, but the BAM forgot the lively presence of Pembrokers in its reunion coverage. We are not amused.

Sally Whitcomb Keen '58
Washington, Pa.


What a disappointment to find that the class of 1958, in our 50th Reunion year, was entirely omitted from the latest issue of the BAM. We had a great time and it would have been nice to be able to savor it in print once more with the rest of the University community.

Constance Black Engle
Hendersonville, N.C.


Editor Norman Boucher replies: Members of the 50th reunion class are pictured on page 50 of the July/August issue. While it's true the alumni on that page are all men, Pembroke alumnae from the 60th and 65th reunion classes appear in photographs on pages 47 and 48. Unfortunately, a national dip in magazine advertising and a spike in paper and postage prices have forced the BAM to cut pages recently. Although the magazine keeps up with the ever-increasing volume of class notes, it has had to limit coverage of many events. Next spring I hope to use the BAM website, brownalumnimagazine.com, to allow alumni to contribute their own reunion reports and photos to the magazine's online coverage.

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