A Belated Thanks

January 8th, 2009

I enjoyed the article "How Brown Turned Me into a Right Wing Religious Conservative" (January/February 2008). It reminded me of many of the progressive students I encountered at Brown, who were as intolerant as the closed-minded Young Republican students. Trying to maintain a middle ground was difficult during the early 1980s on campus.

I was brought up to question authority, and have told my children repeatedly to develop their own beliefs, and not to just accept mine, or those of their church, professors, and societal leaders. When I chose to attend Brown many years ago this tolerance was the primary reason, and I was disappointed by the actual intolerance I found on campus to any conservative or traditional views. Not that I agree with all of Klinghoffer's arguments, but I commend him for the conviction he had to express himself while a student at Brown. Thank you for publishing his article.

Scott Van Heest '84
Conyers, Ga.

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