American Pride

March 10th, 2009

When I read the quote from the student saying that when Barack Obama was elected president, "It was the first time in our lives we felt proud to be American," I was overcome with so much disappointment in both my university and at least some members of today's student body that I was ashamed to call myself a Brown alumnus ("Promised Land," Elms, January/February).

Regardless of one's political affiliation, to quote students who had never before been proud to be American and to imply in the article's sub- title— "Has Barack Obama brought patriotism back to campus?"— that there had previously been no sense of patriotism on campus is an embarrassment to the students, to Brown, and to the BAM.

Please remove me from the BAM's mailing list.

Brian Marchetti '93
Basking Ridge, N.J.


Is anyone else struck by the irony of twentysomethings who occupy some of the most privileged seats in this country bemoaning how destructive the United States is and deciding that at long last they can start feeling patriotic?

Richard Schlenger '74
Summit, N.J.


Let me see if I understand this: The election of a man with a black father and a white mother, with virtually no executive experience, with no significant legislative accomplishments, and who makes grandiose statements filled with hope and hype, is the singular event that finally brings a sense of pride and patriotism to these students at Brown?

How dare Sarah Schoenbrun '09 say that for the first time she is proud to be American. What was so awful with the country before the election? How dare Robert Smith '09 say that now he hopes America lives up to its promise. Has it not lived up to its promise so far? And how dare Alexandra Chemla '09 say that her faith has been restored. How horrible was this country before? And somehow this all magically changed on January 20, 2009?

It is disingenuous and sad that these kids have no sense of what they have received in their lives so far, and what they will be afforded throughout the rest of their lives. This country, the greatest ever on earth, is not great because of one person.

Bud Brooks '83

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