Fresh Ink

July 22nd, 2009



- The Cutting by James Hayman '63 (Minotaur).

- The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet by Reif Larsen '02 (Penguin).

- Follow Me by Joanna Scott '85 AM (Little, Brown).

- Escape Under the Forever Sky by Eve Yohalem '89 (Chronicle).



- Unfriendly Fire: How the Gay Ban Undermines the Military and Weakens America by Nathaniel Frank '95 AM, '02 PhD (Thomas Dunne).

- God Knows There's Need: Christian Responses to Poverty by Susan R. Holman '98 PhD (Oxford).

- The Art of Scandal: Modernism, Libel Law, and the Roman à Clef by Sean Latham '96 AM, '00 PhD (Oxford).

- A Movement Without Marches: African American Women and the Politics of Poverty in Postwar Philadelphia by Lisa Levenstein '94 (North Carolina).

- A Brain Wider Than The Sky: A Migraine Diary by Andrew Levy '84 (Simon & Schuster).

- Acceptance: A Legendary Guidance Counselor Helps Seven Kids Find the Right Colleges—and Find Themselves by David L. Marcus '82 (Penguin).

- The Bonfire: The Siege and Burning of Atlanta by Marc Wortman '78 (PublicAffairs).



- Dear Apocalypse by Katie A. Hays '05 MFA (Carnegie Mellon).

- Frankie, Alfredo, by Liane Strauss '89 AM, '93 PhD (Donut Press).



- Family Matters: The Importance of Mattering to Family in Adolescence by Gregory C. Elliott (Wiley-Blackwell).



- Use Trouble by Michael S. Harper (Illinois).

- Transcendental Studies by Keith Waldrop (California).

- Rising, Falling, Hovering by C. D. Wright (Copper Canyon).




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