Carberry Update

By Chas Jory-Bierra / March/April 2012
March 9th, 2012

Reports of the retirement of Professor of Psychoceramics Josiah Carberry are premature. In an exclusive BAM interview, the Simmons administration denies a rumor that the provost has pressured the world’s greatest traveler to surrender his professorship to make way for a new faculty member recruited under the Plan for Academic Enrichment.

Carberry’s recent lack of visibility, in fact, appears to be the result of an unusually busy schedule traveling the world in search of cracked pots, especially in such places as Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, and certain Gallic countries.

Nevertheless, at a time of decreased federal funding for psychoceramic research, all this scholarly travel by the absent-bodied professor requires more ingenuity than ever. Never one to shy from a challenge, Professor Carberry may or may not be personally soliciting funds on campus this year. In a post that was mysteriously deleted from the BAM Facebook page, someone claiming to be Brown’s eclectic seeker of knowledge said he was considering quiet visits to campus during mid-April and mid-July.

Sources in the John Hay Library tell the BAM that Carberry’s fund-raising pots, pictured here, are being prepared for display during his 2012 visits. The entire Brown community is urged to give generously and give often. The world’s future may depend upon the professor’s timely understanding of all these cracked pots.

Photo by Frank Mullin 

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