Women Play (Basketball Too

March 9th, 2012

In November/December feature “The 
Road to the Rest of Their Lives,” Dan Alexander ’12 writes: “This year marks this 25th anniversary of the only Ivy League Championship a Brown basketball team has ever won.” I have an Ivy League Championship Ring for basketball from 1985 to prove he is mistaken. And I know there are other times the women’s basketball team has won as well.

Christine E. Arbor ’88
Pacific Grove, Calif.



Dan Alexander’s article brought back memories for me. Two years before the championship season I was a walk-on senior on the 1983-84 men’s basketball team. Though we did not win a league championship, I could see that the core group of younger players, most of them sophomores that season, were developing the chemistry that would win the championship two seasons later.

I also appreciated the article’s structure: recalling not only the NCAA tournament game, but telling us what each starting player is doing with his life twenty-five years later. Regarding Waitkus, Turner, and Co., it is great to see what they have become since this memorable season, and their time at Brown. It appears that both playing sports and earning a degree at Brown have paid dividends for them. This, to me, is the real success story here.

Thank you BAM for memorializing this great feat with such a great article.

Joe O’Hara ’84
La Canada Flintridge, Calif.

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