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May 6th, 2014
With the exception of The Tempest, I have seen every film Mark Friedberg has worked on (“Mark Friedberg ’85 Designed Noah’s Ark,” Headline Stories, I am impressed by his ability to recreate a period and context so fully. The Ice Storm is one of my favorite films, in large part due to the atmosphere Mark created—his designs are full experiences that bring you right back to that time, no detail missed. 
As an American Studies PhD with a passion for film, I love how Friedberg has succeeded in rendering history visually. It’s a perfect intersection of his skills. 
Elizabeth Anderson ’85 comment

When Mark Friedberg says instead of “figuring out what I was going to do, I needed to just do, and see where that took me,” it woke me up. I graduated in December with a degree in comparative literature. However, I always admired art and spent many nights at List, trying out paints I bought from the RISD store. And without much thought I applied to Samsung Art and Design Institute, located in Seoul. With luck, I was admitted, and now I am here, not quite knowing what I am going to do from here on. Even just now I was trying to “figure out my life.” This article is such an inspiration in many ways. Thank you, Emily Gogolak ’12, for writing it!
Pulum Eunice Kim ’13 comment

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