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November 6th, 2014

I was one of the eighty students 
who worked on The Witch-Hunt Narrative with Professor of Political Science Ross Cheit, and I have to say that working with Professor Cheit was perhaps my most rewarding experience as an undergrad (“Research by the Dozens,” Elms, September/October).

Being part of a long line of undergrads to work on this research gave me a sense of place and history at Brown, and seeing his book published makes me so happy for him and all the others who worked on the book. I’m very glad to see all the well-deserved hype the Brown community has given him now that the project is live.

Emily Walsh ’13
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Professor Cheit’s instruction, commitment to his students, and passion for his work epitomize what I loved so much about Brown. He did indeed treat undergrads like grad students, in that he gave us responsibility, had high expectations, and valued our thoughts and contributions. What more could I, as a young, eager person, have wanted from my undergraduate experience? So proud to now call Ross a friend and to see his important, gutsy work come to fruition.

Allison Smith-Estelle ’93, ’94 AM
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I have been involved in child protection cases since 1987. It is very gratifying to read about Professor Cheit’s work and his undergraduates’ deep involvement in work of this kind. Children of any age who disclose such abuse are fragile and vulnerable; they react and act out in myriad ways. Thorough investigation and research of the kind reported here is essential to find the “some truth” in the allegations. 

Well done, everyone.

Philip Walker ’71
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