Discovering Who You Are

May 1st, 2017

These stories, gathered from this year’s graduating class, demonstrate that the adventure undergraduates face while earning their first collegiate degree contains a novel’s worth of particular joys and disappointments. These accounts are the cheat sheets for just a few. Because what each student brings to Brown is different, each Brown story is unique. In five, ten, fifteen years, or more, students graduating this May may return for reunion weekend to recall again the narrative of their journeys to their undergraduate degrees.

And those narratives will still be vivid, even after fifty years. For most students, what happens between the passage in and then out of the Van Wickle Gates is such a foundational aspect of who they are and will become that its details become a powerful part of the storehouse of memories that will help sustain them for the rest of their lives.


senior_NEFE_thb2.jpg Nifemi Madarikan: The Problem Solver


senior_RANA_thb2.jpg Renata Mauriz: The Advocate


senior_TORI_thb2.jpg Tori Kinamon: The Survivor


senior_AUST_thb2.jpg Austin Martin: The Education MC


senior_DANI_thb2.jpg Daniel Kunin: The Visualizer


senior_VIET_thb2.jpg Viet Nguyen: Mr. President


senior_LEHI_thb2.jpg Lehidy Frias: The Cultural Anthropologist


senior_MYAC_thb2.jpg Myacah Sampson: The Activist


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