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Go Ahead, Use Lard
A cookbook touts traditional "farm fats" in French cooking

November 6th, 2018
Photograph of Tania Teschke ’93 in the kitchen
Photo: Benjamin Rousseau

Tania Teschke ’93 has just published a beautiful 600-page cookbook, The Bordeaux Kitchen: An Immersion Into French Food and Wine Inspired by Ancestral Traditions (Primal Blueprint Publishing). Teschke lived in Bordeaux for three years, where she took numerous cooking classes and a year-long university wine course. Her aim in the book is to reintroduce the most nutrient-dense of traditional French recipes, many of which contain meat and “farm fats,” such as butter, duck fat, and lard. As a proponent of the ancestral health movement, she believes this is a healthier diet than a modern one based on low-fat and processed foods. Teschke is also a photographer and the book is peppered with her images of dishes like slow-cooked leg of lamb, beef burgundy, and pork shoulder cooked in fat.

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