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Cycling’s Toughest Race

By Leslie Weeden / November–December 2023
November 8th, 2023
A close-up inage of two professional bicyclists racing.
PHOTO: enter the slipstream courtesy youngs

The new documentary Enter the Slipstream follows the 2020 season of pro cycling team EF Education First. “It’s a story about sports and cycling for people who don’t like sports and cycling—a homage to why we keep doing the difficult things,” wrote Matt Rogers ’93, the film’s producer. “Difficult” also describes making the film—through the uncertainties of Covid and that year’s delay of the Tour de France-—a “wild ride,” says director Ted Youngs ’94. The film exposes the grueling nature of the tour, how teammates support each other, and the economic insecurities of running a pro-cycling team. “It was truly a Brown production,” wrote Rogers. Phil Hult ’93, as CEO of EF, helped them get access to the team, and the score was cowritten by Alex Stix-Brunell ’14. Find out more at and watch on Amazon, Apple TV, and Peacock.

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