— GS Class of 2003

Jun, 2022

Norman “Harry” Rothschild ’03 PhD, of Jacksonville, Fla.; Dec. 10, of gastroesophageal cancer. He skipped years in school and entered Harvard College at 17. He began his concentration in East Asian Studies and earned several varsity letters in track and field. Upon graduation, Harvard College awarded him its Imre Memorial Award. While traveling and studying in China, he met his future wife. He taught at Hebron Academy, obtained his doctorate from Brown, then was a Fulbright Scholar at Peking University, joining the University of North Florida as  a history professor in 2003, where he taught until a few weeks before his passing. He authored Wu Zhao: China’s Only Female Emperor; Emperor Wu Zhao and Her Pantheon of Devis, Divinities, and Dynastic Mothers; and The World of Wu Zhao. He also translated and edited several scholarly articles and lectured across the U.S., England, and China. He is survived by his wife, Chengmei; a daughter; son Liu ’24; his parents; three sisters; two brothers; two sisters-in-law; two brothers-in-law; and five nieces and nephews.

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