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Apr, 2024



Niki Osvalds ’11, ’12 ScM wedding

Niki Osvalds ’12 ScM and Heather Myatt were married on Sept. 9 in Montreal, Canada. Heather and Niki were introduced through Brown Sailing friends Emily Dellenbaugh ’12 and Elizabeth Barry after Heather, Emily, and Elizabeth met training together during a campaign for the 2016 Olympics for sailing in the 49erFX. Emily and Elizabeth were there to celebrate along with Tucker Adams, Pan Chaudhury, Ashley Noble ’13, Sam Speroni, Fred Strammer, Max Straus, Mark Towill, Amy Walker ’16 MD, Mike Yanagisawa ’13. 

Aug, 2023

Samuel Franklin’s ’12 AM, ’16 PhD book, The Cult of Creativity: A Surprisingly Recent History, was published in April 2023. The book is substantially based on his Brown dissertation on American Studies.

Nov, 2021
In the news

Katherine Burgess ’09 ScM, ’12 PhD, has been awarded the Heinrich Award from the Microanalysis Society for her distinguished technical contributions to the field of microanalysis. A geologist with the U.S. Naval Research Lab, she is currently the lead investigator for a NASA Apollo next-generation sample analysis program.

Apr, 2021

Anna Watkins Fisher ’09 AM, ’12 PhD, an assistant professor of American culture at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and coeditor of the second edition of New Media, Old Media: A History and Theory Reader, published The Play in the System: The Art of Parasitical Resistance. Acknowledging the difficulty for artists in the twenty-first century to effectively critique systems of power, she theorizes parasitism—a form of resistance in which artists comply with dominant structures as a tool for practicing resistance from within

Jan, 2021

Christine Baumgarthuber ’09 AM, ’12 PhD wrote Fermented Foods: The History and Science of a Microbiological Wonder, which will be coming out March 15, 2021, from Reaktion Books.

Jul, 2019
Partners in Verse
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Mar, 2019

Nate Wardwell married Jared Misner in November. Adam Katz officiated, while Joshua Linden and Timothy Parsons ’15 ScM were groomsmen. Also in attendance were Brook Achterhof ’15; Duane Barksdale ’17 Jeffrey Baum ’15; Natalie Diacovo; Drew Hansen ’15; Margaret Hanson; Dara Illowsky; Ryan Joudeh ’16, ’17 AM; Raghava Kamalesh; Russyan Mabeza ’15; Noah Prestwich; Derek Shay ’16; and Ben Simon ’11,’12 ScM.


Nate Wardwell ’14 wedding photo
Jan, 2019
The Glass Jackpot
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Nov, 2018
Eye on the Sky
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