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November–December 2020

By Edward Hardy

Nobody Will Tell You This But Me
by Bess Kalb ’10 (Knopf)

Bobby Bell is gone but she’s still talking. That’s the premise of Kalb’s intriguing debut, a memoir told through a scrim of fiction. Barbara “Bobby” Bell, Kalb’s grandmother, lived to be 90—and Kalb, a writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, conjures her brassy, advice-laden...

by Sarah Shun-lien Bynum ’95 (FSG)

In the title story of this exquisite collection, a father tries to decode his taciturn 12-year-old daughter’s life by scrolling through her Instagram posts. It’s a quiet, moving drama as he worries the mystery, afraid his daughter’s silence might be his fault. For many of Bynum’s characters,...

Demagogue: The Life and Long Shadow of Senator Joe McCarthy
by Larry Tye ’77 (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

Tye’s eighth book brings Joe McCarthy back in ways that make the self-aggrandizing senator seem both more sinister and surprisingly human. This illuminating look at McCarthy’s rise, beginning with growing up on a Wisconsin farm, and final...

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September–October 2020

By Edward Hardy

The Book of V
by Anna Solomon ’98 (Henry Holt)

Hopscotching across time, this vivid, entrancing novel, Solomon’s third, layers together the stories of three women—Lily, a mother of two in 2016 Brooklyn; Vee, the D.C. wife of a senator in 1973; and the teenage girl in ancient Persia who is about to become the...

Sea Wife
by Amity Gaige ’95 (Knopf)

Gaige’s fourth novel (SchroderO My Darling, The Folded World) begins with Juliet Partlow back home in Connecticut, huddled in a closet, trying to pinpoint the mistake. Was it her marriage to Michael or was it going along with his dream of buying a 44-foot yacht and fleeing...

Agnes at the End of the World
by Kelly McWilliams ’11 (Little Brown Books For Young Readers)

In this dystopian YA novel Agnes is growing up in a double-wide trailer in rural Red Creek surrounded by forest and canyons, but as part of a strict religious cult led by the Prophet Jacob Rollins. Agnes...

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June–August 2020

Reviews by Edward Hardy

44 Poems For You
by Sarah Ruhl ’97 ’01 MFA (Copper Canyon)

Before she became a Tony-nominated playwright and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, Sarah Ruhl was a poet. And in this moving, witty debut you’ll find intimate meditations on slowness, marriage, loss and longing, miscarriage, and childhood. They span the time before and after Ruhl...

Not Exactly Retired: A Life-Changing Journey on the Road and in the Peace Corps 
by David Jarmul ’75 (Peace Corps Writers)

Jarmul first served in the Peace Corps in the late 1970s and was stationed in Nepal, where he met his wife, Champa. As he reached his sixties, Jarmul and his wife both felt a...

The Gringa
by Andrew Altschul ’91 (Melville House)

In his ambitious third novel Altschul (Lady LazarusDeus Ex Machina) uses the real-life story of Lori Berenson, an American who spent years in a Peruvian prison after falling in with a revolutionary group, as the template for a rich and sprawling narrative. Here Berenson becomes Lenora Gelb, a...

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Fact, Fiction & Verse - Special Section Advertising - Jan/Feb/Mar ’21

Etch A Sketch drawing of house falling over edge of cliffUnassisted
by Erin J. Stammer ’90  

Unassisted The Great Recession, a second marriage, merging families, menopause, and managing a chaotic assisted living facility tip the balance that Erin, sensitive from an early age, has struggled in her life to maintain. 

Students walking along a stone path.Mood Prep 101: A Parent's Guide to Preventing Depression and Anxiety in Teens
by Carol Landau ’70

Mood Prep 101: A Parent's Guide to Preventing Depression and Anxiety in Teens In this timely book, Professor Landau helps parents address vulnerabilities to psychological problems and gives practical advice on helping teens prepare for college—and life. Oxford; Amazon.

Person walking beneath the sun...A Cause for Alarm: Mental Illness and Public Policy
by Joseph W. Vanable, Jr. ’58

A Cause for Alarm: Mental Illness and Public Policy Access to mental illness treatment is seriously inadequate. This book examines reasons for and costs of this problem, hopefully stimulating effective action to remediate it.; Amazon.

Title text on page against backdrop of street linesDon’t Stay in Your Lane: The Career Change Guide for Women of Color
by Cynthia Pong ’04

Don’t Stay in Your Lane: The Career Change Guide for Women of Color Part memoir, part workbook, this transformative book is a comprehensive, step-by-step instruction manual that walks you through your career change.; Amazon.

People walking against backdrop of geometric linesDemocratic Theory Naturalized: The Foundations of Distilled Populism
by Walter Horn Ph.D. ’78

Democratic Theory Naturalized: The Foundations of Distilled Populism "A brave, serious, scholarly yet approachable treatise on populism, both in theory and in practice.... A timely book." --Jules Coleman, Professor Emeritus, NYU., Amazon.

Illustration of campus scene at nightHarrison’s Word
by Peter Thompson PhD ’75

Harrison’s Word Boarding school drama. A racy and funny tale of infatuation and a young teacher’s struggles at a boarding school. Harrowing visions, biting style. Sequel to the acclaimed Winter Light.; Amazon.