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September–October 2021

By Edward Hardy

The Passenger: How a Travel Writer Learned to Love Cruises & Other Lies from a Sinking Ship by Chaney Kwak ’02 (Godine)

In March of 2019, Kwak, a veteran travel writer, found himself on assignment aboard the Viking Sky, a cruise ship off the coast of Norway. When the ship sailed into a storm with 80-mile-per-hour winds...

William Still: The Underground Railroad and the Angel at Philadelphia by William C. Kashatus ’84 AM (University of Notre Dame Press)

William Still, who died in 1902, led a remarkable life. In the years before the Civil War, Still, a free Black abolitionist, helped nearly a thousand runaway slaves make their way from Maryland’s Eastern Shore north...

Workparent: The Complete Guide to Succeeding on the Job, Staying True to Yourself, and Raising Happy Kids by Daisy Dowling ’96(Harvard Business Review Press)

This upbeat, encyclopedic guide is full of clear, supportive tactics for how to merge the whirling, often conflicting universes of parenthood and work with less guilt and a bit more peace. Populated with...

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June–August 2021

By Edward Hardy

Field Notes From An Unintentional Birder by Julia Zarankin ’97(Douglas & McIntyre)

Zarankin, who was born in the Soviet Union, found herself back in Toronto after a dissolved marriage looking for a hobby that would “exercise my patience.” This led to a birding class that left her frustrated and freezing on the shore of Lake Ontario, missing...

The Little French Bridal Shop by Jennifer Dupee ’96 (St. Martin’s Press)

Larisa Pearl has returned home to the North Shore of Massachusetts to put her late Aunt Ursula’s home, Elmhurst, up for sale. Larisa is freshly jobless and boyfriend-less when she spots a satin gown in a bridal shop window and buys it. There is...

The Effort by Claire Holroyde ’01 (Grand Central Publishing)
An eight kilometer “dark comet” is on its way, set to dissolve life as we know it in a burst of mass extinction. Ben Schwartz, head of NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, is tasked with stitching together a team to deflect the comet and save...

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April–May 2021

Reviews by Edward Hardy

Fossil Men: The Quest for the Oldest Skeleton and the Origins of Humankind
by Kermit Pattison ’90 (William Morrow)

In this vast and vivid debut, Pattison starts with the story of Ardi, the 4.4-million-year-old fossil remains of an Ardipithecus ramidus woman found in Ethiopia’s Middle Awash in 1994. Ardi was uncovered by a team led...

The Alignment Problem: Machine Learning and Human Values
by Brian Christian ’06 (Norton)

With the odds increasing daily that the first read of your mortgage application or even your medical tests is not being carried out by a human, the question is now how to make sure artificial intelligence understands what we want—with all the...

Launched: Start Your Career Right After College Even During A Pandemic
by Rob Feinstein ’81 

While the pandemic has short-circuited internships and upended countless job searches, Feinstein, a former executive at CareerPath and MonsterTRAK, the recent-grad division of, has put together a helpful and even optimistic guide to landing a first job. There is...

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Fact, Fiction & Verse - Special Section Advertising - Jun/Jul/Aug ’21

Illustration of automotive junk yard in sandy, hilly desert.Sandpeople
by Hal Barwood ’63

Sandpeople Hal Barwood ’63. Alien plants have seeded the Arizona desert with robots. They’re hunting for a treasure from the distant past, using human slaves to find it. Soon the killing starts and the dead arise. See
more at

Illustration of an ear.Listen Wise: Teach Students to be Better Listeners
by Monica Brady-Myerov ‘89

Listen WiseTeach Students to be Better Listeners 
Monica Brady-Myerov ‘89. Listening skills are crucial to academic success but are overlooked in K-12 education. Journalist and entrepreneur Monica Brady-Myerov examines how to build powerful listening skills. monicabradymyerov.comAmazonB&N.

illustration of a man, a dreidel and a group of children...The Adventures of Yadel the Dreidel
by Andy Lazris ‘86

The Adventures of Yadel the Dreidel Andy Lazris ‘86. Meet Yadel, a Roman Jew who travels through history to promote Hanukkah.  “Andy Lazris beautifully recounts Jewish history in an engaging, humorous manner through his novel.”  Seattle Book Review.

a large tree...Sleet at Dusk
by Edward McCrorie '70 PhD

Sleet at Dusk Edward McCrorie ’70. Can George Washington attack the Hessians at Trenton with heaven itself against him? All American History awaits. His women are near and far both. Can a boy, the ‘Camp David,’ help Washington? Available at Amazon.

Image of bright lights and markers on globeSubversive Addiction: Ben Porter Series Book Three
by Christopher Rosow '93

Subversive Addiction
Ben Porter Series Book Three Christopher Rosow '93. James Patterson applauds 
Subversive Addiction: 
“An extremely fast-paced thriller with a seriously memorable lead character. 
Christopher Rosow is the real deal.” Spyglass Media agrees, optioning the series for film.

Text, title, author names, image of peanut.The End of Food Allergy
by Dr. Kari Nadeau and Sloan Barnett, ’89

The End of Food Allergy 
Dr. Kari Nadeau and Sloan Barnett, ’89. 
The bible for everyone who has food allergy – why it occurs, how to find the right treatment, and a plan to eradicate this global
health issue.

a woman sitting at her desk writing....Frozen in Time
by Susan Snow Lukesh ’68, ’76

Frozen in Time Susan Snow Lukesh ’68, ’76. This study of a mid-nineteenth century photo album with its very small cast of neighbors and kin unfolds to offer the rich panorama of historic New Bedford. For discussion, images, and an excerpt, visit

Illustration of Democrat DonkeyUse Your Voice: Political Poetry and More
by Dorothy Crews Herzberg ’57

Use Your VoicePolitical Poetry and More 
Dorothy Crews Herzberg ’57. Election year 2016 tore us apart. As events unfolded, poetry erupted. One No Trump; Collusion Confusion; and Susan B. Set Us Free. Relevant, thought-provoking, enjoyable. Amazon.

images of World War II, soldiers medals and flags...HIRO’S WAR: A Novel
by Rebecca Fullerton Taniguchi ’77

HIRO’S WAR: A Novel Rebecca Fullerton Taniguchi ’77, This morally complex novel of the Japanese American internment evolves from a wartime coming-of-age saga into a heart-rending, timeless search for integrity and peace on a personal and national scale.

Image of balance scale.Chasing Social Justice: How Do We Advance the Work that Matters Most?
by Laurie Sherman '84

Chasing Social Justice
How Do We Advance the
Work that Matters Most?
Laurie Sherman '84. 
Michael Dukakis describes this award-winning book -- which combines personal experience with management lessons -- as "Just what we need at just the right time."

Illustration of two children watching a little bird in flight.Little Bird’s Big Message
by Elizabeth Cureton ’95

Little Bird’s Big Message Elizabeth Cureton ’95. A message of antiracism, inclusion and social justice for toddlers and all of us. “Great for fans of: Innosanto Nagara’s A is for Activist, Ibram X. Kendi’s Antiracist Baby” -,

Image of Agatha Snow sitting on a bed...Agatha!
by Susan Snow Lukesh ’68, ’76

Agatha! Susan Snow Lukesh ’68, ’76. The author’s study of a sketch book created by her great aunt during a 3-month tour of Europe from April to August 1912. For discussion, images, and an excerpt, visit

image of a theatre seating chart...Understanding COVID-19 Risks: An image is worth more than 1,000 words
by Andy Lazris ‘86

Understanding COVID-19 RisksAn image is worth more than 1,000 words Andy Lazris ‘86. The authors put data into theaters to distill the complexity of COVID-19 risks and policy into something everyone can understand. Now you can decide!

a young girl and the White House....Jada Johnson, International Girl Detective: The Case of the Emperor’s Scepter
by Christie Worrell '89

Jada Johnson, International Girl Detective: The Case of the Emperor’s Scepter Christie Worrell '89 (Carris Kane). Join Jada on an Italian adventure battling bad guys and chasing clues to find a stolen scepter and save her father’s merger deal. Amazon, B&N.

image of airplanes and paratroopers...The Weidners in Wartime
by Janet Holmes Carper MA ’61

The Weidners in Wartime Janet Holmes Carper MA ’61. “In the shadow of World War II, one ordinary family’s extraordinary impact told through remarkable correspondences.” Thomas Urquhart, Portland Sunday Telegram. Weidner Foundation Books, Amazon, B&N.

a maze design in black and white....Trapped in a Maze: How Social Control Institutions Drive Family Poverty and Inequality
by Leslie Paik ’94

Trapped in a Maze: How Social Control Institutions Drive Family Poverty and Inequality Leslie Paik ’94. A heartbreaking window into families’ experiences with legal, welfare, health, and other institutions that perpetuate the poverty these families are fighting to escape.