Reunion Report: Class of 1965

May 3rd, 2007

What we lacked in numbers we made up for in enthusiasm and endurance! A cohesive group of classmates, spouses, and significant others endured four glorious days at Brown, leaving with smiles and good feelings. From Campus Dance to Field Day to the Commencement concert, we were well entertained. On Saturday, we enjoyed Commencement forums featuring such luminaries as Joe Paterno ’50 and Sergei Kruschev.

On Monday, the class of ’65 was ably led in the Commencement march by Virginia Newton Scharfenberg, Paul Coughlan, and Joseph Macy. Bill Hooks was honored as an aide to the chief marshal.

While we officially had seventy-three reunion attendees, Sue and Don Carcieri squeezed into our class dinner between baby-sitting assignments with their grandchildren, and Ron Long made an appearance in the march. Kudos to the chairs of our 35th reunion gift committee – Bill Hooks, Nancy L. Buc, Dennis Holt, and Stanley Bernstein – who, as of May 20, had managed to raise more than $1.6 million. And to all who did not celebrate our reunion, you are required to send a large check to make up for your lack of attendance!

One of the more sober but touching moments of the weekend was the all-class memorial service. Ginny Scharfenberg lit a candle in memory of the deceased members of our class.

We held no class meeting to elect new officers, but we plan to have an organizational meeting at the fall Homecoming weekend, during which we will elect officers and solicit volunteers for the next five years. – Jay Fluck

35th reunion attendees:
Pam Edwards Allara
George Barbee
Tony Beck
Stan Bernstein
Suzanne Taylor Besser
Butch Bingham
Felicia Rubin Birnel
Douglas Bonner
Wendell Brown
Mel Bryant
Nancy L. Buc
Mimi Kentta Calhoun
Don Carcieri
Price Chenault
Caroline Considine Considine
Paul Coughlan
Tom Croke
Charles Donahue
Bill Earle
Don Fancher
David Ferrarini
Jay Fluck
John Freeman
Kay Berthold Frishman
James Gardner
Philip Grantham
Terri Alschuler Hale
Jane Fiske Harrison
Janice Horn Hartman
Ted Hawkins
Dennis Holt
Bill Hooks
Web Hull
Barbara Katz
Dick Kohler
Bob Kulak
Raymond Lebeau
Toby Parker London
Holly Peterson Lorch
Mike Mackensen
Joseph Macy
Ed Marecki
Diana Newton Mc Clure
Pat Mc Donald
John Mc Mahon
Lance Mc Vay
Tom Mc Williams
Gerry Michael
John Moncrief
Steve Morin
Bill Morrow
John Parry
Susan Nobert Petty
Dick Plunkett
John Poole
Robert Rosen
Carolyn Jones Rosenblum
John Rosenblum
Don Roth
Ginny Newton Scharfenberg
James Schreiber
Tom Sculco
Mike Searing
Glenn Shell
Lee Smith
Deborah Allen Thomas
Gordon Thomas Thomas
Margot Thomas
Judith Van Riper
Frances Stoltz Walker
Betsy Allen Wallace
Lila Wolff Wilkinson
Richard Williamson

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