Critic's Corner

March 28th, 2008

04.look.jpg Since 2004, New York Magazine readers have been flipping to "The Look Book" features—whimsical centerfold-style interviews with dapper urbanites. Now 100 of those portraits are in book form. They're the work of fashion editor Amy Larocca '87 and photographer Jake Chessum, who walk the city streets armed with a portable white backdrop and a stack of release forms. Larocca quizzes snazzy dressers about their bunny ears, their makeup routines, and their look—be it Edwardian punk fop or urban b-boy. For instance, the ninth-grader featured on the cover, at right, described her style as "Fantastically random slash colorful. But I mean black is the best color even though it's not a color," she elaborated. "I like black, but I'm not super-black, all negativity and whatever."

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