Farewell, Ted Sizer

March 23rd, 2010

Former education professor Ted Sizer profoundly affected me ("Every Teacher and Student Deserves Respect," Obituaries, January/February). Way back in early 1959, when Ted was just back from Australia and settling in as a Harvard graduate student, I was told he would be evaluating my student teaching while I worked for the MAT degree at Harvard's Graduate School of Education. Ted's keen and nuanced observations were refreshing. I have been observed many times in my career, but never did the observations reach the level they attained in 1959.

After I left Harvard, Ted and I exchanged letters. His always contained warm invitations to stop in and "talk educational reform."

He was unwavering in his dedication to the very end, when he was surrounded by his loving family in his beloved town of Harvard. He was a Yalie, but also loved Harvard and Brown.

Larry Kocher '58
Santa Rosa, Calif.

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