The Good Doctor

December 7th, 2011
Just wanted to thank you for that great article on Gus White '57 ("The Doctor of Prejudice," September/October). I found it both informative and very encouraging. I e-mailed the article to my two sons in college—they are both premed majors and "boys of color."

Sandra Jarrett



I wish to add my humble praise in salute to the many accomplishments of Gus White. I met him as an undergrad when I was an officer of Delta Upsilon in 1954. At that time DU at Brown was nicknamed the United Nations because of the diversity of our members. Pledging Gus was, to say the least, controversial, both on campus and nationally. At that time, DU was expanding countrywide, especially in the South. One can imagine the uproar resulting from the Brown chapter's having pledged a black man, no matter how much of an outstanding individual he was. The Brown chapter, as a direct result, resigned from the national membership. I have been very pleased to read that the national DU has seen fit, after many years, to honor Gus. He certainly has earned the many accolades he has received. I feel privileged to have met him during our formative years.

Bob West '55
Englewood, Fla

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