Ever Vigilant

February 28th, 2013

The article “Freeing Brown” tells the story of a gentleman who belatedly received his diploma in 1782 rather than 1776 due to the military activity of our War for Independence (Finally, September/October). The text indicates that this alumnus was named Robert Roberts. But in the accompanying picture of the actual diploma, his name is listed as Robert Rogers. In fact Mr. Rogers is listed as a graduate of 1775 in the historical catalogue of Brown University (1764–1934). The catalogue also adds that he was a first lieutenant in the First R.I. regiment. A quick scan of the catalogue indicates that the first person with Roberts as a last name graduated in 1796, and the first person with my last name graduated in 1954.

Ever true (and vigilant),

Al Gerstein ’54
Narberth, Pa.

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