You Are the Reason

March 12th, 2015
Like Renata Martin ’14, when I came to the United States at fourteen or fifteen, I had to overcome such difficulties as language, visa status, and identity (“Deserving to Be Here,” Elms, January/February). Reading what her parents do for a living really touched my heart, because both of my parents are doing similar hard, low-paying jobs sweeping floors and cleaning houses. It’s heartbreaking to see them slave away when all you can do is just study. 

I almost gave up going to college or university too. But everyone has stories and excuses. Just don’t forget why your parents do what they do for a living: for you. No one wants to sweep floors and clean houses, but our parents do it willingly because of us, their children. Please don’t forget the love and sacrifice that your parents showed you through example. 

Great job graduating from Brown, Renata. Congrats. I hope you will continue to learn faster and better!

Kevin Jang ’15
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