Class of 2003

Apr, 2024
Fresh Ink for April–May 2024
Books by Jessica Grose ’04, Michael Compton and March Manseau ’02, ’06 MPH, and Rachel Aviv ’04 Read More
Jan, 2024

Shani Belgrave ’07 MD (see ’03).

Jan, 2024

Dr. Shani Belgrave ’07 MD is featured in the September issue of Best Self Atlanta magazine. Dr. Belgrave is a bariatric surgeon at Peachtree Surgical and Bariatrics. The practice won the magazine’s 2023 award for best bariatric surgery practice.

Nov, 2023

Alexandra MacCallum ’03 joined the Washington Post as chief revenue officer. Previously, she worked as global head of product for CNN Worldwide and general manager of CNN+.

Aug, 2023

Samuel David Snead was appointed to the board of directors of the Maryland Transportation Authority by Governor Wes Moore. He currently serves as the director of transportation of Anne Arundel County. He actively chairs the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board, serves as a commissioner of the Central Maryland Transit Agency, and is a board member for the Transit Association of Maryland.

Aug, 2023

Nicholas Beem writes: “I run a small yoga studio in Evanston, Illinois ( with my wife Lela, whom I met thanks to Reed Aubin ’02’s crazy play Pez/Pescado. Our studio survived the pandemic thanks to massive community support and the magic of Zoom. I started a Substack where I explore my intersecting interests in yoga, science, ritual, parenting, and ecology: I’m also available for private yoga and meditation instruction over Zoom, or in person if you happen to be in Chicagoland!”

Jun, 2023

Praise Shadows Art Gallery in Brookline, Mass., presented “Snapshots,” a solo exhibition by Cambridge-based artist Helena “Lanie” Wurzel from Feb. 17 to Mar. 19. Those familiar with the streetscapes of Cambridge will recognize the many scenes depicted on the sidewalks and around the city’s public spaces.

Jun, 2023

Katherine Antos ’03 has been named undersecretary of decarbonization & resilience for the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. In this position, she will integrate EEA’s climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts in response to the climate crisis. She will also oversee implementation of the Clean Energy and Climate Plan, the Commonwealth’s roadmap to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Apr, 2023
In the news

Elizabeth Stark ’03, cofounder and CEO of Lightning Labs, Devin Finzer ’13, cofounder and CEO of OpenSea, and Daniel Tapiero ’90, ’91 AM, cofounder of Gold Bullion International, were featured in Business World’s list of the “Most Influential 100 Inside World of Crypto.”

Apr, 2023

Lillie Marshall writes: “Hello! For those of you who knew my cartoons in the Brown Daily Herald, please check out my site,, where I illustrate life and language ideas in an educational yet entertaining manner—from English lessons to art ideas and How-To Guides. I have also started a wildly colorful clothing line
at for your rainbow pleasure. Finally, if you’re in the Boston area and looking for relaxation, I’ve opened HealTouchL Boston Reiki + Energy Balancing ( to help.”

Lillie Marshall ’03 in bright tights
Nov, 2022
Liberation Cuisine
Chef Gabriela Álvarez-Martinez ’11 draws from her public-health training and her Puerto Rican roots to create delicious food to sustain and heal those trying to change the world—starting with herself. Read More
Nov, 2022

Calvin Ho and Jason Wahlman ’04 traveled to Denver for a reunion with Jared Eddy ’04 this past spring. Calvin writes: “Jared is an infectious diseases physician at National Jewish Health in Denver. Jason continues his human resource consulting practice at Mercer in Minneapolis and I juggle with different change management projects for KPMG in San Francisco. The “hotel Andrews” alums enjoyed spending a weekend hiking the Rocky Mountains and exploring the microbrewery scene in Denver. While I’m living an erratic lifestyle, Jared is still keeping late hours, and Jason remains the most sensible of the bunch. Nevertheless we are all looking forward to our respective in-person reunions in the coming years.”


Calvin Ho ’03, Jason Wahlman ’04 & Jared Eddy ’04
Nov, 2022

Al Gerstein announces the Oct. 27, 2021 birth of his youngest grandchild, Andromeda (Andie) Web Lichtman. She was welcomed by her parents Hilary Gerstein ’03 and Martin Lichtman ’01 and her older sister Winnie. “The family is doing fine.”

Aug, 2022
Mobsters and Lobsters
Journalism professor on a career uncovering Rhode Island’s wrongs Read More
Aug, 2022

Lily Geismer published Left Behind: The Democrats’ Failed Attempt to Solve Inequality on March 1 with Hachette. It has received reviews in the New York Times and Washington Post.

Jun, 2022
Meeting the Need
A nurse practitioner helps bring primary care to San Francisco’s mentally ill and homeless Read More
Jun, 2022

Kenneth Lim writes: “In December I moved to Toronto, Canada, with my wife and two children. After a five-year stint on Wall Street and 13 years running a photography studio in Hong Kong, I am excited about being close to family again and starting new adventures in a different city.”

Jun, 2022

Raffi Bilek published The First Ten Letters: Secrets of the Universe Hiding in Plain Sight.

Jun, 2022

Al Gerstein writes; “I am pleased to announce the latest addition to my extended family. On Oct. 27, Andromeda (Andie) Web Lichtman came into this world weighing 7 pounds, 13 ounces, joining her sister Winifred, age 7. Her parents are Hilary Gerstein ’03 and Martin Lichtman ’01. Needless to say there will be no pressure to join the ranks of alumnae when it’s time to apply to college.”

Jan, 2022

Rosie Mangiarotti was featured in Forbes in early September regarding her journey with her bra startup, Perkies. Perkies creates innovative undergarments for women to wear, most notably the only sticky bra with replaceable adhesives. Perkies was born out of Danny Warshay’s ENGN1010 class, “The Entrepreneurial Process.” Rosie pitched at the inaugural Brown Venture Prize competition in 2018, participated in Brown’s B-Lab and then pursued this venture after graduating. Her two investors are Brown alums as well: Liz Lange ’88 and Eliot Horowitz ’03.

Nov, 2021

Baldhiraj (Raj) S. Dang and Saloni Kaur Dang announce the June 18 birth of their daughter Karma Kaur Dang. Contact Baldhiraj at

Aug, 2021

Hentyle Yapp published Minor China: Method, Materialisms, and the Aesthetic with Duke University Press. A professor of art and public policy at New York University, Hentyle analyzes contemporary Chinese art as it circulates on the global art market to outline the limitations of the predominant narratives that currently frame understandings of non-Western art.


Aug, 2021

Lillie Marshall writes: “For those who enjoyed my daily cartoon in the Brown Daily Herald from 1999 to 2003, you can now follow my artwork online at, an educational cartoon site. Stop by for creative inspiration, illustrated lessons on common English typos, and fun kids’ stories. I’ve really enjoyed connecting with readers over the years, and just as I did during my Brown days, I still take drawing requests… so be in touch.”

Aug, 2021
In the news

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported that Peter Case ’83 and Rebecca Rockefeller Lambert ’03, great-great-grandchildren of Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller Sr., have created the Equation Campaign and pledged a combined $30 million of their personal wealth to the effort aimed at supporting people on the front lines fighting new oil and gas development. The campaign, which is looking to raise $100 million, will fund all aspects of blocking new development, including lawsuits, protest activities, public relations, social-media campaigns, and legal support when people are arrested or blocked from exercising their First Amendment rights of speech and assembly. 

Aug, 2021
Divine Providence
A new home for the Catholic community Read More
Mar, 2021
Listen Well
10 Podcasts by Brown alums Read More
Aug, 2020
A Language, Liberated
Nitana Hicks Greendeer ’03 is a leader in the effort to bring the Wôpanâak language back. Read More
Apr, 2020

Jessica Blanco-Busam ’04 MAT was appointed to the board of directors of the San Miguel School in Providence, R.I. San Miguel is a mission-based Lasallian boys school located in Providence that has been in operation since 1993. The school serves grades 5-8 students who come from underserved populations in the Providence area. Jessica has served on the Executive Director’s Council and is the middle school principal at Highlander Charter School in Providence. Contact her at


Jan, 2020

After a 12-year partnership and the birth of their two sons, Brooke Stevens and Till Wirth (’07 NYU, ’12 Oxford) were married in Oxford, England on August 9, where they completed their MBAs together in 2012. In attendance were bridesmaids Frances Betancourt, Erika Faires ’04 and Ellen Goldstein ’04, all former Brown women’s crew teammates. They were also joined by Alex Agloro ’05, Luke Balleny ’06, Eric Heimark ’14, Andrew Keats ’04, Nicole Morris ’04 and Matt Salzler ’02. 

Photo of wedding of Brooke Stevens ’03
Jan, 2020
Locker-Room Doc
Philadelphia’s top orthopedic surgeon for star athletes Read More
Jan, 2020
Portrait of Conflict
Filmed in the jungles of Colombia, Monos is being compared to Apocalypse Now. Read More
Jan, 2020
How Open is “Open”?
First-gen college students still encounter socioeconomic walls. Read More
Nov, 2019

Risa Puno writes: “I am a New York City-based interactive installation/sculpture artist, and I was chosen as the first ever emerging artist to work with Creative Time through their inaugural Open Call. My project, The Privilege of Escape, is an escape-room-inspired public art installation designed to address issues of privilege and social inequity. The write-up was featured on the cover of the New York Times arts section. The project was live in Manhattan until Aug. 18. I wanted to let you know how much my education at Brown helped shape my life and this work in particular. After all, I first learned about privilege when I visited Brown as a prefrosh for the very first time. A first year who lived on the same floor as my host handed me a copy of White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh. I am Filipina and grew up in Kentucky, so that essay exploded my world view in the best way. I started at Brown as part of PLME, but I ended up falling in love with art and it really helped me find my voice. Brown fostered my natural curiosity and instilled in me a sense of social responsibility. I’ll never forget that one of the deans when I was there had a quote in her email signature: ‘Harvard grads rule the world; Brown grads change it.’ I hope to do my small part in keeping that legacy ever true.”


Sep, 2019
Arrrcappella Anniversary
The Pirates turn 20 Read More
Jul, 2019
Public Enemy No. 1
Arthur Gregg Sulzberger ’03, publisher of the “failing New York Times" Read More
Jul, 2019
In the news

The National Law Journal named Matthew R. Kittay ’03, who is cochair of mergers and acquisitions at Fox Rothschild LLP, a Trailblazer in Cannabis Law. This nationally recognized distinction is presented to attorneys who are agents of change in the new and rapidly developing industry.

May, 2019

Brooke Stevens and her partner, Till Wirth (NYU ’07, Oxford ’12), welcomed their second son, Sven Lucian Stevens Wirth, on Jan. 15. Brooke writes that big brother Theodor Edwin is slowly warming up to him. The family lives in London.

May, 2019

Seth Dorsky and his wife, Heather, welcomed their second son on Nov.12, 2018.  He joins older brother Zachary.

May, 2019

Anne Berchenko Weisholtz and Steven Weisholtz announce the wedding of their son, Daniel ’02 to YunXiang Chu on June 10, 2018, in Copake Lake, N.Y. In attendance were Boris Abromov ’00; Daniel Ko ’01; George Kong ’02, ’03 ScM; Eric Snyder ’03; and Cara Zeldis Snyder ’03. Daniel is a neurologist with a specialty in epilepsy at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Mar, 2019

Al Gerstein is looking forward to the reunion. He writes: “I think I can still do the walk down the hill and up again to the green without requiring any medical care. As to what’s happening of any consequence in our immediate lives: had our first trip to Hawaii and paid our respects at the World War II memorial. Even though I was much too young to serve, I was old enough to appreciate what was going on then. Naomi is maintaining a small psychotherapy practice while I’ve been fully retired for six years. We’re still spending the three winter months at Longboat Key, and three summer weeks in Maine. Still driving without any problems. My only real complaint is an increased word-finding difficulty. I’m taking an American History course at Penn and have immersed myself in family genealogy. I can cover eight generations on both sides of my family. It’s a nice obsessive pursuit that substitutes for my past involvement in applicant interviewing, in which I was quite active for the past 20 years. I gave that up this year. It was time. Finally, to enrich our golden years we are very involved with our youngest granddaughter, Winnie, whose parents (Hilary Gerstein ’03 and Marty Lichtman ’01) have lived quite nearby for the past three years.”


Jan, 2019

Edissa Nicolas-Huntsman’s essay FIERCE: Essays by and about Dauntless Women was published by Nauset Press on Nov. 30.


Jan, 2019

Dylan Brown and E. Alexandra Athos Brown announce the June 27 birth of their son Preston Tyler Brown. They live in San Francisco, where Dylan is a partner at the law firm Goodwin Procter LLP and Alexandra is an academic neurologist at UCSF.

Jan, 2019

Wendell S. Brown III  ’67 ScM writes: “As my father used to say, ‘I’m still in the harness,’ which for me is a labor of love at UMass Dartmouth. My wife, Leslie, and I take time to visit our new grandson, Preston Tyler, and his parents Dylan ’03 and Alexandra Athos Brown ’03 in San Francisco a couple of times a year. While there we visit my other grandsons, August and Oliver, and their parents, my son Adrian and his wife, Mandy.”


Nov, 2018
Wrap It Up
Our 12th annual holiday gift guide. Read More
Jul, 2018

Joanne Moreno Sharma and her husband, AJ Sharma, announce the Dec. 26 birth of their second child, Raquel Victoria Sharma. Raquel joins big brother Michael.


Jul, 2018

Rustam Metha writes: “In 2015 Tal Schori ’03 and I started GRT Architects, a small design firm in Brooklyn, New York. We’ve since grown our office staff to five and have completed several projects with Brown alumni, including Medium White Tee, an installation in Hawaii with Emily Spivack ’01; Don Angie, a contemporary Italian restaurant in New York City with Michael Stillman; and a townhouse for Rachael Bedard ’05 and Gideon Friedman ’05. We look forward to working with Marvin Barksdale on a redevelopment project in Providence.”


May, 2018

At a Dec. 5 awards ceremony in Washington, D.C., Kevin Khasigian, an assistant U.S. attorney in Sacramento, Calif., received an Attorney General’s Exceptional Service Award for his participation in dismantling AlphaBay, the largest dark web illegal marketplace in the world, with 200,000 users, 20,000 vendors, and hundreds of thousands of listings that included drugs, weapons, and other illegal materials. Through a lengthy and complex investigation involving numerous foreign countries, the team successfully identified and arrested the founder of AlphaBay and seized tens of millions of dollars in criminal proceeds, including large amounts of cryptocurrency. Kevin remains close with many of his classmates. 

Jan, 2018

Richard Barker writes: “My daughter, Jessica J. Barker ’03, opened a Cuban-themed restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission
District in March, called Media Noche. It has had an enthusiastic reception and excellent publicity. A second location is under consideration. Her sister, Rebecca Bridges ’05, now a resident of Menlo Park, is an educational therapist and a proud mother of two. I underwent a triple bypass in March but have mended well. I am still involved at Brown in several capacities, including the board of the Watson Institute.”

From the November/December 2017 Issue

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Jamie Shapiro married Manuel Ribarski ’08 (Univ. of Hagen, Germany) on July 9, at the Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange, N.J. Alumni in attendance included: Kristin Duffy Casavant, Zachary Casavant ’01, Sarah Keil Chernoff, Virginia Nuckols Chiarello ’02, Katherine Roush Downs, Jayne Finst ’04, Kate Hirschmann-Levy ’02, April Levin, Jennifer Coupe Mitchell ’04, Ashley Lidman Nunery, Jeramy Bellwin Savage ’01, Gina Verge Susi ’04, Suzanne Schlosser Teeple ’04, and Leila Wadson. Jamie and Manuel reside in Denver. Jamie earned tenure at the Univ. of Denver, where she is an associate professor of sport & performance psychology.

From the September/October 2017 Issue

William M. Krogh and his wife, Karen Elisabeth Krogh, announce the May 3 birth of their daughter, Camille Whitney Krogh, born in Philadelphia.

From the July/August 2017 Issue

Jacqui Hogans married Dave Richter (Wisconsin ’92) on Oct. 9 in Philadelphia. Alumni in attendance included Madeleine Akers, Michael Lesnick, Christopher Marashlian ’04 ScM, and Kristina Semos ’04.

From the May/June 2017 Issue

Hilary Gerstein (see Alvin Gerstein ’54).

Mario J. Sturla was appointed by Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch as an immigration judge presiding in Boston. Mario is a member of the Massachusetts Bar. His wife, Elizabeth Lynne Sturla, did the ceremonial robing along with their four children: William, 9; Evangeline, 6; Helena, 4; and Reeve, 2.

Michael Just writes: “I started my own law firm, Just Law. The firm focuses primarily in the areas of veterans disability law, personal injury, consulting, and mediation. My services are available to clients nationwide. Interested parties can visit my website for more information: .”

From the March/April 2017 Issue

Emily M. Meyers and her wife, Lauren Baer (Harvard ’02, Yale Law School ’07), announce the Oct. 22 birth of their daughter, Serena Lucille Meyers-Baer. They write: “She is thriving, and we are smitten.”

Edissa Nicolas married Steven Hal Huntsman on Oct. 8.

Robert W. Parry-Cruwys started a professional development podcast about behavior analysis and special education with his wife, Dr. Diana Parry-Cruwys. Interested listeners who work with children with autism or other disability types can check it out at

From the September/October 2016 Issue

Sam Posner (see Joshua Posner ’71).

From the July/August 2016 Issue

Jonathan and Abigail Barrett Bloom announce the Dec. 20 birth of Whitaker Barrett Bloom. He joins siblings Arden, Jack, and Gray. His grandfather is John T. Barrett Jr. ’67.

Ben Donsky was named vice president of Biederman Redevelopment Ventures (BRV), a prominent urban planning and development firm that applies private-sector funding and management principles to revitalize city public spaces, such as New York City’s Bryant Park. Previously, Ben was a senior project manager at BRV’s New York office, and has worked on public spaces and urban redevelopment projects in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas, among many other cities.

Seth Dorsky and his wife, Heather, announce the Feb. 28 birth of their first child, Zachary Eli. Seth is a child and adolescent psychiatry fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Hilary Gerstein (see Al Gerstein ’54).

From the May/June 2016 Issue

Eva Burneko Medin moved to Sweden and works at a university. She coordinated a March conference on catastrophe medicine in response to the refugee crisis in Europe.

Jason and Millie Ford Rauch announce the Jan. 28 birth of their fourth child, Connor Stephen. He joins Hannah, born March 2009; Aidan, born May 2012; and Thomas, born February 2014. They live in Hallowell, Me.

From the January/February 2016 Issue

Caren Lee Caplan and her husband, Jeremy (Princeton ’97), welcomed their daughter Charlotte Elise Caplan on June 15. Charlotte, who joins big sister Rebecca, is the niece of Jonathan Lee ’99, ’03 MD, and great-niece of Andrew Berke ’76, ’79 MD.

David Shield (see Lily Shield ’09). 

From the November/December 2015 Issue

This fall marks John Erickson’s fifth year living in Los Angeles. He recently joined Rodeo Realty’s Beverly Hills Office and founded his own agency, Basis Realty.

Ernest Niño-Murcia writes that Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee ’75 spoke at the #UniteIowa on Immigration forum in August. Ernest was on hand to interpret former Gov. Chafee’s remarks for Spanish-speakers in the audience.

Daniel Schleifer was appointed executive director of New Urban Arts, a nationally recognized arts organization for young people in Providence founded by Tyler Denmead ’98.

From the September/October 2015 Issue

Mary Morell Hull, Myko Hull, and their son Henry welcomed baby boy Elliott in January. The Hulls currently live in Nairobi, Kenya. Henry and Elliott are the grandsons of Web Hull ’65.

Ajender and Joanne Moreno Sharma announce the Feb. 20 birth of their son, Michael James Sharma.

Samuel Snead and his wife, Anna, announce the May 11 birth of their second child, Caleb James Snead. Their first, daughter Sophia True Snead, was born in 2012.

Jonathon Thompson and Susanna Helm Thompson announce the Apr. 12 birth of their second daughter, Carolina Helm Thompson. They write that big sister Aida helped choose her name. Jon was honored as the 2015 New England Small College Athletic Conference Co-Coach of the Year for Men’s Lacrosse. He recently completed his fifth season as head coach at Amherst College, leading the team to the NCAA tournament for the third time in five years. In August, Susanna started a new job as director of communications at Amherst Montessori School.

From the May/June 2015 Issue

Richmond Mack (see Sue Wotiz Goldstein ’71).

Deborah Silverman Robbins ’05 ScM (see Joseph and Susan Greenhaus Silverman ’77).

Michael and Anisha Carter Tomlinson announce the Dec. 2 birth of their son, Isaac Hivale Tomlinson.


From the March/April 2015 Issue

Katherine Cannon ’04 AM graduated from the Univ. of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and is now in an ob-gyn residency. Kate married Wray Hughes, an anesthesiologist, and they have a son, Jackson.

James J. Lerch works and lives in Shanghai, China. He is business development director at Youku Tudou Inc., China’s largest Internet video company. Prior to this position, he worked for several years at the U.S. Department of State and obtained a graduate degree from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

From the January/February 2015 Issue

Colby Gottert (see Leslie Larsen Gottert ’71).

From the November/December 2014 Issue

Sarah Broadhead Baird and Andrew W. Baird ’02 announce the July 23 birth of Georgiana Louise Baird. Georgie joins older brothers Charlie, 5, and Ben, 4. She is the great-granddaughter of the late William D. Baird ’40, the granddaughter of William D. Baird Jr. ’67 and Raymond S. Broadhead ’77 ScM, and the niece of Amy E. Broadhead ’98.

Jonathan and Abigail Barrett Bloom announce the May 20 birth of Grayson Bellocchio Bloom. Abigail writes: “The little lady and future Brown bear joins big sister and brother Arden, 3, and Jack, 1½.”

From the September/October 2014 Issue

Thomas Beatty and Rebecca Fishman ’02 directed The Big Ask, a movie starring David Krumholtz, Jason Ritter, Gillian Jacobs, and Melanie Lynskey. Aaron Kovalchik ’11 MFA was director of photography. Tribeca Films released the movie in May, and it can be downloaded on iTunes.

Justin Slosky married Claire Nettleton (’04 USC) on Valentine’s Day at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. He writes: “Viva Las Vegas!”

From the July/August 2014 Issue

Eva Struble exhibited her work Produce at San Diego’s Museum of Contemporary Art from April 5 through June 22. 

From the May/June 2014 Issue

Emily Meyers married Lauren Baer (Harvard ’02) on Jan. 11 in New York City. Alumni in attendance included Sarah Blum-Smith, Diana Fishman ’04, Kathleen Forcier, Abigail Greenbaum, Chloe Holzman ’02, Jeanne Gerrity ’02, Marc Levitt ’02, and Benjamin Petrosky. The couple lives in Washington, D.C., where Emily is an attorney in the enforcement division at the Federal Election Commission, and Lauren is a member of the U.S. Secretary of State’s policy planning staff at the State Department.

Anthony Morin; his wife, Lauren; and their daughter, Charlotte, announce the Jan. 27 birth of Catherine Ainsley.

Chris Walther writes: “I have been named a shareholder at the law firm of Lionel Sawyer & Collins in Las Vegas, where I have worked since graduating from the Univ. of Oregon School of Law in 2006. My practice encompasses a variety of corporate, transactional, and real estate matters.”

Lindsey Wong married Thurston Webb in Atlanta on May 4, 2013. Alumni in attendance included Will Arnold ’04, Michael Joseph, Colleen Kanara Kempf, Rachel Weston Linnemann, Allison Roche Magee, Alissa Kinney Moe, Dawn McDaniel ’04, and Kristen Starbuck. The couple is living in Winston-Salem, N.C. Lindsey has another year of plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at Wake Forest, and Thurston is a law associate at Kilpatrick Townsend. 


From the January/February 2014 Issue

Erin Sisk (see Engagements & Weddings, Erica Seidel ’97).


From the November/December 2013 Issue


Deborah Silverman Robbins (see p. 53, Engagements & Weddings, Julia Riddle Winter ’08).


From the May/June 2013 Issue

Robin Juliano is a professional staff member for the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations. 


From the March/April 2013 Issue

Joshua Braslow (See Patricia Gerbarg ’71).

Helen Chan (See Lillian Lim ’73). 

From the January/February 2013 Issue

Eva Burneko Medin writes: “Our second child, Milo Patrik, turned one on Sept. 2. This happy and cow-obsessed boy was born in Boras, Sweden, where my husband, Christer, and I moved in 2010. Milo’s proud sister, Nora, is six and loves her village kindergarten. Life in rural Sweden has much to recommend.”

Alex Mehran (see Max Crittenden ’76). 


From the November/December 2012 Issue

Christopher McGrath has been named senior executive vice president of Philadelphia-based Switzenbaum & Associates. He will be overseeing capital markets and acquisitions.

From the September/October 2012 Issue

Jaemi Blair Loeb writes: “I completed my doctorate in orchestral conducting at the Univ. of Houston in May 2011 and promptly started a community orchestra in Houston. I’ve also been conducting two choruses, working as an announcer at my local classical music NPR station, and doing lots of interviews for academic positions. I recently accepted a position as orchestra director and visiting assistant professor of music at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. So I’ll be leaving the big city of Houston for small-town Kentucky, and I am thrilled. Of course, I am planning to make it to my 10th Brown reunion next May, no matter what.”


From the May/June 2012 Issue

Hilary Gerstein (see Al Gerstein ’54).


From the January/February 2012 Issue

John Vassalotti has joined Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP, in the litigation practice group.

From the January/February 2012 Issue

Daniel Flave-Novak recently left Capitol Hill after six and a half years working in the office of Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) to begin a doctorate program in clinical psychology at Chicago's Roosevelt Univ.

Nicholas Yang '04 ScM (see Engagements & Weddings, Peter Chai '06).

From the November/December 2011 Issue

After six and a half years working in the office of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, Dan Flave-Novak will be leaving Capitol Hill to begin a doctorate program in clinical psychology at Chicago's Roosevelt Univ.

From the July/August 2011 Issue

Spiro Antonopoulos continues consulting for Coney Island Ventures Inc., while pursuing a PhD in musicology at City Univ. London.

Matt Pinkham joined the law firm of Reed Smith LLP as an associate in the firm's Chicago office. He will be a member of the firm's corporate and securities group. He has been in Chicago since receiving his law degree from the Univ. of Virginia in 2007. Most recently he has worked with a sports management agency representing college football coaches and sports broadcasters.

From the May/June 2011 Issue

Caroline Morgan (see Christopher Kende '70).

Alec and Jessica Galante O'Neill write that Sarah DeNucci '07 MD and Omar Hyder '07 MD were married at a beautiful waterfront ceremony in Newport, R.I., on July 10, 2010. Father of the bride Thomas DeNucci '80 MD couldn't have looked any happier. The wedding party included Portia Thurmond '11 MD as a maid of honor and Carolina Santos-Neves as a bridesmaid. Greg Rossolimo served as best man, and groomsmen included Nicholas Bayard'04, David Enemark, Alec O'Neill, and Sean Walstead '04. Guests included Farah Abbas '94; Anthony Bruzzese '76, '80 MD; Vincent Capaldi '02, '07 MD; Nicholas Califano '64; Christine Combs '06 MD; Erika Faires '04; Deepa Kumaraiah; Syed Latif '08 MD; Evan Leventhal '10 PhD, '11 MD; Salvatore Loporchio '85 MD; Kenneth Morrissey '80 MD; Jessica Galante O'Neill; Matt Salzler '02; Imran Sayeed '91; David Simon '03; and Eric Sumberg '04. (Sorry if there were any other alums we missed. It was hard to see over the towering height of all the rowers in attendance!)

From the March/April 2011 Issue

Penny Billington, Laura Brown, Kimberly Hyde, and Julie Flood Obbagy (see Engagements & Weddings, Nicole Zannino).

Kevin Buchert (see Engagements & Weddings, Alex Schultes).

Christopher Casey (see Engagements & Weddings).

Jordan Crandall (see Engagements & Weddings, Alex Schultes).

Frank Kwok and Dave Gold (see Engagements & Weddings, Christopher Casey).

Esther Lee (see Engagements & Weddings).

Jeremy Mack (see Sue Wotiz Goldstein '71).

Jeff Miksis (see Engagements & Weddings, Christopher Casey).

Eileen Oh, Ellen Park, Bernie Peng, and Brooke Stevens (see Engagements & Weddings, Esther Lee).

Joseph Penza (see Births & Adoptions).

Nick Russo (see Engagements & Weddings, Alex Schultes).

Alex Schultes (see Engagements & Weddings).

Jon Thompson and Susanna Helm Thompson (see Engagements & Weddings, Alex Schultes).

Elizabeth Speaker Sturla and Mario Sturla (see Births & Adoptions).

Matt Ward and Eliza Katz Ward (see Engagements & Weddings, Christopher Casey).

Nicole Zannino (see Engagements & Weddings).

From the January/February 2011 Issue

Doria DiBona Aronson (see Engagements & Weddings, Nina DiBona '07).

Jonathan R. Argo (see Engagements & Weddings, Andrew Stringer).

Erica Becks (see Engagements & Weddings).

David DeSandre and Kyle Jackson (see Engagements & Weddings, Andrew Stringer).

Kate M. Lampen-Sachar (see Births & Adoptions).

Allegra Devon Maletz (see Births & Adoptions).

Joseph Maurer (see Engagements & Weddings, Andrew Stringer)

Shannon Price (see Engagements & Weddings, Orli Sharaby '02).

Andrew Stringer (see Engagements & Weddings).

Brad Weinberg (see Engagements & Weddings, Medha Devanagondi Makhlouf '05).


From the September/October 2010 Issue

Dylan Stimpson Brown and E. Alexandra Athos were married on May 22 in Westerly, R.I., at the St. Clare Church, where Dylan's great-grandparents were married in 1917. The reception was at the Misquamicut Club in Watch Hill. Alums in attendance included Alexandra's sister and maid of honor, Marisa Athos '00; bridesmaid Eliza Katz Ward; groomsman Matthew Ward; Dylan's father, Wendell S. Brown III '65, '67 ScM; Dylan's uncle F. Gregory Ahern '74; and friends Christopher Charyk '79, Bobby Goldschmidt, Sarah Jaffe, Mike Joseph '08 MD, Frank Kwok, Robert Mair '72, '75 ScM, '79 PhD, Devi Ross '09 MPH, Victor Sta-Ana, and Dan Yoon '04. Alexandra received her MD from George Washington Univ. and is interning at St. Luke's–Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City. She begins her neurology residency at Mt. Sinai in July 2011. Dylan graduated from George Mason Univ. law school magna cum laude and will join Cahill Gordon & Reindel in New York City as an associate.

Zoe Hunton and Cameron McClure '07 MD were married in June 2007 on Block Island, R.I. Many alums attended. Zoe and Cameron completed law school and emergency medicine residency, respectively, at UC Davis, and are moving to the San Francisco Bay Area to begin new jobs. Zoe is joining the law firm of Jorgenson, Siegel, McClure & Flegel in Menlo Park, and Cameron will be an attending emergency department physician at Kaiser in Santa Clara.

From the July/August 2010 Issue

Fernando Bobis received an MD in primary care in 2009. He is now a first-year resident at NYU Medical Center.

Ben Finkel, Emily Harrison, Kristin Ketelhut Jones (see Barbara Hirsch Harrison '75).

Hilary Gerstein '03 (see Al Gerstein '54).

Lillian Marshall runs a youth writing project in Ghana. She writes: "I would love it if you could leave the sweet students some encouraging comments on their articles at:"

From the May/June 2010 Issue

Benjamin Dalley recently opened the District Restaurant and Lounge located at 2473 18th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20009.

Jamie Martin-McNaughton married Thomas McKessey Clark (Bowdoin '99) in October at the Maine Sea Coast Mission in Bar Harbor, Me. Brown alumni who attended included Marisa Kastoff Blitstein '07 MD, Mike Blitstein, Jason Blumenkrantz '00, James Coburn '01, '03 ScM, Brian Ferrell-Locke '01, Chad Farrell '02, Greg Golrick '02, Ian Hochberg '01, Beth Hollander '04, Christina Kennedy, Kirsten Lamb '01, Michelle Menard '06, Kevin Mernick '01, Jon Persky'99, Jen Greenwood Ragsdale '98, Katherine Beach Sackton '00, Tim Sackton '01, Carrie Weinstein Seidman '04, Greg Seidman '01 ScM, Sharon Sonenblum '02, '03 ScM, and Chad Wolfsheimer '00.

From the March/April 2010 Issue

Hilary Gerstein and Martin Lichtman '01 married on All Hallows' Eve 2009 in Bryn Mawr, Pa. Attending were father of the bride Al Gerstein '54, Stephen Canon '01, Aili Contini-Morava '02, Seth Cottrell, Leigh Elion '05, David Goldberg '01, Alice Kelman Keller '02, '03 MAT, Larry Kerson '64, Lauren Kupersmith '04, Elizabeth Kyonka '04, Christine Lee '02, Jonah McBride '01, '03 ScM, Courtney Naliboff '02, Rachel Puda '05,Vince Rinella '63, Michael Romito '05, Adam Saks '05, Don Siegel '77, Leslie Kamen Siegel '83, '83 ScM, Michael Simon, and Bob Wals '54. Hilary and Marty live in Madison, Wisc., and are in graduate school studying neuroscience and physics, respectively.

Ryan Lewis and his wife, Christine, announce the Nov. 13 birth of their daughter, Skye Bella. She was born at the NYU Medical Center. Ryan is managing partner of RCL Capital, a Manhattan-based equity financing firm that he founded three years ago.

From the January/February 2010 Issue

June Ahn married Emy Tome (UCLA '00) on Sept. 26 in Lake Arrowhead, Calif. Among those in attendance were Michael Cecil, Paul Pasaba, Anthony Prince, Jennifer Edwards Weston '07, and Jenny Yoo. June and Emy live in Chino Hills, Calif., and June is finishing a PhD in urban education at USC.

Colleen Kanara married Scott Kempf on Sept. 19 in Chadds Ford, Pa., where the couple resides. Alums in attendance were Sarah Lenehan Coyne, Lizzie Buza Devlin '04, Ryan Devlin '03, Erika Lazar Farrell, Nikki Gamer, Cory Pelletier, and Lindsey Wong.

Lillie Marshall writes that after six years teaching in the Boston Public Schools, she is thrilled to be traveling around the world for a year and writing like crazy. Follow her at

Sam Snead married Anna Stopper (Emerson College '07) outdoors at Ford's Colony Country Club in Williamsburg, Va. In attendance were Delta Phi fraternity brothers Mark Connolly '06, Ben Dalley '04 AM (class president), Reynaldo Gomez '04, '08 MD, Matthew Jackson '04, Kamron Mitchell '04, Stan Pelosi '02, '06 MD, Jason Ricketts '04, and Brown football teammate Azuma Selom. Anna and Sam relocated from Los Angeles to Alexandria, Va., in October.

Dania Villarnovo (see Daniel Warren '06 PhD).

From the November/December 2009 Issue

Michael Busam and Jessica Blanco-Busam '04 MAT (see Jim Busam '75).

Hollie Mendillo (see Bernard Mendillo '70).

Sam Snead was selected as a 2009–11 Transit Cooperative Research Program Ambassador in August. He began serving his two-year term educating people about the transit industry in October at the 2009 American Public Transportation Assoc. conference in Orlando, Fla.

Garrett Wdowin is opening a new integrative medical center in Chandler, Ariz. If you would like more information please contact him or visit his website at

From the September/October 2009 Issue

Connect with us at the Brown University Class of 2003 Facebook page.

Jesse Barker (see Dick Barker '57).

Kelvin Chan writes: "Sannu! (That's 'hello' in Hausa.) I'm presently on a fellowship in Zaria, Nigeria. I am training Nigerian scholars in research techniques in ethnography while conducting my own research on the Nigerian healthcare system. It is truly an eye-opening experience."

Camille Gerwin married Keith McLamb (UC Berkeley '02) on Mar. 29 at Ross Bridge Resort in Birmingham, Ala. Elizabeth Peterson helped celebrate. The couple honeymooned in St. Lucia and will be living in Oak Park, Ill.

Allegra Devon Maletz writes that on Oct. 11, 2008, many Brown alums gathered at Roger Williams Park in R.I. to celebrate the marriage of Kayla Monzack and Joseph Holtschlag (Univ. of Michigan '00, Purdue '08 MBA). The wedding party included father of the bride Jason Monzack '71; maid of honor Elyssa Monzack '05; groomsman Nathaniel Monzack '07; and bridesmaids Nicole Pattamanuch, Johanna Chang, Andrea Brayboy, and Allegra Devon Maletz. Other guests included: Jacqueline Yee, Roger Lederman, Sean Conta '00, and Jessie Hastings Conta '00, who introduced the bride and groom in 2005. Drew Maletz '02 composed the wedding processional. Kayla received her MSW from Boston Univ. in 2007, and works in Cambridge, Mass. She and Joe live in Somerville, Mass., with their greyhound, Sophie.

Sarah Staley married Michael Balulescu (Bowdoin '03) at the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in Rochester, N.Y., on July 19, 2008. Alums in attendance included Jack Staley '66, Peter Staley '67, Brennon Staley '00, Vaughn Bell '00, Corey Binns-Carey '00, Morriah Horani '02, Emily Barabas, Tamzin Kinnebrew, Amrita Mallik, Emily Timm, Elizabeth Walsh, and Deborah Steinberg '04.

From the July/August 2009 Issue

Abigail Barrett announces her May 30 marriage to Jonathan Bloom in Manning Chapel. Abigail is the daughter of John T. Barrett Jr. '67, and the granddaughter of Elisabeth Crowley Allen '39 and Dr. John T. Barrett '39.

Karen Dmytrasz graduated from Tufts Univ. School of Medicine in May. She writes that she is thrilled to begin her residency in family medicine at Maine Medical Center in Portland.

Hilary Gerstein (see Alvin Gerstein '54).

From the May/June 2009 Issue

Kim Insalaco and Chris Legg, two former Brown icers, are engaged to be married this June. Over the last 10 years they have pursued their dreams and goals while in complete support of one another. Kim notably played on the U.S. Olympic ice hockey team in 2006 and won a bronze medal. Chris is pursuing a career in financial services for Octagon, a sports management firm. The couple lives in Canada.

Joanna Grossman Miller (see Emily Grossman Reilly '98).

From the March/April 2009 Issue

Steve Anglin has been teaching mathematics for more than two years. He has concluded his career in computer book and media publishing with nearly 150 books and two e-zine sites to his credit. He is now looking for a position to teach other Bears mathematics at Brown.

Sarah Broadhead Baird and Andrew Baird '02 announce the Nov. 7 birth of Charles Hardy Baird. They write that Mom, Dad, and Charlie are all doing great.

Kevin S. Buchert and Kimberly M. Puglio (Duquense '03) were engaged in Washington, D.C., last April and will be married on Aug. 15 in Short Hills, N.J. William Oleson '01, David Gold '03, and Taylor Monica '03 will be groomsmen.

Victoria Ford married Michael Spataro (Univ. of Rochester '99) on September 27 at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. A reception followed at the 3 West Club. Her sister Millie Ford Rauch was the matron of honor and her sister Alice Ford was the maid of honor. In attendance were Kathryn Demos, Dilini Fernando, Minji Kim, Julia Minsky Lignori, and Alicia Mullin. Vickie and Mike are both attorneys and reside in Manhattan.

Kristin J. Jones has joined the Philadelphia office of Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP.

David Minkin married Annie Mennes on Nov. 8 at the Southernmost House in Key West, Fla. In attendance were Michael Werner '00, Mahmoud Rais '00, John Reboul '00, Carlo Alvarez '00, Andrei Belov '00, Matthew Reeve '02, Mari Denby, and Colm Leahy.

Kayla Monzack writes that Allegra Devon and Drew Maletz '02 were married on August 23, 2008, in Boston. In attendance were Drew's father, Roy Maletz '64; Parag Butala '02, '06 MD; Rachel Melamed '02; Casey Brown '02; Gina Franco '02; Matt Haicken '02; Nga Chiem '02; Nisha Mehta; Mandy Tang '04; Aaron Soloway '05; and Jerusha Saldaña '06. Allegra completed her master's in education at Harvard in 2006 and is the director of secondary-school placement at the Fenn School in Concord, Mass. Drew completed his master's in music at the New England Conservatory in 2004 and is a music teacher at the Dexter and Southfield Schools in Brookline, Mass., by day and a composer of classical music by night. Allegra was a bridesmaid in Kayla's wedding in October, and Drew was the composer of her wedding processional.

From the January/February 2009 Issue

Joanna Grossman married Nathan Miller (Stonehill College '03 and Byrant '06 MBA) on September 20 at Ohana Camp in Thetford, Vt., the bride's hometown. Among the family members present were the bride's sister and matron of honor Emily Grossman Reilly '98, the bride's parents, Dan '71 and Dana Cook Grossman '73, and the bride's aunt Margaret Cook '86. Other alums in attendance were: Sarah Baldwin-Beneich '87, Michele Davis Collins '97 PhD, Maurice Collins '90 AM, '92 PhD, Kerala Goodkin Taylor '02, Emma Lichtenstein, Louisa Rosenheck, Elizabeth Grinspan, Andrew Selsberg '01 MFA, Lillian Marshall, and Vanessa Lipschitz '04. The ceremony was conducted by Brown chaplain Janet Cooper Nelson, who christened the bride 28 years ago. Joanna is currently a fellow in higher education administration in the office of residential life at Harvard, as well as the sophomore advisor for Dudley House, one of Harvard's undergraduate residences. Her husband is an associate planner for sales and inventory at TJX Companies. They honeymooned in Ireland and live in Cambridge, Mass.

Jeffrey Headd and Lindsay Matias '05 were married in Manning Chapel on October 4. The wedding party included: William Pratt, Jen Sopchockchai '05, and Claudine Lott '05, with Fr. Henry Bodah assisting with the ceremony. Guests included: Krister Fardig, Siri Daulaire '08 MD, Andrew Pfeffer '05, Lillie Marshall, Megan Wood, Ben Rubin '05, and Paolo DePetrillo '04. Lindsay and Jeff live in Durham, N.C. Both work at Duke, where Jeff is completing his PhD in computational biology, and Lindsay works in the Academic Resource Center.

Kim Insalaco writes: "Chris Legg and I are former Brown men's and women's ice hockey players. We started dating shortly after Spring Weekend 2000 during our freshman year. Here we are engaged eight years later! We got engaged during the Campus Dance at our five-year reunion, our first time back on campus together since graduation. We are thrilled and excited to start the next chapter of our lives together. See our wedding information at:"

Eileen Mignoni is studying to be a photojournalist and is in her second year at the Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the master's program. She worked on the website, which features multimedia pieces about the Phang-gna region of Thailand.

Mary Morell and J. Nicholas "Myko" Hull got married on June 28 after getting engaged Thanksgiving 2006 on Lincoln Field, and after Myko returned from a 16-month deployment to Afghanistan with the Army's 82nd Airborne Division. Web Hull '65 is the groom's father. Beth Andersen Walthall, Josh Loh, and Mike Palisano served as wedding attendants. Wedding guests included: Jaime Alberts '02, Diana Comarato, Tim Gerheim, Justin Haas, Lori Leibowitz, Tracy Hadden Loh '04, Lucas Orwig '05, Adam Saks '05, Claiborne Walthall '02, Will Weiss, and Melissa Zerofsky, as well as Professor Emeritus of Chemistry Bill Risen, Professor of Psychoceramics Josiah Carberry, and Senior Lecturer in Slavic Languages Lynne DeBenedette. Mary and Myko honeymooned in Croatia and highly recommend it.

Julie Flood Obbagy married Justin Obbagy (Richmond '04) on August 16 in Bristol, R.I. She writes: "I was given away by my father, Steven Flood '73, '77 MD and was honored to have Penelope Billington, Laura Brown, Kimberly Hyde, and Nicole Zannino as bridesmaids. Paul Hanson '75 was also in attendance. Last year, I received a PhD in nutritional sciences from Penn State, and now live in Washington, D.C., where I work for a food and nutrition policy firm."

Joseph Rackley writes: "I've been busy in Boston listening to Lil Wayne records and rekindling old relationships from Brown. I was recently inducted into my high school's athletic hall of fame. My grumpiness remains my true calling card, though."

Elizabeth Roach married Erik Breidinger (Pepperdine '01) in upstate New York on October 18. Elizabeth's father, Dave Roach, former athletic director, walked her down the aisle and her sister, Michelle Roach '05, was the maid of honor. Guests included: Katie Barry '05, Ihsan Speede-Franklin '02, Cathy Carolan Daniel '84, Elaine Palmer Rankowitz '84, Ted Von Gerichten '78, and Francis Jamiel '77.

From the November/December 2008 Issue

Jocelyn Weiner Mitchell and husband Nick '04 are moving to Doha, Qatar, for two years. Nick will be the elementary school science coordinator for the American School in Doha, and Jocelyn will conduct field research for her dissertation. She writes that visitors are welcome in their three-bedroom apartment.

Eileen Oh writes: "I'm happy to report, after six years of mostly long-distance dating, Roy Kao '01, '07 MD, and I were married in Center City Philadelphia on April 20, 2008. In attendance were many Brown friends, including Gary Kuo '01, DaveWan '01, Yoming Lin '01, Brian Chin '01, Satoshi Shimada '01 (all the way from Tokyo), Michael Chang '02, C.J. Lin '02, Brian Fong '02, '03 MAT and fiancée Sandy Wong, Jason Huang '02, Felice Dunn '02, Emily Eng '02, Esther Lee, Bernie Peng, Dan Shue, Channa Srey, Dave Kang, John Eng, Rich Hsieh, Tamara Chang '07 MD, Sora Chung '07 MD, Grace Cheung '04, Abe Young '04, Zoe Tseng '06, Peter Chai '06, '07 MMS, '10 MD, bridesmaid Ellen Park and groomsmen Teddy Youn '02, '09 MD, Inho Kim '02, and Davin Cheng '02. We live in the suburbs of Philadelphia and would love to hear from our old Brown friends!"

From the September/October 2008 Issue

Richard Meister (see Julie Liddicoet Meister '75).

Daniel Mermel announces his May 18 wedding to Janet Shargel (Penn '04) on Long Island, N.Y. Wedding guests included: Diana Henschke Katz '01 and her husband, Raphael '02; Jeffrey Bloch; LeDon Wilson '02; Ido Preis '02, '07 MD; Julia Kay '06; Vijay Malik '05; Evan Layne '06; Elizabeth Trongone '06; Rachel Silbermann; Preetha Chakrabarti; Deborah List '04; Ravi Jeyaratnam; Josef '72 and Marsy Mittlemann; Peter Rachlin; Sophie Barbasch '08; and Ginny Yang. Daniel writes: "It was a beautiful night and we were very fortunate to share it with close friends and family."

Leigh Zeidel Osofsky and husband Zach announce the May 17 birth of Noah Saeffer Osofsky. Leigh writes: "He was born 8 pounds 15 ounces! We are all doing very well."

Deborah Silverman '05 ScM and Joseph Robbins (Harvard '01, MBA '08) were married June 1 at Beach Point Club in Mamaroneck, N.Y. The bride was given away by her parents, Joe Silverman and Sue Greenhaus Silverman '77. The wedding party included best man Nate Robbins '05, Dan Silverman '06, Jon Silverman '10, Alex Lynn, and Carmen Morley (who could not attend because she was giving birth). Guests included Josh Miller '04, Emily McAteer '07, and Amy Marks '07 PhD. After honeymooning in Europe, the couple returned to Boston, where Joe started work for the private equity group of Bain Capital.

Sam Snead is engaged to Anna Stopper (Emerson College), as of June 7.The location of the proposal was a restaurant by the ocean in Huntington Beach, Calif.

From the July/August 2008 Issue

Louella Hill is back in Providence making cheese under the label Narragansett Creamery. Her company's Renaissance Ricotta was chosen as the best of class in the 2008 Wisconsin World Championship Cheese Contest.

Roger Lederman and Nicole Pattamanuch wed on September 8, 2007, in Portland, Ore. The wedding party included Kayla Monzack, Andrea Brayboy, Jaimee Lederman '00, Paris Mavroidis, Muntasir Hoque, Mason Israel, and Patrick Pattamanuch '01. Also in attendance were Dave Nicolai, Justin Bandy '04, Tobin Strom, Anne Chipman, Ada Chan, and Frank Hajdu '00. Nicole is starting her residency at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore in the Bronx, and Roger is currently working on his PhD in Operations Research at Columbia Business School. Their family has grown with the addition of border terrier Moose.

Morgan Madera (see Meghan Madera Bent '98).

Sam Posner (see Eileen Rudden '72).

Thomas Roache has announced that he is running for State Representative in Massachusetts. Since graduating from Brown, Tom has worked on economic and social development initiatives around the U.S. and the globe. Additionally, he recently earned his master's in ethics from the Univ. of London. Altogether, he is proud to bring his experience and education back to his home district—the Norfolk ninth district. You can find out more about Tom, his mission, and his campaign at

Sam Snead writes: "Check me out in the new Fall Out Boy Beat It music video. It is a homage to Michael Jackson's famous song. I play the man lifting Pete from Fall Out Boy in a trash bag. The facial scar is not real."

Anna Fields Stubblefield just sold her first full-length novel to Penguin Press. It should be out in stores in early 2009.

From the May/June 2008 Issue

Victoria Barbata writes: "I married John William Reimers '00 in Hawaii (home for me) on July 7, 2007, and our groomsmen included Ben Ensminger-Law '00 as best man, Charles Coby Barbata '00, Jeff Sato '99, Tucker Korte '01, and Jedd Scher '00. Other Brown alums in attendance were my dad, Brian Barbata '67, Pria Sinha, Scott Hanyen '01, Karisa Horsley Curtis '01, Greg Curtis '99, David Countryman '00, Nate Hughes, Kevin O'Sullivan '99, and Brown Professor Herman Vandenburgh."

James Bird (see Alpine Chandler Bird '68).

Caren Lee Caplan writes: "My brother, Jonathan Lee '99, '03 MD, and his wife, Glenna, had a beautiful baby girl, Annika Morgan, on June 4, 2007. It's great fun to be an aunt!"

Diana F. Comarato announces that on September 22, 2007, she and James S. Doumato (Muhlenberg College '99) became engaged. The couple met at and is currently working at Stryker Orthopedics, a medical device company in Mahwah, N.J. Diana is a clinical study manager and James is a manager of trauma extremity contracts. The couple is currently planning their wedding in northern New Jersey for October 2008.

Elizabeth Speaker Sturla writes: "My husband, Mario Sturla, and I are overjoyed to announce the October 30, 2007, birth of our son, William Eduardo Sturla. He weighed in at 7 lbs. 8 oz. and so far is a very happy and chubby baby. We continue to live in Manhattan and look forward to catching up with old friends at our five-year reunion."

Susan Warren Weston writes: "I wed Kevin Weston (MIT '03) on June 2, 2007, in Wellesley, Mass. Brown alums abounded at the celebration: parents Bob Warren '73 and Sandy Wogrin Warren '75, siblings Sharon Warren '05 and (newly minted grad) David Warren '07, plus we were privileged to have the company of good friends Robert Hux, Sarah Staveley-O'Carroll, Elizabeth Speaker Sturla and Mario Sturla, Tim Kessler '04, Seth Wylie '04, Ginger Gloystein '04, Andi Fein '04, '05 ScM, Stacy Wong '05, Albert Huang, Jonathan Biderman '05, Caitlyn Schmidt '06, Mike Shim '07, and Adam Vitarello '05. After the wedding and a honeymoon in Hawaii, we settled in our new house in Redmond, Wash.— visitors are welcome!"

From the March/April 2008 Issue

Josh Braslow (see Patricia Gerbarg '71).

Jody Caldwell writes: "Lizabeth Lagarto Marshall (NUSL '06) wed Patrick Hartwig (Youngstown State '02; NUSL '06). The newlyweds met at Northeastern Univ. School of Law. The fireside wedding ceremony, conducted by Nicole S. Bennett (the bride's freshman-year roommate), was personal, funny, and touching, a beautiful reflection of the couple's devotion to one another and their families. Rachel Josephs (yet another Unit 29er) and I were co–maids of honor. Also attending were our dear friends Alexis Arieff and Ashton Allan. After passing the Massachusetts Bar last fall, Lizabeth and Patrick began chasing ambulances in greater Boston. I live in Brooklyn with my partner-in-crime, Benjamin Farrar (Vanderbilt '02; Univ. of Iowa '06 MFA), a theatrical lighting and scenic designer, and just finished my first novel."

Deborah Friedes writes: "After earning my MFA in dance from Ohio State and doing a year of AmeriCorps service in Boston, I'm finally living a dream that started at Brown: thanks to a Fulbright grant, I am researching Israeli contemporary dance. The dance scene here is booming and life in Tel Aviv is never boring!"

Camille Gerwin graduated from Washington Univ. School of Law in May 2007 and has been admitted to the Massachusetts Bar. She is now an associate in the litigation department at Brown Rudnick Berlack Israels in Boston.

Omar Hyder '07 MD writes that on September 15 Jessica Galante and Alec O'Neill, son of William O'Neill '60, were wed at the Valley Green Inn in Chestnut Hill, Pa. Julia Fischer-Mackey and Omar were honored to be members of the wedding party. Also in attendance were Brendan Baran, Sarah DeNucci '07 MD, Alexa Engelman '04, Laura Krier, Poonam Kumar, Kyle Lafferty, Kathleen Pullum, Jessica Radow, Asif Rehman, Sara Sakamoto, Daniel Schneider and Ellen Stern Griswold '01.

Hollie Mendillo (see Bernard Mendillo '70).

Emily Metcalfe writes: "Since graduation I have embraced a lot of wonderful changes in my life, including earning a masters degree in electrical engineering at Princeton, starting a new career in information security, discovering my poetic side by featuring my poetry at a Boston spoken word event, and moving into a lovely new home with someone very dear to my heart. However, I've been told that my indirect and pungent sense of humor hasn't changed at all."

Vanessa Meikle Schulman writes: "Alex Schulman and I were married in Bethesda, Md., in August 2007. We celebrated with family and friends from high school, graduate school, and Brown, including Josh Braslow, Jim Lerch, Kara Mandell, Arthur Nguyen, Jillian Odland, Daniel Naftalis '04, Jeffrey Meikle '71, and Jason Meikle '94. Josh Gang, Andrew Lyon, and Mikhail Shapiro were unable to attend and were sadly missed. Alex and I are both completing PhD's in Los Angeles and would love to hear from old friends."

Sam Snead recently accepted a consulting position with Iteris Inc. at its downtown Los Angeles office.

Francisco Torres (see Gerardo Tristan '92).

Susan Warren announces her wedding to Kevin Weston (MIT '03) on June 2, 2007, in Wellesley, Mass. Brown grads abounded at the celebration: parents Bob Warren '73 and Sandy Wogrin Warren '75, siblings Sharon Warren '05 and David Warren '07, plus good friends Robert Hux, Sarah Staveley-O'Carroll, Elizabeth Speaker Sturla and Mario Sturla, Tim Kessler '04, Seth Wylie '04, Ginger Gloystein '04, Andi Fein '04, '05 ScM, Stacy Wong '05, Albert Huang, Jonathan Biderman '05, Caitlyn Schmidt '06, Mike Shim '07, and Adam Vitarello '05. After the wedding and a honeymoon in Hawaii, Susan and Kevin settled into their new house in Redmond, Wash. Plenty of space – visitors welcome!!

From the January / February 2008 Issue

Jessica Barker (see Dick Barker ’57).

Nicole Fischler writes: “Graham Holt and I got married on October 6, 2007, at the Fox Hollow in Woodbury, N.Y. My sister, Lisa Fischler ’99, was my maid of honor, and we were thrilled that Lesley Freiman ’05, Dung Kim Nguyen, and Sean Cannella ’04 ScM could be present at our wedding. It was a wonderful occasion, and Graham and I were so happy to share it with the family and friends we love so dearly.”

Willa Sky-Bacon and Patrick Freer Jr. ’00 finally got married on July 28, 2007, in Georgetown, Maine, more than seven years after meeting at the Underground Bar. Many Brown friends and Sigma Chi boys attended—it was a blast! Thanks for the memories!”

Yaniv Gelnik married L. Katrina Ole-MoiYoi in two lovely ceremonies this past September: a beach wedding in Israel and a Maasai wedding in Kenya. In attendance were Daniel Stern, Sasha Rubel ’06, Jori Ketten ’02, Mitchell Ginsburg ’01, Hephzibah Levine ’00, Tiferet Levine, Kileken Ole-MoiYoi ’06, Juan Domenech-Clar, MeiLi Coon ’05, Adam Laytin, Tali Griffel ’04, J. Muir Hooper ’99 and Elizabeth Giancola ’05. The Maasai wedding was conducted by his holiness, Daniel Stern. The couple writes: “We also managed to write a cookbook with the Brown guests, which is available to anyone interested. We are living well in Israel and we send regards!”

Ben Gerhardstein and Katy Love ’04 were married in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina on September 1, 2007. Ben and Katy began their journey together eight years ago at the camp where they were wed. Over the Labor Day weekend, they slid down natural rockslides, hiked into the mountains, and explored granite boulders. The ceremony took place outside, and in attendance were Miyo Tubridy ’06, Julia Grob ’05, Nina Hausman ’05, Dominique Baillet ’04, Ariana Green ’04, Katherine Fichtel ’04, Ateesh Chanda ’04, Ariel Zodhiates ’05, Nick Horton ’04, Tristram Wolff ’04, Miriam Markowitz ’04, Andy Gilden ’04, Dawn McDaniel ’04, Will Arnold ’05, Mark Reynolds ’78, and Kit Kinports ’76.

Katharine Lampen writes: “On March 24, 2007, I married Daniel Sachar (Swarthmore College and Columbia Univ. School of Business) in Miami. Jaime Berg Hyman, David Hyman ’02, Caren Lee, Stephanie Harris Singer ’04, Anna Stern ’04, Lauren Mirsky, Ilana Ruff ’04, Amanda Moskowitz ’02, Brian Singer ’04, and Kathleen Forcier all attended. I also graduated from Weill Cornell Medical College on May 30. I will start my residency in diagnostic radiology at New York-Presbyterian Hospital (Weill Cornell) in 2008. I am now a medical intern at Lenox Hill Hospital.”

Jocelyn Sage Weiner and Nicholas Graham Mitchell ’04 were married on October 6, 2007, at the All Souls Chapel of the Poland Spring Resort in Maine. Bridesmaids included Ellen Burns ’02, Penny Billington, Julie Penner ’04, and Maxine Zhang ’05, and groomsmen included Andy Colvin ’04 and Matt Knapp ’04. Also in attendance were Ike Young, Ayal Aizer ’04, John Audett ’04, Steve Day ’04, Tom and Maribeth Byrne Robertson ’04, and Jessica Fye ’05. The reception was held at the Cliffside Lodge in Poland Spring. The couple honeymooned this winter in Mexico and the southwest United States. They live in Washington, D.C.

From the November / December 2007 Issue

Nicholas Beem married Lela Schneidman (U.Mass. Amherst ’02) on July 14 in Evanston, Ill. In attendance were Benjamin Finkel, Colin Blundell, Stephan Marguet, Ruthie Streiter, Erin Sisk ’04, Sarovar Banka ’02, Jasmine Syedullah ’01, and Reed Aubin ’02. Pictures are available at

Muntasir Hoque married Kristina Elizabeth Bray (UC Berkeley ’04) at the Beach Club in Santa Monica, Calif., on August 4. The groomsmen included Mason Israel, Paris Mavroidis, David Nicolai, Justin Bandy ’04, and Roger Lederman, who could not attend. Other Brown alumni celebrating with the couple were Rhea Saran, Jenny Lin, and Jennifer Urizar. The couple honeymooned in Kauai, Hawaii, and live in Lake Bluff, Ill.

Caren Lee ’03 and Jeremy Caplan (Princeton ’97) were married July 1 in Roslyn, N.Y. Jonathan Lee ’99, ’03 MD was a groomsman, and Jaime Berg Hyman, Katharine Lampen Sachar, and Anna Stern ’04 were bridesmaids. Brown alums in attendance included the bride’s uncle, Andrew Berke ’76, ’79 MD, Tyler Berzin ’99, ’03 MD, Lourdes Aleman Berzin ’99, Sam Ginsberg ’00, David Hyman ’02, Lauren Mirsky, Sheryl Shapiro, Rachel Ezrine Wasserman, Danny Wasserman, Ilana Ruff ’04, Stephanie Harris Singer ’04, Brian Singer ’04, Joshua Schulman-Marcus ’04, Eric Snyder ’04, and Cara Zeldis ’04.

Kom Promsuttikul (see Celia Wu Sophonpanich ’83).

Danny Wasserman and his wife, Rachel Ezrine Wasserman, announce the July 23 birth of their son, Yaakov Simcha. Danny is entering his third year at Columbia Law School, and Rachel just completed an AM in Judaic Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary, as well as a master’s in social work from Columbia. The family lives in Riverdale, N.Y.

From the September / October 2007 Issue

Marisa Kastoff Blitstein '07 MD writes that, as their first anniversary approaches, she and Michael Blitstein (UPenn JD '07) felt that it was time to announce their marriage on June 25, 2006, in Assonet, Mass. The wedding party included Alison Errico '06, Nicholas Foeger, Kirstin Lamb '01, Frank Lehman '06, Jonathan Marcus '05, Jessica Resnick-Ault '02, and Mike Wasserman '06. More than sixty Brown alums were in attendance.

Emily Harrison and Becky Kessler write that they graduated Memorial Day weekend, rectal sleeves in hand, as veterinarians from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. For the next year, Emily will be at Ohio State University pursuing an internship in equine ambulatory medicine, while Becky will be back in Rhode Island (East Greenwich) pursuing an internship in small-animal medicine and surgery. "We would both like to thank our family, friends, and mentors for all of their support during the years. If anyone has a sick dog or horse, give us a ring!" 

Katharine Lampen writes that she married Daniel Sachar (Swarthmore and Columbia Business School) on March 24 in Miami: "Jaime Berg Hyman, David Hyman '02, Caren Lee, Stephanie Harris Singer '04, Anna Stern '04, Lauren Mirsky, Ilana Ruff '04, Amanda Moskowitz '02, Brian Singer '04, and Kathleen Forcier all attended the wedding. I also graduated from Weill Cornell Medical College on May 30 and will start my residency at New York-Presbyterian Hospital (Weill Cornell) in diagnostic radiology next year. I will be a medical intern at Lenox Hill Hospital."

Chinnru J. Wu Ridgway writes: "My husband, Brian Ridgway, and I recently had our second child, a beautiful baby girl named Sukharati! Our 3-year-old son, Nathan, dotes on her and adores her."

From the July / August 2007 Issue

Can Bakir (see Valerie Phillips ’98).

Chris Casey (see David B. Casey ’62).

Mia Iwama married Richard Hastings (King’s College London, BA, MA ’00) on Oct. 7 at the Church of St. Alban the Martyr, Holborn, in London. Caroline Ang ’04 was bridesmaid, and guests included Helene Strauss ’05, Lindsey Doermann ’04, Katherine Babcock ’05, Adriane Berman ’05, Iris Chung ’05 and Barbara Babcock ’06. The reception was held at Dartmouth House in Mayfair, London. The couple honeymooned in Italy and currently resides in London.

Jason Mercado (see Barry M. Nathan ’70).

Mary Morell writes: “My fiancé, U.S. Army Captain J. Nicholas ‘Myko’ Hull, is serving a year’s tour in Afghanistan as an aide-de-camp to a brigadier general. At one point, he was on the cover of BAM in a story about being the only ROTC student at Brown [“The Cadet,” May/June, 2002]. Myko and I got engaged at Brown last Thanksgiving and plan to marry in June 2008, after he returns.”

Brandon Pace writes: “My partner, Patrick Cox, and I were married last Oct. in a ceremony at our home in Annapolis, Md. Those in attendance included my former roommates Noelia Guzman, Elyse Estrada, Tiffani Taylor, and Risa Puno ’04. Also representing ’03 were Onyeka Iloabachie, LaToya Sutton, Monique James, and Alissa Mayers. We are also ecstatic to announce the March 1 birth of our daughter, Isabella Lalah. She’s an absolute joy and we couldn’t be happier. I would love to hear from former classmates.”

From the May / June 2007 Issue

Clark Childers published his first children’s book, More Snow for Kids (RedCap Publishing), last fall. The book is about the once-in-a-lifetime snowstorm that blanketed south Texas on Christmas Eve in 2004. To promote the book, Clark toured Texas in an Airstream trailer complete with snow-making machines and lawn penguins. Clark is a screenwriter based in Los Angeles.

Tracy Miller writes: “My boyfriend of two and a half years, Michael Gamsby (Tufts ’97), proposed to me at the Hotel Providence on December 27, 2006. We are planning an outdoor wedding in my hometown of Rehoboth, Mass., for July 2008. We can’t wait to share this great day with our friends and family!”

Derek Mitchell (see Oliver Hurst-Hiller ’98).

From the March / April 2007 Issue

David Edelman writes: “In December 2005 my fiancée, Elizabeth Zabell, and I co-founded Diabetes Daily— an online support network for people with diabetes. It features one of the Web’s fastest-growing support groups (over 1,000 members), an award-winning blog, and a headline aggregator that scours more than 100 diabetes sites every fifteen minutes.”

Kara Gaston and Garrett Wdowin write: “We would like to announce that the prophecy has been fulfilled and we are finally engaged. We are planning a summer 2008 wedding.”

Yaniv Gelnik and Katrina ole-MoiYoi finally got engaged after six wonderful years together. The wedding celebrations will take place this August in Israel and Kenya.

Kelleen Kiely writes: “In a ceremony on Cape Cod, Leah Fish married Matias Sacerdote. Brown friends came from as far as London, Hong Kong, and Mozambique to join in what was an unforgettable celebration. Guests included Manjusri Ratnayaka, Nikil Mehta, Arul Thangavel, Meredith Lynn, Caitlin McDonald, Juliana Mogielnicki, Vivek Kothari, Robin Juliano, Laura Harding, Amber Wurz, Alexandra Fallon, Kiran Singh, Matt Laderer, Jamie Aaronson, Silvia Spring, Julie Falende, Nicole Eno ’04, and me. Leah and Matias are living in Brooklyn, N.Y.”

Eva Burneko Medin writes: “My husband, Christer, and I are thrilled to announce the August 19 birth of Nora Grace. She’s delightful, and we are very lucky to have her. Nora Grace is learning Swedish along with English, as we are moving to Sweden soon. I’d love to hear from old classmates or other Brunonians there.”

Samuel Snead writes: “I was recently a football player in the movie The Game Plan. It is my second experience with Hollywood— my first was as an extra in a scene of a Brotherhood episode. I moved to Los Angeles in January to take a position as an urban planner.”

From the January / February 2007 Issue

Nicole Fischler writes: “I am thrilled to announce my engagement to Graham Holt (Whittier College ’01). After two wonderful years together, one of which we spent actually living on the same side of the country, Graham proposed. We are planning our wedding for the fall on the East Coast. I am currently a second-year graduate student in the master’s of public health program at Oregon State University and will be graduating in June. Graham and I are both really looking forward to all of the exciting events that we will get to share this year and in the years to come.”

Hilary Gerstein (see Al Gerstein ’54).

Mirra Levitt (see Susan Van Wiggeren Markowitz ’68).

Andrew Stringer writes: “After several years doing education lobbying I have done a 180 and now am a consultant working with the Department of Homeland Security. Other than that, not much has changed. I am still living in D.C. and still often wear pink shirts. Feel free to contact me if you are in the area.”

Mario Sturla and Elizabeth Speaker were married on Aug. 27 at the First Unitarian Church in Providence. Rev. Henry Bodah, an associate University chaplain, officiated. Lakshmi Mohandas was the maid of honor, and Sarah Staveley-O’Carroll was a bridesmaid. Brown alums in attendance included Peer Casillo ’01, Dave Babin ’01, Peter Carey ’01, Stefan Karlsson ’02, Matt Porter, Lee Golini, Olivier Rolin, Simon Foster Fishel, Marc Marinaccio, Michael Tan, Matt Shechmeister, Dave DeSandre, Lee Hoffman, Annie Murray ’05, and Michael Matthews ’05.

Melissa Zerofsky writes: “I just returned from Connecticut, where I attended the wedding of Will Weiss to Julie Garman (Boston University ’04). The groom’s esteemed wedding party included Sheldon Provost ’04 ScM, Matt Sherman, and Tim Gerheim. Other friends in attendance included Mary Morell, Dominique Tamburrino, Lucas Orwig ’05, Chris Weeks ’99, ’03 ScM, David DeSandre, Kyle Jackson, Joe Maurer, and Andrew Stringer ’04. I had a fabulous time celebrating with old classmates after a few years away!”

From the September / October 2006 Issue


Doria DiBona Aronson and her husband, Scott Matthew Aronson, received their juris doctor degrees on May 19 from Pepperdine Univ. School of Law in Malibu, Calif. Doria, who graduated magna cum laude, will be an associate at McLane, Graf, Raulerson and Middleton of Manchester, N.H., where she will specialize in estate planning and will preparation. Scott, who graduated summa cum laude, will be an associate at Normandin, Cheney and O’Neil of Laconia, N.H., where he will do corporate law. The couple plans to reside in the Concord, N.H., area.

Juliette Berg (see Jonathan Berg ’96).

From the May / June 2006 Issue

Anne Barylick (see John Barylick '71).

Doria Aronson Dibona, formerly of Waterville Valley, N.H., competed in the Santa Clarita half-marathon. She finished the race first for women in her age group, and 109 out of 1,031 overall. Doria ski-raced for the Waterville Valley Black and Blue Trail Smashers, Holderness School, and Brown. She and her husband, Scott, reside in Malibu, Calif., where they attend Pepperdine Univ. School of Law.

Rachel Ezrine married Daniel Wasserman in Louisville, Ky., on Jan. 1. In attendance were Emily Barabas, Jaime Berg, Miles Betro '05, David Charme, Sue Daube '75, Beth Satkin Donenfeld, Duncan Friedman, Sam Ginsberg '00, Adam Greenwood, Stephanie Harris '04, Dave Hyman '02, James Katz, Caren Lee, Brian Nicholas, Andrew Polins, Jon Purow, Jeff Saltman, Josh Schulman-Marcus '04, Ben Seigel '02, Brian Singer '04, Sheryl Shapiro, Jason Siegel, Elana Slutsky '06, Eric Snyder '04, Jon Steinberg, Anna Stern '04, Zach Teutsch '05, Josh Troy '04, Lee Wilson '02, Stacey Yen, and Cara Zeldis '04.

Charles W. Pollak, owner of Charles Pollak Antiques and Fine Arts, has been chosen as the youngest exhibitor at the prestigious Winter Antiques Show in New York City.

Samuel D. Snead writes: "I completed my graduate degree in community planning this winter. I was hired as the transportation improvement program manager for central transportation planning staff, which is the advisory staff for the Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization."

From the March / April 2006 Issue

Beth Satkin married Ron Donenfeld (Indiana Univ. School of Music) on Oct. 30. In attendance were Rebecca Pronsky ’02, Margaret Hellerstein ’02, Ruth Kramer, Karl Ljungquist ’04, Rachel Ezrine, Danny Wasserman, and Joel Rozen ’05. The couple resides in Manhattan, where Beth works in administration at Carnegie Hall.

From the March / April 2005 Issue

Daniel Mermel writes: “Alexandra Athos and I returned from an archaeological excavation in Tiberias, Israel. The associate director of the program is Brown professor Katharina Galor. We both had a great time and encourage other volunteers to participate.”

From the November / December 2004 Issue

Jessica Cooper ’04 AM was named the NCAA 2003 Rhode Island Woman of the Year. Jessica played on the Brown women’s volleyball team and was awarded All-Ivy League honors from her sophomore through her senior year.

Joanne Leow writes: “I married Giuliano Gullotti in January. We met when he was an exchange graduate student at Brown in the fall of 2000. I am working as a broadcast journalist for a Singaporean news channel, and Giuliano is teaching French and other courses in a tertiary institute here. We miss Brown, especially the friends we made and the change of seasons—Singapore is tropical and hot all year round. Some friends have come to visit and others are welcome—just drop us a note.”

Alisia Solano married Sean Williams on June 19 in their hometown of Chicago. Camille Cole ’02 and Stacy McCallan ’04 were in attendance.

From the September / October 2004 Issue

Tamara Hattar has opened a restaurant, Taverna Yassou, in Coral Gables, Fla. It features belly dancing and a Greek and Mediterranean menu.

Laura Rothenberg’s posthumous memoir Breathing for a Living (Hyperion), which chronicled her battle against cystic fibrosis, is now out in paperback. (Laura was profiled in the July/August 2003 BAM.)

Julie Wolfson (see Richard B. Wolfson ’55).

From the July / August 2004 Issue

Hilary Gerstein (see Al Gerstein ’54).

Tara Mounsey was inducted into the newly created New Hampshire Legends of Hockey, the only woman among the nine inaugural inductees.

Eva Struble writes that she will begin work this fall on an MFA in painting. “For now,” she says, “I’m still in Providence, blessed with unrelenting food service jobs.”

From the May / June 2004 Issue

Joanna Grossman (see Dana Cook Grossman ’73).

Daniel Mermel writes: “On Dec. 29, Raphael Katz ’02 and Diana Henschke ’01 were married in Long Island, N.Y. Alums in attendance included: E. Alexandra Athos, Daniel Mermel, Jeffrey Bloch, Ido Preis ’02, Ledon Wilson ’02, Daniel Ko ’01, Sara Blankstein ’02, and Lauren Kalb ’01. Raphael and Diana are now living in Atlanta.”

From the March / April 2004 Issue

Nathan Deuel writes: “In 2001, we founded Six Billion (, an online magazine of narrative journalism presenting narrative text, film, photo, illustration, sound, and interactive. The first issue was published with help from the Swearer Center, the creative writing department, Professor Robert Coover, and a grant from the Rhode Island branch of the N.E.H. Contributors include Jon Lee Anderson of the New Yorker; Fahim Dashty of Kabul Weekly; and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Albert Maysles.”

Sarah Petrie (see Bruce Petrie ’76).

Craig Walzer writes: “Before starting a law/public policy degree next fall, I’m in the midst of opening the first English-language bookstore on the Greek Island of Santorini. Atlantis Books is scheduled to open in April. Call or write if you’re interested!”

From the January / February 2004 Issue

Amy Komarnicki married Joshua Randall, of Providence, on Aug. 2 in Narberth, Pa. In attendance were bridesmaid Allison Roche, Sarah Cowan, and Annaliese Calhoun. The couple now resides in Norfolk, Va., where Josh will be attending the Regent Univ. Law School for the next three years.

From the November / December 2003 Issue

Jessica Barker (see Richard C. Barker ’57).

Dan Byerly (see James Forman Jr. ’88).

Alejandro Landes Echavarria (see Luis Fernando Echavarria’51).

Hilary Gerstein (see Marshall Cohen ’54).


Jun, 2023

Kevin M. Garrity ’03, of East Hampton, Mass., formerly of Watertown, Conn.; Nov. 3. A gifted athlete, during his high school years he was a member of the Frederick Gunn School varsity rowing, soccer, and basketball teams and was selected for the U.S. Development rowing team, earning a spot on the national team in 1999, which led to training and international competition in Canada and Bulgaria. At Brown, he was a four-year student-athlete on the crew team. He then joined the faculty at the Frederick Gunn School, teaching science and coaching basketball and rowing. He was the recipient of the Class of 1955 Distinguished Teaching Award. In 2014, he and his wife both accepted faculty positions at Williston Northampton School, where he taught chemistry and served as an advisor and coach. He is survived by his wife, Kate; a daughter; a son; his parents; and four siblings.

Jan, 2019

Lee J. Golini ’03, of North Kingstown, R.I.; Sept. 3. He continued on after Brown to obtain graduate degrees in both business administration and law from Washington University in St. Louis before opening his law practice in the Jamestown, R.I., area. He was an avid chef, host, and fisherman. He is survived by girlfriend Leah McCue; his parents; and countless brothers and members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, with which he was profoundly involved.


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