Gift Guide oversized throw
Photographs by Joel Benjamin
Ever True

Spark up your holidays with a little school spirit. Shop online (and often at a discount) from Brown alumni entrepreneurs with our twelfth annual gift guide.

By Kerry Lachmann and Louise Sloan '88 / November/December 2018
November 5th, 2018
recycled bracelets

These colorful bracelets (made from recycled flip flops) are fair trade and made in Mali by indigenous women earning living wages, but were not widely available in the U.S. until Chloe Thompson ’04 stepped in. She credits Brown with nurturing an entrepreneurial drive she now uses to run this small business right out of her apartment in Brooklyn. Set of 14 bracelets $35. Use code thayerstreet for a 30% discount.

batik throw and wine

Nisha Mirani ’10 and Brendan Kramer ’10 met their freshman year, married in 2013 and opened their textile biz in 2017. This block-print throw, hand-stitched in Rajasthan using a traditional running-stitch technique, is lightweight and perfect for home or beach. Myna throw $150.

“Serial entrepreneur” Randy Haykin ’85 funnels 100% of profits from Entrepreneur Wines, which he founded in 2008, to the Gratitude Network, a nonprofit that supports children around the world. Chardonnay $65/bottle, Cabernet $150/bottle. Use code BrownLovesWine for a 20% discount.


The season goes sideways—in a good way—with organic cotton fiddler crabs in pink and purple. Necktie $52. Order by email——and mention BAM for a 15% discount.


These tiny home cameras will livestream your kid or your dog straight to your smartphone—and let you have a conversation. They even have the ability to “hear” smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and send you a notification. The brainchild of Elana Fishman ’05 and a few of her colleagues at Amazon, Wyze Labs launched in 2017, but Elana says she’s dreamed of being part of a startup since taking Barrett  Hazeltine’s Engin. 9. To date, they have sold over one million. Wyze Cam $19.99; Wyze Cam Pan $29.99.

silk pjs and pet portraits

For a night of movies and popcorn, what’s better than comfy PJs? Christina Wang ’09 designed the perfect pair, adorned with hand-drawn images of Chinese takeout and gummy bears. The silk and viscose pajama set comes with matching eye mask. Netflix and Chill 2.0 pajama set $350. Use code EVERTRUE for a 10% discount.

Attorney Lauren Rogoff ’05 is the daughter of an art dealer and a veterinarian, so of course she paints watercolors of animals. When Hurricane Sandy destroyed her dad’s animal hospital, she painted dozens of pictures of cats and dogs to adorn the walls of the rebuilt hospital. And a business was born: orders for custom portraits came pouring in. Custom pet portraits start at $170. Use code WLBROWNALUM for a 5% discount.

overnight oatmeal

What’s for breakfast? Liz Drewniak Watts ’04, ’05 ScM, ’11 PhD didn’t have time to figure it out, either, so she began concocting these nutritious “overnight oat” mixes to feed herself and her family, on the fly. The mixes come in five flavors—add milk, refrigerate overnight, and voilà. Ten single-serve pouches $22. Use code BrownAlum for a 10% discount.

oversized throw

One hundred percent felted merino wool, ethically sourced from Nepal and New Zealand. Blanket $845. Use code BROWN10 for a 10% discount.

pearl earrings

Mary MacGill ’10 designs jewelry inspired, in large part, by the shorelines of the Northeast. She has studios in both the Hudson Valley of New York and on Block Island. Tahitian Pearl earrings $525. Use code Brown for a 10% discount.

SF coffee spots towel

When Zachary McCune ’10 moved to San Francisco several years ago he was not even a coffee drinker. He soon found himself frequenting the nearby cafes and enjoying the coffee so much he started doodling pictures of his favorite spots. These doodles now adorn his exclusive coffee towel. San Francisco Coffee Towel $25.

Backgammon set and dog collar

The ancient game of backgammon has never been so stylish…and portable! Michael Ciccia ’87 imports these hand-sewn suede beauties from Mexico; they roll up for easy storage. Travel backgammon set $120. Use code BROWN40 for a 40% discount.

When Chris Chon ’08 left Brown and went looking for a job, he was astounded how much things like suits, watches, and dress shoes cost. His affordable fine-goods company, Leonard & Church, first focused on watches; because dogs rule, it recently added handmade leather dog collars and leashes. Red Dog Collar $65. Use code GoBruno for a 20% discount.

adopt an olive tree

“Adopt” one of the 500-year-old olive trees on this Spanish mountain estate and you’ll get two half-liter cans of the extra virgin, organic oil (twice the size of the can pictured here).
Biannual and quarterly adoptions are also available. The package includes a description of your tree and an invitation to visit the property (which offers three rental villas) at a 15% discount. Two 50 cl. cans of oil $50.

tie dye dress and tote

The Night Rainbow design on this dress is tie-dyed by hand in India, making each one unique in pattern and design. Sheena Sood ’06 is a visual artist and clothing designer who has combined both passions with her ethically made and eco-friendly fashions. Kina Dress in Night Rainbow $175. Use code brown2018 for a 15% discount.

This tote bag is embellished with the whimsical drawings of Janine Kwoh ’09 and represents some of the things we “carry” every day—some good, some not-so-good, but all reminders to treat others with empathy. After all, you never know what anyone else is holding. Screen printed by hand on 100% recycled cotton. What We Carry tote bag $24.

construction print dress

Future general contractors will appreciate the deep, functional side pockets of this STEM-inspired dress. Groundbreaker Super Twirler dress $39.95. Use code BROWN20 for a 20% discount.

board game and scrubs

Juliana Moreno Patel ’03 was planning a game night and wanted a home escape-room experience. When she found none existed, she designed her own, taking all the things she loved about escape rooms and cramming them into a box. Players solve puzzles and crack codes to thwart a mad scientist’s plot. Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment $29.99.

Olga Lemberg ’08 MD spent years in scrubs as a hospital-based pediatrician and found it frustrating there weren’t more stylish options. In 2015 she founded Fabled, a line of modern scrubs for women that come in four styles and three colors. The Maverick Top $72; The Maverick Pant $94. Use code BROWN10 for 10% off.

wooden boxes and digital ball

Cody Campanie ’08 opened his furniture studio last year. His work studies the rituals of life in the home; each piece is made from solid wood using traditional joinery. These 2-drawer treasure boxes are available in walnut, beech, maple, elm, fir, or ash. Drawer box starts at $750.

This active game system developed by Brian Monnin ’93 connects an inflatable ball with a small “brain” inside to an app on your iPhone or Apple TV. The system tracks variables like speed and spin, tallies personal scores, and offers movement-based games from classics like Keep Away to the platform’s unique games and challenges. Designed for a single user or groups. Play Impossible Gameball $99.95.


Jennifer Knight ’89 bought a shuttered textile mill, hired back 75% of its workers, and teamed up with a partner to re-open American Woolen Company, a brand that dates to 1899. This peacoat features bovine horn buttons and merino wool hand-warmers. The Webster Peacoat $795. Use code BROWN25 for a 25% discount.

coconut snack cakes

A twist on the classic macaroon, Rickaroons—“coconut energy bars that taste like dessert”—come in five flavors including peanut butter protein and dark chocolate espresso. 12-bar Variety Pack $26. Use code BROWN for a 15% discount.

skis and black pique dress

Warren Kanders ’79 loves outdoor sports, so when the company Black Diamond Equipment went up for sale in 2010, he jumped. On a quest for lightweight skis for backcountry explorers that wouldn’t compromise downhill performance, he created the Helio 105, made of a kind of high-tech carbon fiber typically used only in the aerospace industry. Helio 105 Skis $879.95. Use code BROWNALUM2018 for 30% off.

This flattering, machine washable, wrinkle-free dress is part of a 3-piece collection by Sarah Carson ’02 and her women’s clothing label Leota. The set is designed to take you from work to play without having to change your outfit, and makes travel packing a breeze. The Work Work Work Kit $358. Use code sticktogether for a 20% discount.