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By Leslie Weeden / April–May 2023
April 11th, 2023
A selfie of Sylvia Winter flying a plane

Sylvia Winter ’97 is a landscape architect who followed her dream to learn to fly. As an instrument-rated single-engine land private pilot, she now flies a Cirrus SR22. In the spring of 2020, she started a podcast, “When Women Fly,” to encourage other women to seek the same feeling of liberation and freedom that flying gives her—whether as pilots, trapeze artists, skiers, surfers, or runners. “Every woman harbors the spirit of flight,” she says. Each week she interviews adventurous women—like professional skydiver Melanie Curtis and top-ranked horse rider Jan Byyny—exploring how they’ve overcome fear, setbacks, and other obstacles and creating a community of like-minded, barrier-blasting women. Find more at

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