The Arts

Covid Memories
A student creates art with medical instruments.

By Leslie Weeden / September–October 2023
August 24th, 2023
Black and white image of Jonah Blumenthal in a rundown building.

Jonah Blumenthal ’18 started at Brown in the visual arts but ended up graduating with a degree in neuroscience. After four years at Harvard Medical School, he recently wrote in an email to the BAM: “I have been focusing on creating visual artworks that deal with my experience as a medical student during the height of the pandemic.” In his Scrubbing series, he used cleaning brushes to scrub patterns into large canvases. “The result is a series of textured and layered pieces that capture the feeling of monotony and routine that many of us experienced,” he wrote. Other pieces include “In Memoriam” and “The Wave.”

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