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Apr, 2024



Niki Osvalds ’11, ’12 ScM wedding

Niki Osvalds ’12 ScM and Heather Myatt were married on Sept. 9 in Montreal, Canada. Heather and Niki were introduced through Brown Sailing friends Emily Dellenbaugh ’12 and Elizabeth Barry after Heather, Emily, and Elizabeth met training together during a campaign for the 2016 Olympics for sailing in the 49erFX. Emily and Elizabeth were there to celebrate along with Tucker Adams, Pan Chaudhury, Ashley Noble ’13, Sam Speroni, Fred Strammer, Max Straus, Mark Towill, Amy Walker ’16 MD, Mike Yanagisawa ’13. 

Apr, 2024



Abby Schreiber ’11 wedding

Abby Schreiber married Jacob Stein in Westerlo, N.Y. on Aug. 5 and a multi-generational group of Brown alums were in attendance. Guests included Matt Doup, Ben Hyman, Ariel Hudes, Allie Kriesberg, Whitaker Lader, Maura Lynch, Kate Gannett Merrill, Liz Mooney, Charlie Posner, Kelsey Keith Posner, Kayla Ringelheim, Allison Seidner Robbins ’81, John Robbins ’78, ’81 MD, Eliot Schreiber ’78, Amin Shaikh, and Cecilia Strombeck

Apr, 2024

Karen Misler writes: “My husband, Barry Feigenbaum, and I had a thrilling summer of 2023. Our daughter, Stephanie Feigenbaum, married Avi Arfin on July 3. In attendance at the wedding—in addition to her brother Jeremy Feigenbaum ’11—were Laurie Bass ’76, Katherine Johnston Hutto (my Brown roommate who transferred after sophomore year), Susan Israel ’76, and Randa Reitman ’80, ’83 MD (Avi’s aunt). Then our son Jeremy married Adam Amir on September 3. Wedding guests included Laurie Bass ’76, Jerry Cedrone ’11, Katerina Wright ’11, and Gabriella Ra’anan ’11. Our cup runneth over.”

Nov, 2023
Fresh Ink for November–December 2023
Books by Caitlin Shetterly ’97, Rebekah Bergman ’11, and Kelly McWilliams ’10. Read More
Nov, 2023

Eliot Schreiber writes: “Our son, Henry, married Uttara Sivaram in a multi-day wedding event consisting of separate Hindu and Jewish ceremonies and wedding receptions, in Los Gatos, California. They met when both were at Stanford. The officiant was Rabbi Serena Eisenberg ’87, who was not only the executive director for Stanford Hillel, but previously executive director for Brown Hillel. Our daughter, Abigail Schreiber ’11, was best woman.”

Aug, 2023

Rebekah Bergman writes: “I was a writing fellow and editor for The Indy. I married a fellow 2011 alum and after living in Brooklyn for seven years, we decided to return to Rhode Island to raise our family. I am very happy to have landed back in Providence and to get to know the city, this time as a parent and a novelist. In August Tin House published my debut novel, The Museum of Human History, a futuristic fairy tale that examines the burden of memory. It centers on a young girl who slips into a strange comatose state and stops physically aging and the host of characters who find themselves pulled to her. The very first seed for the book was a short story I wrote as part of my undergraduate thesis at Brown. I’m looking forward to celebrating the launch at a local independent bookstore before I head out on a book tour through the Northeast and West Coast. The book has received early praise from authors Kate Bernheimer, Tiffany Tsao, Allegra Hyde, and Samantha Hunt.”

Jun, 2023

Kelly McWilliams released her latest YA novel Your Plantation Prom is Not Okay in May. The story calls upon recent conversations about plantations and their place in our shared history.


Apr, 2023
Yelling, Screaming, and Fun
Former Brown track star Craig Kinsley ’11 on his unique coaching style Read More
Jan, 2023

Ruth Bloomfield Margolin is enjoying retirement, keeping busy as president of her local Jewish Family Service agency board, serving on several other local boards, and finishing the occasional NY Times crossword puzzle. She enjoyed seeing several of her ’80 Brown friends at the wedding of her son, Nathan Margolin ’11, last May.

Nov, 2022

Nick Carter writes: “I moved back to Providence to expand my small business, a clothing project called ASMR Homegoods. In February, my business and I received a $15,000 catalyst grant from the Providence-based nonprofit Design X RI. These funds are helping me design and create a new collection in my studio off Elmwood Ave. in South Providence and market to stores around the country and online. I am in the process of completing the collection and beginning to document it before its release. ASMR Homegoods is inspired by natural camouflage and decorative craft patterning; each piece is a 1-of-1 wearable monoprint, often made using bleach and dye on upcycled or deadstock garments. Each item is designed to create intimacy between the wearer and their own body while simultaneously confounding the eye of a surveiller. ASMR Homegoods can be found at and on instagram at”

Nov, 2022

Bruktaweit Addis and Tif Slama celebrated their marriage on May 16 at Awbury Arboretum in Philadelphia, two years after eloping during the early pandemic. They were joined by family and friends, including Tif’s brother-in-law, Bill Seeley ’93, bridesmaids Courtney Baskin, Jenna Harris, Nic Mooney, Michelle Morales, Brice Peterson, Nicole Taykhman, and friends Michael Danna, Kelly Devlin, Lakshmi Madhavan, Brian Mastroianni, Celina Pedrosa, Yaa Sarpong ’10, Felipe Umana, and Randi Siegel Weniger ’05. The couple’s one-year-old daughter, Beza Slama, was a special part of the celebration, serving as a flower girl alongside her cousins.

Nov, 2022
Liberation Cuisine
Chef Gabriela Álvarez-Martinez ’11 draws from her public-health training and her Puerto Rican roots to create delicious food to sustain and heal those trying to change the world—starting with herself. Read More
Nov, 2022
Baked-in Memories
How food transports us to people and places Read More
Aug, 2022

Timothy Carey was awarded a 2021 Stewardson Keefe LeBrun grant, a national award which supports the professional development of an architect in early or mid-career through travel and is administered by the Center for Architecture in New York City. He will travel to Reykjavik, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Bruges, Berlin, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Oslo over the course of several months to study 30 performing arts buildings in support of a research and writing project entitled “Some Assembly Required: Performing Arts Architecture and the Idea of Audience.” Timothy is currently a project architect at Selldorf Architects and previously worked on the design of Brown’s new performing arts center for several years while a designer at REX.

Aug, 2022

Harry Aspinwall joined the ranks of Merlin and Maleficent as the magical lead in the new original Disney+ show The Quest, which premiered on May 11. The Quest, a ground-breaking hybrid scripted and reality competition series, drops eight young people into the fantastical world of Everealm, where they must save a kingdom by fulfilling an ancient prophecy. Harry plays Dravus, the archmage of the kingdom of Sanctum, who must do all in his power to protect Sanctum’s young heirs from the dark magic of sorceress Tavora and her armies. Harry’s no stranger to playing morally gray characters. Last year he made his Netflix debut as the antagonist Baxter in Netflix’s original family action hit The Sleepover, opposite Ken Marino, Joe Manganiello, and Malin Akerman.

Apr, 2022

Kayla Ringelheim writes: “I was published in the New York Times’s Modern Love column. This is my first ever piece of published writing. My essay is a heartfelt commentary on friendship, self-discovery, in your 30s during a global pandemic. Since publishing it, I have been surprised and touched by hearing from women all over the world who see themselves in this story.”

Nov, 2021
Image of Ryan Grubbs wedding


Ryan G.W. Grubbs was one of a group of Brunonians celebrating the wedding of Rachel Z. Arndt and Vincent Peiffer in Chicago on July 17. Other Brown grads in attendance were Hannah Garrett ’08, Ben Hyman ’11, Kate Taylor, and Maddie Wasser. The bride and groom descended from a fire pole at the Firehouse Chicago into an evening spent partying with friends and family. 

Nov, 2021
The Reformers
Four young Brown alums are working to make the Ocean State a better place for working-class people. Read More
Jun, 2021

Eric Johnson, a podcast consultant in San Francisco, is hosting a new podcast called Follow Friday. The podcast is a weekly interview show about the Internet creators he admires and why you should follow them. Guests include comedians, writers, musicians, and other digital creators. Details at  

Apr, 2021

Eric Johnson, a podcast producer based in San Francisco, launched BumbleCast, an independent podcasting company that will help individuals and organizations start podcasts or improve the shows they already run. Before BumbleCast, he worked at Vox Media, where he produced the popular technology podcast Recode Decode with Kara Swisher. 

Mar, 2021
Listen Well
10 Podcasts by Brown alums Read More
Jan, 2021

Harry Aspinwall writes: “Hello! I’m a costar in Netflix’s The Sleepover opposite Malin Akerman, Ken Marino, and Joe Manganiello, and I shot a full feature film, Banishment, under COVID-safe conditions with Daniel Byers ’08—as far as we know, one of the first features to be fully produced since the beginning of the pandemic.”

Jan, 2021
Son of Paris Waterman Dupree

Paris Waterman Dupree and Vernon Dupree announce the Feb. 22 birth of their son, Cairo Lee Dupree. Paris writes: “He was born in Philadelphia and is already an avid Brown Bears fan.” 

Oct, 2020
State of Play
This spring, Brown overhauled its athletics program. Varsity teams went club and vice versa, protests and lawsuits ensued, and some teams were reinstated. Read More
Aug, 2020
Fresh Ink
Books by Anna Solomon ’98, Amity Gaige ’95, and Kelly McWilliams ’11 Read More
Apr, 2020
Debt Deterrent
A finance expert teaches kids about money before the banks can find them Read More
Apr, 2020

Writer Meara Sharma is the editor-in-chief of Adi, a newly launched literary magazine of global politics ( Based in London, she can be reached on Twitter @mearasharma.


Jan, 2020

Lily Cohen writes: “After spending four years living in a cabin without running water, I mastered the art of the one pot meal and the one baby wipe shower. I have since completed over a year with indoor plumbing after moving for an employment opportunity to crash robots around the world. Unfortunately, Snuffles, my small corgi, got jealous of my frequent travel with the robotic dogs so I went back to school. You can contact me @lilyofthepingo.”

Nov, 2019

Andy Newton and Michael Bleicher published From the Campaign Trail or Thereabouts on September 12 with Humorist Books, an imprint of the Weekly Humorist.


Andy Newton and Michael Bleicher ’11
Sep, 2019

Abby Colella married Dan Davidson ’11 and the following people were in attendance: father of the bride, Jay Colella ’79; man of honor, James Anglin Flynn ’11; aunt of the bride, Kim Colella DeMagistris ’81; Matthew Aks ’11; Michael Bleicher ’11; Skylar Fox ’15; Jenny Gorelick ’14; Natan Last ’12; Kelly Mallahan ’11; Jessie Medofer ’13; Kate Monks ’13; Meredith Mosbacher ’11; Luke Rohde ’11; Sam Schmerler ’11; Christiana Stephenson ’11; Adam Wyron ’13; and Leandro Zaneti ’12.


Jul, 2019
A Long Recovery
Helping to create community spaces in storm-battered Puerto Rico Read More
Jul, 2019
In the news

Chicago singer and poet Jamila Woods ’11 released her new album LEGACY! LEGACY! on May 10 via Jagjaguwar. It is her second full-length album following 2016’s HEAVN. Each of the 13 songs is named after someone who has made a lasting impact on the artist.


Jul, 2019

Nick Martell writes: “Thrilled to share with you that my company MarketSnacks has been acquired by fintech unicorn Robinhood. I believe Brown last referenced MarketSnacks when we were named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 List and when we launched our top-rated podcast series. This exit is something that I’m proud to share with the school since it so profoundly shaped our entrepreneurial journey, and I hope publicity of it can benefit Brown’s continuing growth as an entrepreneurship magnet.”


May, 2019

Nicole Taykhman married Scott Ferrara at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on Oct. 21, 2018. Groomsman Justin Satriano ’10, ’15 ScM, and bridesmaids Bruktaweit Addis and Lakshmi Madhavan stood alongside them. They were thrilled to be joined by guests Katie Meyers Satriano ’10, Jeremy Feigenbaum, Elena Albright, Michael Sunshine ’11 ScM, Kelly Devlin, Danielle Dahan, Dara Goldberg, Cailey Bromer, Danielle Candelora, Katie O’Brien, Matthew Becker ’13, Evan Carmouche, Aaron Zick, Jeremy Noah, Jacob Kopf, Osmar Olivo, Wendy Castillo, Drew Marano, Celina Pedrosa, and Felipe Umana. Several of the guests lived with the bride throughout college and studied abroad with her in the Brown in France program in the Fall of 2009.

May, 2019

Ariana Cannavo and Jack Murphy ’11 were married July 28 in Providence. In attendance were: Libby Boghossian ’09, Marc Bergschneider ’73, Mark Dee ’11, Daniel Deisley ’11, Casie Horgan ’11, Misha Joukowsky ’87, Allan Just ’05, Lawrence Livornese ’11, Lindsay McAlpine ’09, Luke McGee ’01, Portia Johnson McGee ’01, Phoebe Manzella Murphy ’82, Victoria Nguyen, Serin Seckin ’11, Catherine Starr ’05, and Deborah Dryer Vo ’06. Professor Barrett Hazeltine was also at the wedding.

Ariana Cannavo ’08 and Jack Murphy ’11 wedding photo
Mar, 2019
In the news

The 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 featuring the brightest young entrepreneurs, innovators, and game changers of the year in 20 different industries included: Claire DeBoer ’12, partner of New York City’s King Restaurant; Trang Duong ’18, cofounder of Penta; Amelia Friedman ’14, cofounder of Hatch Apps; Dakota Gruener ’11, executive director of ID2020; Ross Harrow ’11, cofounder of Flour Shop; Jessica Liu ’13, engineering manager at Figma; Melanie Masarin ’12, head of retail and offline experiences at Glossier; Alex Morse ’11, mayor of Holyoke, Mass.; Viet Nguyen ’17, cofounder of EdMobilizer; and Alexander Salter ’12, an MD-PhD candidate at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, who is studying T-cells.

Mar, 2019

Nate Wardwell married Jared Misner in November. Adam Katz officiated, while Joshua Linden and Timothy Parsons ’15 ScM were groomsmen. Also in attendance were Brook Achterhof ’15; Duane Barksdale ’17 Jeffrey Baum ’15; Natalie Diacovo; Drew Hansen ’15; Margaret Hanson; Dara Illowsky; Ryan Joudeh ’16, ’17 AM; Raghava Kamalesh; Russyan Mabeza ’15; Noah Prestwich; Derek Shay ’16; and Ben Simon ’11,’12 ScM.


Nate Wardwell ’14 wedding photo
Mar, 2019

Almaz Dessie ’11 MD married Michael Moffat on Oct. 7 at the Belle Isle Boat House in Detroit, Mich. Their friend Kira Neel ’05,’19 MD officiated the ceremony. Almaz is an assistant professor of emergency medicine and pediatrics at Columbia University Medical Center in New York and practices as a pediatric emergency doctor at New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. Michael is also a physician, practicing as a pediatric hospitalist at NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn. The couple met in 2012 during their pediatrics residency at the University of California, San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland. They have a mutual love of music, global health, and travel. The wedding was a four-day celebration of love, community, and blessings. They honored their Ethiopian and Jewish traditions and surprised their guests with a reunion performance by their band from their residency days in California (Almaz sings lead and Mike plays guitar). Members of Almaz’s former dance company at Brown, New Works/World Traditions, also surprised them with a West African dance performance at the reception. In attendance were Senior Lecturer in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies Michelle Bach-Coulibaly; Elizabeth Anto ’06, ’11 MD; Tarik Asmerom ’05; Praveen Basaviah ’05; Nora Blackall ’08; Alykhan Boolani ’06; Mark Brown II ’09; Jalle Dafa; Vanessa Danziger ’11; Sheila Desai ’05; Sybil Dessie ’04, ’08 MD; Chris Erway ’06 AM, ’11 PhD; Sushil Jacob ’05; Jazzmen Johnson’15 AM; Jori Ketten ’02; Kira Neel ’05, ’19 MD; Meghan O’Brien ’06; Ethan Philbrick ’08; Micah Salkind ’06, ’10 AM,’16 PhD; Sophie Shackleton ’09; Daniel Sobol ’09; Matthew Soursourian ’08; Ida Specker ’09; Alexx Temeña ’16; Nicole Thompson ’08;  Monica Tilly ’11 MD; Jessica Vosburgh; Chantel Whittle ’12; Kenya Wright ’15; Ali John Zarrabi ’06, ’12 MD; and Leonora Zoninsein ’08.

Almaz Dessie ’07 wedding photo
Jan, 2019
Dream On
Casper transforms the mattress industry Read More
Nov, 2018

Annie Matusewicz ’11 and Max Montgelas celebrated their marriage in Warren, Conn. In attendance were Kiana Alzate ’10, Alexa Baggio ’09, Sam Baker ’11, Dominique Ferraro ’11, Moira Gallagher ’10, Justin Klee ’13, Andrea Bonilla Munoz ’10, Jennifer Randall ’11, Meaghan Caulfield Sandtorv ’10, Olga Usyk ’09, and Sheila Walsh ’01. Annie manages responsible investment products at Eaton Vance, while Max leads the engineering and product teams at a home renovation startup, Renoviso. 

Nov, 2018

Joy Chua-Schwartz ’10 writes: “My husband, Corey Schwartz ’11, and I got married in Big Sur, California, in June, with a spectacular showing of Brown alums. Our wedding was officiated by Graham Rogers ’11, and among the wedding party were Cristina Botero ’10, Anne Francois-Poncet ’10, Jordana Fribourg ’10, and Thea Jacinto Ugarte (RISD ’10). Alumni in attendance included Alexis Anselin ’10, Sam Arnow ’13, Lena Gaviria ’12, George George ’10, Frannie Hannan ’10, Isabelle Lubin ’16, Max Lubin ’12, Melanie Masarin ’12, Cyrus Mojdehi ’13, Isabella Morton ’10, Isabel Lopez Polanco ’10, Marie Poyet ’10, Jillian Ressler ’10, Mohammad Saigol ’11, Danielle Sheridan ’10, Adriana Urruela ’10, and Sibel Yalman ’10. It was a spectacular day and we couldn’t be more grateful to Brown for being the place where we met.”

Sep, 2018

Scott Phillips ’11 and Brittany Katz ’12, ’16 MD announce the May 7 birth of their son Jayce Eli Katz Phillips.


Sep, 2018
New Brews
Ditching an insurance job to craft beer in Nicaragua Read More
Aug, 2018
Danger Zone
Alexandra Ulmer ’11: The reporting life in Venezuela Read More
Jul, 2018

Alicia Maule was featured on a podcast focused on social impact. It’s an in-depth conversation on how we use digital at the Innocence Project to amplify the voices of the wrongly convicted and use their narratives to help reform the criminal justice system.


Jul, 2018

Richard Ellenbogen’s ’83 MD daughter Rachel L. Ellenbogen ’11, ’18 MD, graduated this year.


Jul, 2018

Frederick David writes: “I am still a practicing radiation oncologist in Santa Rosa, California, where I have enjoyed the wines, biking, and good friends for more than three years. Our daughter, Laura, opened her dental practice in Santa Rosa. Our son, Bryan David ’11, started his master’s program at Duke University in environmental studies. Susan and I are starting to travel more and I still get away for a week of heli-skiing in Canada every winter. If you are visiting the wine country let me know.”

Jul, 2018
Fresh Ink
New books by Rita Bullwinkel '11, Jessica Weisberg '06 and Natasha Zaretsky '96 AM, '03 PhD Read More
May, 2018
Need Work Space?
Head to an empty-by-day restaurant. Read More
May, 2018

Rita Bullwinkel published her fourth book, Belly Up. Rita took three creative writing classes at Brown, all with Professor Joanna Howard, with whom she read at Ada Books in Providence on May 12.


Apr, 2018

Nicolas A. Martell, cofounder of MarketSnacks, the daily source of financial news for millennials, was chosen for the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Nick writes that Brown has been instrumental in helping him pursue a career in entrepreneurship, from his classes with Professor Hazeltine to the open curriculum to the supportive network of the men’s varsity lacrosse team.

Apr, 2018

Kimberly Dickinson ’14 MPH, ’14 MD, and Ross Beckman ’13 MD announce their Aug. 26 wedding at the Evergreen Museum and Library in Baltimore. Anabel Agloro, Rebecca Binder, Emily Eng, Heather Jones ’14 MD, Rachel Marano ’14 MD, Emma Reitman, and Leona Rosenblum were bridesmaids. Chris Mardy, Adam Margolius, Will Packer, Aaron Small, Brett Weinstock, and Ben Wolpaw were groomsmen. Other alumni in attendance included Neishay Ayub ’14 MD, Jeff Bayne, Ellen Loudermilk Cone ’10, Eugene Cone ’13 MD, Brad Cotter ’13 MD, Paul Cotter, Josh Drago, Julia Goldner ’11, Mark Hepokoski ’13, Shreyus Kulkarni ’14 MD, Ijeoma Njaka, Laura Mercurio Ouellette ’14 MD, James Simmons ’13 MD, Shannon Oppenheim Simmons ’09,’13 MD, Devin Smith ’13 MD, Pamela Escobar Smith ’13 MD, Ina Soh ’13 MD, Adam Vasconcellos ’07, ’11 MD, Mansi Vasconcellos ’10,’14 MD, and Lauren Vitkus. The couple works at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where Kimberly is a pediatric pulmonary fellow and Ross is completing his residency in general surgery.

Apr, 2018

Maxine Sharavsky married Christopher Garrett in Hudson, N.Y. on Oct. 28. Alumni in attendance included Owen Boynton, Amy Carvel, Craig Convissar ’06, Allison Lauterbach Dale, Chloé Hill, Philip Maynard ’11, Ivonne Rojas, Joseph Scattergood ’04, Randy Schwarzmann, and Randi Siegel Weniger.

Apr, 2018
I Have a System for That
Each month for a year, Max Deutsch ’11 vowed to master something playful yet “ridiculously hard” during his spare time. Read More
Jan, 2018

Claire Miller and John De Leon will be married on Mar. 31, at the Pump House B&B in Bloomsburg, Pa. Emily Nguyen will be the maid of honor, and Ross Leskin ’12 will be the best man. They will be surrounded by many close friends from Brown and cannot wait to celebrate.

Jan, 2018

Raphaela Lipinsky DeGette and John Fisher announce their Sept. 9 wedding in Tabernash, Colo. Raphaela is the daughter of Lino Lipinsky ’79 and Diana DeGette (Colorado College ’79). She is in her final year of medical school at the UC San Francisco. John is a project manager at SKS, a San Francisco- based investor, developer, and advisor of commercial real estate properties in the western United States. More than 35 Brown alumni attended the wedding, including John’s sister Emma Fisher ’16.

Jan, 2018

Lily Cohen writes: “I am pleased to announce that I will be moving to the Hamptons, where I designed a modest mansion. The design was inspired by Kim Kardashian’s re-imagining of Jackie O. I am excited that Snuffles, my small corgi, will have more space to run and play.”

From the November/December 2017 Issue

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Brian Ellixson joined the Philadelphia office of Fisher Phillips, a national labor and employment law firm, as an associate. As an employment and trade secrets litigator, Ellixson will focus on trade secrets, restrictive covenants, nondisclosure agreements, unfair competition, and employee raiding within his practice. In addition to working with the Employee Defection and Trade Secrets and Litigation practice groups, he will also work with the Data Security and Workplace Privacy practice group on issues related to federal and state data protection laws, security breach response, and social media and electronic communication policies. He is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Jinaabah Showa ’13 MAT and Charles Wisoff announce their lifelong commitment to the joys, hardships, and endless jokes in marriage. They have lived in Albuquerque for the past few years and have two adventure dogs.

K. Danielle Vaughan and Marshall Moore were married on July 8 in Breckenridge, Colo. They began dating their junior year at Brown. Their first date was at the Ratty. Megan Toman was maid of honor and Craig Kinsley was a groomsman. Other alums present were Michaeline Nelson Albright, Hallie Cantor, Susanna Evarts and Sophia Lambertsen.

From the September/October 2017 Issue

Sarah Rosenthal (see Iris Wolf Broomfield ’77). 

From the May/June 2017 Issue 

Nicolas Martell writes: “I cofounded MarketSnacks, the ultimate source of financial news for millennials, making Wall Street quick, clear, and entertaining. MarketSnacks was featured by Time Inc., and I was interviewed by Fortune to discuss entrepreneurship and how my college experience influenced it. My cofounder and I were named Fox Business News ‘Power Millennials’ just last year. I’ve always credited entrepreneurship courses with Professor Hazeltine, my lacrosse coach at Brown, and the overall Brown curriculum and community for encouraging students like me to think differently about business, entrepreneurship, and having an impact on others and the world.”

Jen Stone is planning to marry Tony Trenga (Princeton ’11) on June 3, in Delavan Lake, Wisc. The two met while doing research in Chicago. They both will graduate from medical school in May and will start their residencies a month after getting married. Other alumni invited to the wedding are Kelly Devlin, Julianne Elofsone, Minjy Kang, Courtney Mannino, Robert Taj Moore, Talisha Ramchal ’12 ScM, and Maswazi Sihlabela ’15 ScM.

From the September/October 2016 Issue 

Charlie Posner (see Joshua Posner ’71).

From the March/April 2016 Issue 

Matthew Aks writes that he and Christie Stephenson got engaged on Nov. 1, after Christie completed the New York City Marathon. The couple celebrated that night with their families, including fathers Charles Stephenson ’72 and Richard Aks ’76. 

From the January/February 2016 Issue

Stephanie Chen (see Jackie Chen ’06).

Raphaela Lipinsky DeGette (see Lino Lipinsky ’79).

Josie Hubschman cofounded the Room Ring, a roommate matching service that uses online dating data and tactics to match potential roommates via Facebook. She writes: “Our goal at the Room Ring is to respond to the direct need we’ve all experienced to make this arduous, complicated, and sketchy process more fun, carefree, and simple for millennials to use.” 

From the November/December 2015 Issue

Olivia Kirby is the studio manager at Stone Fox Bride, an alternative boutique wedding studio in New York City. Molly Rosen Guy ’99 is the owner and creative director. They were voted Best Anti-Bridezilla Bridal Showroom in the city by Time Out New York. They write: “We are a team of women who design for women—short, tall, curvy, small, and everything in between.”

Lauren Neal, of the web series Swipe Click Bang was among this year’s invited guests to appear at the 10th Annual Independent Television and Film Festival held in Vermont in September.

From the March/April 2015 Issue

Charlotte Stone (see Elizabeth Robertson Laytin ’76).

From the January/February 2015 Issue

Erika Jung has been nominated for the 2015 Pushcart Prize in poetry for a piece published in the small press magazine Enizagam. She writes: “I am so incredibly grateful for my education at Brown and all of the wonderful mentorship I received through the literary arts program. My Brown education, in addition to helping me hone my creative writing ability, has, perhaps most importantly, given me permission to write, and to keep writing.” She is in her third year of the PhD program in clinical psychology at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

Adrian Urban Leanza has been playing professional squash in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.


From the November/December 2014 Issue

Harry Aspinwall is a Boston-based filmmaker, historical reenactor, and artist. He writes: “I have worked with a number of historic Boston-area sites in making prior films, and I am currently working with my team, including my good friend and accomplished filmmaker Daniel Byers ’08, on a short historical comedy film called Scoundrel, filmed outside Boston in September. The film follows the wild misadventures of six idiots and ne’er-do-wells who are shipwrecked on an island in 1770. The project is currently in the process of crowd-sourced fund-raising—the Kickstarter can be found at .”

Caroline Segal (see Carl Weiner ’78).

Fred Strammer writes: “I am halfway through a five-year effort to compete in Rio De Janeiro in 2016. My teammate and I are the top-ranked North American team for the last two years, and we are a top 20 team internationally in the 49er sailboat. For more information about my Olympic campaign, visit my website: .”

Scott Weiner (see Carl Weiner ’78).


From the September/October 2014 Issue

Matthew Brag (see Amy Leeds ’74).

Chia Chen-Speidel (see Lena Chen ’73).


From the May/June 2014 Issue

Scott Phillips and Brittany Katz ’12, ’16 MD, announce their engagement. Scott works for CVS Caremark, while Brittany is completing her medical degree. The couple will wed this summer in New York.


From the March/April 2014 Issue

Scott Phillips and Brittany Katz ’12, ’16 MD, announce their engagement. The couple resides in Providence. Scott is working in healthcare consulting in Boston, and Brittany is finishing her second year at the Alpert Medical School.


From the January/February 2014 Issue

Steven Skerritt-Davis (see Engagements & Weddings, Erica Seidel ’97).


From the May/June 2013 Issue

Adam Yarnell joined the Peace Corps in Panama. Yarnell, who is from Rye, N.Y., departed for Panama in mid-February. After three months of training outside Panama City, he will begin a two-year assignment as a community environmental conservation volunteer elsewhere in the country. His work will include promoting environmental awareness and stewardship among students and young adults. Adam writes: “A number of my mentors—and my freshman college roommate—have all been volunteers, and I am honored to be following in their footsteps.” 


From the March/April 2013 Issue

Julia Schuster (See Engagements & Weddings, Barry Schuster ’73). 


From the September/October 2012 Issue

After graduation, Jeffrey Landman started a theater company with Alexandra Zelman ’08. Their first major production began in August at The Flea, a renowned off-Broadway theater. The show is called Act Before You Speak. It is a version of Hamlet for two women and a violinist. They wrote, produced, designed, built, and acted in it. 


From the May/June 2012 Issue

Melissa Diaz (see Engagements & Weddings, Whitney Garland ’06).


From the March/April 2012 Issue 

Clara Levy (see Richard Levy ’66).


From the January/February 2012 Issue 

Gabriel Plano (see Engagements & Weddings, Julia Zuckerman ’05).


From the November/December 2011 Issue

Benjamin Hyman (see Martha J. Sack '79).


From the September/October 2011 Issue

Steven W. Davis joined the Boston-based New England Foundation for the Arts as the program associate for the National Dance Project.


From the July/August 2011 Issue

Sara Evans (see Engagements & Weddings, Sam Goldman '08).


Jun, 2021

Andrew Migneault ’11, of Bellingham, Mass.; Jan. 25. He obtained his master’s in agronomy at the University of Florida while doing research on sugar cane with USDA in Florida. At the time of his death, he was working on his PhD at the University of Melbourne working on plant genetics. He is survived by his parents and a sister. 

Nov, 2018

Ashley M. Aguilar ’11, of Sonoma, Calif.; June 16. While at Brown, she volunteered teaching Providence children and after Brown worked with AmeriCorps for two years. She coordinated a Reading Partners Program at Longwood Elementary School in Hayward, Calif., which led to a full-time teaching position as a kindergarten teacher. Her colleagues at Hayward will be establishing a “Kinder Play” area in her memory called Ashley’s Corner, as well as the Aguilar Award to recognize a sixth-grade student exemplifying her values. She enjoyed hiking, camping, fishing, and snorkeling. She is survived by her partner, Eric McNeil; her parents; and a sister.


Apr, 2018

Jay J. Gravel ’11, of Naples, Fla.; Sept. 27, after a battle with addiction. He is survived by his parents, a sister; a brother-in-law, a nephew; two grandmothers; and several extended family members.

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