Class of 2015

Jan, 2019
Winning Streak
Coach Estes steps down Read More
Sep, 2018
Syrian Journeys
A debut novel inspired by present-day refugees Read More
Sep, 2018

Lauren Waterbury and Landon Turley ’12 were married on Apr. 28.


Jul, 2018

Sophia Schein Renda (see Ernie Renda ’79).


Jul, 2018

Claire Kim ’16 MAT and Bianca Camacho ’16 are getting married. Claire writes: “Shout out to BUDS and the Blue Room, where we met and worked together.”


Jul, 2018

Kelly Buckley (see Reid Norris Buckley ’84).


Jul, 2018

Reid Norris Buckley invites any classmates who want a break by the water to be in touch. She is happy her daughter Kelly Buckley ’15 is back on the East Coast. She loves connecting with the D.C. classmates periodically, especially Patricia Langan.


Jul, 2018
Inner Life of a Goddess
Madeline Miller ’00, ’01 AM revisits the Circe story for the #MeToo era Read More
Jul, 2018

Ernie Renda and Louisa Schein live in Somerset, N.J. Louise began her 25th year as a professor at Rutgers Univ., with joint appointments in Anthropology and Women and Gender Studies, after receiving her doctorate from UC Berkeley. Ernie, a graduate of Georgetown Law, has a solo law practice in Bridgewater, N.J. Their daughter, Sophia Schein Renda ’15, completed her master’s in education at the Univ. of Pennsylvania and teaches in the Philadelphia public schools. Their son, Ernesto Renda, Brown-RISD ’18, completed the joint program and is a past student head of the Brown Arts Initiative.

Apr, 2018

Andrea S. Wister married long-time partner Frode Kagge on July 8, in Oslo, Norway. Many people crossed the Atlantic to attend, including Patrick Cox, Steven McGarty, Nicole Peterson, Tiffany Tassin ’15 ScM, Sabrina Yu ’15, and Kyle Zurcher.

Apr, 2018
The Science of Silence
Meditation and mindfulness meet neuroscience in a young academic concentration. Read More
Jan, 2018

Jane de Winter announces the Aug. 7 wedding of her daughter, Marguerite McCray Joutz ’15, to Manas Gautam ’12 in New York City. She writes: “They are living in the city, where Manas is an investor at Morgan Stanley, and Marguerite began working as the confidential assistant to the New York Times editorial board editor. They are very happy, and Marguerite’s three brothers are pleased to welcome a fourth brother.”

Class Notes from the January/February 2018 Issue

Marguerite McCray Joutz (see Jane de Winter ’81).


Class Notes from the November/December 2017 Issue 

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Class Notes from the July/August 2017 Issue 

Christine Rush (see Scott Armstrong ’86).

Class Notes from the May/June 2017 Issue 

Drew Weitman (see Wendi E. Sloane ’79).

Class Notes from the November/December 2016 Issue 

Meghan O’Donnell (see Mark Callahan ’10).

Class Notes from the September/October 2016 Issue 

Sam Davidoff-Gore (see Amy Davidoff ’79).

Robert Hogan (see Hank Shea ’51).

Matthew O’Brien (see John D. O’Brien ’55). 

Class Notes from the July/August 2016 Issue 

Evan McManamy (see Martha McManamy ’79). 

Class Notes from the January/February 2016 Issue 

Charlie Harrison (see Lily Shield ’09).
Elisa Leser (see Mia Vieyra ’81).
Jessica Sachs (see Brad Sachs ’78).
Leigh Thomas (see Paul Lipsitt ’50).
Drew Weitman (see Wendi Sloane ’79).

Class Notes from the May/June 2015 Issue

Evan McManamy (see Martha McManamy ’79).

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