Class of 1995

Apr, 2024
Bill Watterson ’95 and ’95 friends


Bill Watterson writes: “Finally getting around to reading a hard copy of BAM and felt compelled to send in an alumni update. Thank you for curating for all of us. I returned to Providence for the first time in nearly 20 years and was shocked by how quickly I was able to navigate the campus (thanks in part to tour guide and classmate Kip Bradford) and by how many dormant memories sprang to life at every turn. I am currently in Los Angeles working for Mattel on their social media team. It’s Barbie’s world and I’ve just been lucky enough to live in it recently, directing stop motion and puppetry shorts for her TikTok channel, including collaborations with Walmart, Monopoly, and more. I was honored to celebrate classmate Daniel Lee’s 50th birthday in Ojai with fellow ’95ers Ty Alper, Kirby Smith, and Marc Vogl (From left to right: Marc Vogl, Bill Watterson, Ty Alper, Daniel Lee, and Kirby Smith), amongst other alumni and friends. My daughter Ruby turned 4 this fall and is a constant source of inspiration and joy. Wishing you all the best, and thank you again for helping to provide a platform for us to stay in touch and share ourselves all these years later.” 

Jan, 2024

Pavlos Krontiras writes: “I met up with Demetrios Iatrides ’95 and caught up on all the exciting changes in our lives. On my side, I started my MBA at IE Business School in September 2023 and I’m very excited to be back in school. Very different from my Brown days, but equally thrilling. IE also has a joint executive MBA program with Brown, so I’ll try to visit Brown for an elective. Demetrios started his new position as the Secretary General for Reception of Asylum Seekers of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum in the Greek Government in July 2023. It’s quite a challenging role given the ongoing migrant crisis and the impact it’s had on Greece, but Demetrios already has experience with difficult government posts so I’m confident he’ll make a difference in this critical position.” 

Jun, 2023

Ewen McEwen writes: “My wife and I are happy to share that our family has a new addition—Deborah McEwen was born in August. Deborah is healthy and doing great and our son Nathaniel, who turned 4, is adapting well to being a big brother.”

Jun, 2023

Erin Mancuso Hobey writes: “The Derbies’ visit kicked off January in an unforgettable way! Peter Freer ’98 and I continue to have great Brown Club of Spain programming this year, with several events on the calendar in the next few weeks including a meet up for the CASA BCN Brown exchange students, private gallery opening, and library visit. I’m working to organize a Madrid event as well. We have a phenomenal group of alums in España. Many thanks to Zachary Langway ’09 for his introductions. Keep them coming! Ever true! On behalf of the Brown Club of Spain, Jonathan Charnas ’65 hosted a dynamic group of CASA-Granada Brown University exchange students including Michelle Gibble ’24, Dana Herrnstadt ’24, Nia McGregor ’24, and Siri Pierce ’24 at the beautiful Cafetería Hospital Real in Granada.”

Erin Hobey ’95
Jun, 2023

Sarah Deming opened a boutique Pilates studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn called Knockout Pilates.

Jun, 2023

Deborah Archer  writes: “I am in a new phase of life and career. I’m still living in Colorado taking care of my parents, but changing paths in medicine. I have started a micro telehealth practice one day a week specializing in ADHD, autism, and youth mental health. As of this past January, I am also honored to be medical director for a start-up organization called Pediatric Direct Care, an in-home urgent care alternative for kids and families servicing the Denver metro area. However, most importantly, I am the proud mother of a Brown graduate who will start medical school in the fall of 2023 at Brown, Imani McGregor ’22, and her sister Nia McGregor ’24, who is a junior dual concentrator in education and computer science. Ever True runs through our veins, I could not be prouder! I would love to hear from you at” 

Apr, 2023

Karen Lee ’97 MFA writes: “I moved from San Diego to greater Chicago, where I serve as provost and a professor of English at Wheaton College, Illinois. My forthcoming books are Love Chronicles of the Octopodes: A Novel (Ellipsis Press) and The Beautiful Immunity: A Collection of Poems (Tupelo Press).” Karen can be reached at @karenanhweilee (Twitter), @karenanhwei (Instagram), or

Apr, 2023

Tissa Hami writes: “I’ve had a totally normal career path since Brown, from Wall Street to stand-up comedy to DEI consulting and training. In 2019 I launched my own firm, Korsi Consulting. We specialize in theater-based DEI training programs.” Contact Tissa at

Apr, 2023
Shell Game
Ronny Krishana ’95 hopes to restore NY’s status as the world’s oyster capital. Read More
Mar, 2023
Shell Game
Ronny Krishana ’95 hopes to restore NY’s status as the world’s oyster capital. Read More
Jan, 2023
Fresh Ink for January–March 2023
Books by Brian Jones ’95, Diane Thiel ’88, ’90 MFA, and Rachel M. Harper ’94 Read More
Jan, 2023

Brian Jones’s first book, The Tuskegee Student Uprising: A History, was published in October with NYU Press. Brian is the inaugural director of the Center for Educators and Schools at the New York Public Library.

Nov, 2022
Naked beer slides & bad calamari
A gustatory history of freshman roommates who became lifelong best friends. Read More
Nov, 2022

Amy Sohn won the HMH First Amendment Award in the book publishing category for her book, The Man Who Hated Women: Sex, Censorship, and Civil Liberties in the Gilded Age.

Aug, 2022

Carlos Lejnieks writes that there was a great Brown attendance at the late Vartan Gregorian’s memorial service in New York City in April. In addition to Carlos, several current and past corporation members attended, including Bernicestine McLeod Bailey ’68, Harold Bailey Jr. ’70, Angelique G. Brunner ’94, Thomas G. Catena ’86, Ron Margolin, Russell E. Marlborough ’98, W. Lynn McKinney, Joelle A. Murchison ’95, Alice M. Tisch, and Thomas J. Tisch ’76.

Carlos Lejnieks ’00 and corporation members photo
Aug, 2022

Brian Wilson sends warm greetings to his classmates, along with the news that he and team won the Emmy for Best Documentary Writing for their work on The Story of Plastic, a feature documentary addressing the global plastic crisis, which aired on the Discovery Channel. The film is notable for its focus on the fracking boom as a cause of the plastic crisis, for emphasizing the harmful upstream effects of plastic production along with the more commonly highlighted downstream effects, and for calling for a circular, reuse economy as the solution. Key to Brian’s contribution were the compassion, analytical skills, and writing ability that Brown instilled.

Aug, 2022

Natasha Warikoo published Race at the Top: Asian Americans and Whites in Pursuit of the American Dream in Suburban Schools in May 2022 with the University of Chicago Press. “The book addresses the impact of Asian American youth’s academic success on ethnic assimilation. The findings are based on research in a well-off suburban community with a large and growing Asian American population.”

Jun, 2022

In April 2022, Baobab Press released Souvenirs, a collaborative work of short fiction and prose poems by Andrew Colarusso ’13 MFA and Karen An-hwei Lee ’95 ’97 MFA. A collection of visions shared across cyberspace, Souvenirs celebrates fragments from the literary afterlife. In this collection of miniature fictions and contemporary fables, objects take on shapes of their own designs, creating a composite map to a world populated with little transparent souls and ghost ships in lost bottles; a menagerie of curios; photophores of bioluminescence humming in the depths; light begetting light, deep calling to deep. Colarusso and Lee seem to write from a single mind as they strike a balance between humor and philosophy; the acute and the everlasting. The ideas they discuss—religion, faith, universality, continuance—are large, but their prose is accessible, and at times outright hilarious.

Jun, 2022

Brandon Protas writes that he continues to live on the west end of the North River in the eastern side of South Dakota. Due to social distancing, he has not been able to attend any classmates’ weddings or divorces in person, but if you look hard enough, you can find him in the background of at least three wildlife documentaries (check out the elk bugling). Brandon has received no recent awards for his sense of fashion, although he does maintain that paisley combined with stripes is a faux pas. 


Apr, 2022
Fresh Ink for April–May 2022
Books by Alan Maimon ’95, Jessamine Chan ’00, and Andrew Blauner ’86 Read More
Jan, 2022
The Malaria Hunter
A Brown pathology professor may have developed a revolutionary new approach to battling one of the world’s deadliest diseases Read More
Jan, 2022

Anne Ryan writes: “My debut novel, Christmas by the Book, was published by Penguin Putnam in October 2021. It’s a heartwarming story about a couple who run a bookshop in the Cotswolds that has fallen upon hard times.”


Nov, 2021

Katie Crouch writes: “I’m living in Norwich, Vermont, with my family, right down the street from Shoshana Hort ’96. My husband and I both teach in the English department at Dartmouth, and my book, Embassy Wife, was out July 13 from FSG.” (See Fresh Ink).

Nov, 2021
Fresh Ink for Nov–Dec 2021
Books by Adam Stern ’06, Katie Crouch ’95, and Jeff Shesol ’91 Read More
Aug, 2021
In the news

Jocelyn Strauber ’95, a partner of the law firm Skadden, has joined the steering committee of the When There Are Nine Scholarship Project. The When There Are Nine Scholarship Project was created by a group of women lawyers who served as assistant attorneys in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York in partnership with the Federal Bar Foundation following the death of United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The program will provide financial assistance and mentoring support to women law students.   

Aug, 2021

Katie Crouch published Embassy Wife with Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. The novel follows two women in Namibia in search of the truth about their husbands and their country.

Aug, 2021

Ian Chan is leading his biotech company, Abpro, to the front lines of the global race to develop new antibody treatments against the increasing number of COVID-19 variants. With many vaccines’ effectiveness against COVID variants in question, these antibody treatments will be key in fighting the variants. Abpro is conducting a clinical trial for its drug, which is considered the most advanced COVID antibody treatment being developed behind those of Big Pharma giants Regeneron and Eli Lilly. Though the current vaccines in the market and those being developed give the body the blueprint for fighting the common COVID virus, antibody treatments are administered to find and kill the virus and its various strains. These treatments will be used for people who don’t respond to the vaccines and might appeal to vaccine non-adopters. Recent preclinical data published in Nature Communications show Abpro’s drug binds to various COVID variants with high effectiveness, and it may even be effective in people who are infected with strains from the U.K. and South Africa, as well as new strains that have recently appeared in Boston and in New York.

Jun, 2021

Betsy Gilliland coedited Empowering the Community College First-Year Composition Teacher: Pedagogies and Policies with University of Michigan Press. The book brings together 16 chapters of research and practice in American community college writing classrooms and programs, giving voice to teachers whose work is often taken for granted. 

Jun, 2021
A Celebration of Black Lives
A new book for kids ages 9 and up Read More
Apr, 2021

Shani Mahiri King published Have I Ever Told You Black Lives Matter, a boldly designed book that celebrates Black role models in music, law, medicine, entertainment, and more. Illustrated by award-winning graphic designer Bobby C. Martin Jr., the book is geared towards children ages 10 and up and features quotes by prominent Black leaders. King is a law professor at the Univ. of Florida, where he also serves as the director of the Center on Children and Families and an associate director of the Center on Race and Race Relations. 

Oct, 2020
Fresh Ink
Books by Bess Kalb ’10, Sarah Shun-lien Bynum ’95, and Larry Tye ’77 Read More
Aug, 2020
In the news

David Shrier ’95 is the program director of Oxford Cyber Futures online program at University of Oxford’s Said Business School. The 6-week program, in collaboration with MasterCard, is targeted towards senior executives. The program covers such topics as cyber security, threat analytics, data privacy, and digital ethics.

Aug, 2020
Fresh Ink
Books by Anna Solomon ’98, Amity Gaige ’95, and Kelly McWilliams ’11 Read More
Jun, 2020

Lenore Zeuthen writes: “Brown alumni in Los Angeles are invited to join the new Brown Book Club. We meet every second Sunday, 2-4 p.m., at La Brea Bakery Cafe (468 South La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, 90036). Email me at to join the email list and follow us @BrownBookClub_LA on Instagram and Facebook.”

Jun, 2020

Celeste Katz Marston married Jonathan Marston (Cornell ’95) in a family ceremony in October in South Florida. She writes: “I’m excited to be starting a new chapter of life in Boston after nearly 20 years living and working in New York. I continue my written and radio reporting on politics and elections. Jon is a director of a new company that develops self-driving cars. I’d love to hear from friends.” Contact Celeste at

Jun, 2020
Climate Partners
A scientist and a lawyer make it easier to use lawsuits as a weapon against global warming. Read More
Apr, 2020

Mark Tracy has joined Cloud Agronomics as their CEO. He writes: “Cloud Agronomics was founded by Jack Roswell ’20, David Schurman ’20, and Oleksiy Zhuk ’20, which is just the start of the many Brown connections to the company. Cloud Agronomics is transforming agriculture by utilizing hyperspectral imaging to capture unparalleled insights into plant health. With these insights Cloud is building a living, breathing map of global agriculture, which will make the food system more sustainable while also increasing its production.”


Apr, 2020

Communications chair Denielle Bertarelli-Webb reports: “We hope to see you in Providence in May to celebrate our 25th reunion. Friday, May 22: Stop by Andrews Commons between 7 and 9 p.m. for class drinks and appetizers before Campus Dance. Saturday, May 23: See you at Field Day starting at noon (wear your Class of 1995 reunion T-shirt), then join us from 6 to 10 p.m. for our very special “Camp Bruno” 25th Reunion Celebration Dinner and entertainment on the Ruth Simmons Quad. It’s not to be missed. Stay updated on all reunion activities via our class website and follow our Class of 1995 Facebook page.”


Jan, 2020

Catherine Kai-Ping Lin’s book Sports and Foreign Policy in Taiwan: Nationalism in International Politics, was published in September 2019 by Academica Press.

Jan, 2020
The Brotherhood/Sister Sol hits 25 Read More
Nov, 2019
I’m In
Ellie Gravitte ’17 directs commercial for “A Million Little Things” Read More
Sep, 2019

Anna Russakoff’s book Imagining the Miraculous: Miraculous Images of the Virgin Mary in French Illuminated Manuscripts, ca.1250-ca.1450, was published in March by Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies.


Sep, 2019
Keep It Simple
Four Brown alums and their integrated breast care center help make a cancer diagnosis a little easier Read More
Jul, 2019
The Accidental Director
A longtime Hollywood writer-producer takes his turn at the helm Read More
May, 2019
Fresh Ink
New books by Kate Ascher '80, Thomas Mallon '73 and Monique Tello '95. Read More
May, 2019

Miriam N. Rahav opened a functional medicine center in New York City in April 2017. Miriam writes: “Over the past year, we have added practitioners and expanded availability of unique and powerful healing services, including ozone ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy and biofeedback testing.” For more information visit

May, 2019

Jim Schreiber is the new chairman of the board for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy in Purchase, N.Y. Jim writes: “I am delighted four of my five children went to Brown; my eldest, Samantha Schreiber ’92 and three of my four quadruplets—Amanda, Danielle and Zachary—all ’95. My remaining quadruplet daughter, Elisabeth, was accepted, but sadly chose to go to Barnard instead. Our strong ties to Brown continue, as Zachary is now a Brown trustee.”

Jan, 2019

Patrick W. Hickey is a colonel in the U.S. Army and in June became the chair of the department of pediatrics at the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda.


Nov, 2018
Selling Soccer
A former Ivy League star is now one of the sport’s main boosters in the South. Read More
Nov, 2018

Garey Noritz ’95, ’99 MD was promoted to professor of pediatrics at Ohio State Univ., where he directs the Complex Care Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. He specializes in the care of adults and children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. He lives in Columbus with his wife, Tracey, and two daughters.

Nov, 2018

Tissa Hami ’95 writes: “After 12 years on the road as a stand-up comic and speaker, I returned to the Boston area and made a career transition into management consulting. I’m now a senior consultant at IBIS Consulting Group, which specializes in diversity consulting.”

Sep, 2018

Brian Jones successfully defended his PhD thesis in urban education at the Graduate Center of City Univ. of New York. His research, now in preparation as a book manuscript, is on the explosive 1960s Tuskegee student movement. Brian was a scholar-in-residence at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, a research library of the New York Public Library, where he is staying on as Associate Director of Education.


Jul, 2018

Sharmila Rao Thakkar writes: “I have relocated to New York City after living in Chicago for the past 17 years. It’s been a whirlwind transition year, and our family is at long last settling in and getting grounded. Building on the past few decades working in the philanthropy and nonprofit sector, I’ve started my own consulting practice. It provides coaching, writing, and planning services for diverse, new, and next-gen donors (individuals and families), foundations, and nonprofits to help them develop and strengthen their mission, operations, governance, communications, strategy, and grant-making. Drop me a line via linkedin.”

Jul, 2018

Miriam Rahav writes: “I am excited to share with my fellow Brownies my newest venture in creating change: I opened a multi-specialty functional/integrative medical center. We are making meaningful impacts on people living with irritable bowel syndrome and disease, autoimmunity hormone imbalances, and more. Check it out at (”


Jul, 2018

Debi Cornwall returned to campus as a Fitt Artist-in-Residence to lead classes in the public humanities department and open an exhibition at the Carriage House Gallery. Her book, Welcome Camp America: Inside Guantánamo Bay, was released in 2017 by Radius Books.


Jul, 2018
Movement as Medicine
An alum finds new joy helping folks with Parkinson’s master the dance floor Read More
Jul, 2018
A Diversity Milestone
The 2018 Black Alumni Reunion Read More
May, 2018

Shani M. King published the children’s book Have I Ever Told You? in December.


Apr, 2018

Michael Zahalsky ’98 MMSc,’99 MD writes: “I was on season 35 of Survivor, which ended on Dec. 20!”

Apr, 2018

Bill Watterson writes: “My directorial debut, the feature film Dave Made a Maze, had its world premiere in January 2017 at the Slamdance Film Festival. We took home the Audience Award and have gone on to play 50 film festivals in 22 countries, winning over a dozen audience awards and jury prizes. After a brief theatrical run, the film is now streaming on Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Cable On Demand, and countless other online platforms and is available on DVD and BluRay via Amazon. The film is heavily influenced by the ’80s adventure comedies of my youth, eschewing CGI for practical effects, puppetry, miniatures, and stop-motion animation. The Hollywood Reporter called it ‘wildly inventive,’ and it has earned comparisons to Michel Gondry, Jim Henson, and Terry Gilliam. Planning plenty more madness in the new year.”

Apr, 2018

Dean Alexander writes: “I had the wonderful opportunity in October to visit with family and friends from Brown. My cousin, Paul Alexander ’67, ’69 MMSc, showed my wife and me around campus, which I had not seen since graduation. I also had a chance to talk to Paul’s daughter, Rachel Alexander Levy ’95, about her exciting work abroad, as well as spend time with the rest of the family. Later I visited the Cleveland area with former freshman roommate and dear friend Don Sayre and his lovely wife, Nancy. Hope to be back in 2018; definitely 2020 for our 50th.”

Apr, 2018
It Takes a Community
Physician Ruben Amarasingham ’95 tackles the challenge of improving communication in health care. Read More
Jan, 2018

Celeste Katz joined Newsweek as a senior political writer. She is based in New York City, where she is also a host on Sirius XM radio.

Jan, 2018

Arlene Brown Eskilson is a retired sociology professor (Lake Forest College) and current antiques dealer. Her two children also graduated from Brown: daughter Christine Eskilson ’81 and son, Stephen Eskilson ’90 AM, ’95 PhD.

From the November/December 2017 Issue

Send your news to the BAM at

From the July/August 2017 Issue

Ayelette Robinson writes: “I was proud to be performing in More Courage, a collaboration between the Jewish Women’s Theatre and NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change. The show, written by Jewish and Muslim writers, explores stories of brave acts, small and large, that change lives and inspire us. It also shares those moments when we just can’t seem to muster the courage to do the right thing. The show was performed in Los Angeles and in the San Francisco Bay Area in May.”

From the May/June 2017 Issue

Brian Jones and Susan Pourfar were married on Oct. 29 in a ceremony at the New Leaf Restaurant in Fort Tryon Park in New York City. They were joined and witnessed by friends and family, including Brian’s daughter Nina Zinn Jones and many friends from Brown.

Miriam Rahav is opening a center for functional medicine in downtown New York City. She writes: “Functional medicine is an exciting and growing field in medicine that falls under the integrative umbrella and is focused on root-cause resolution of disease, as opposed to symptom management.” She has already had the pleasure of sharing functional medicine with Brown alumni and hopes to continue to do so. To learn more check out

Dan Shoman writes: “I relocated to Nashville to join forces with Ryan Tyrrell ’96. We’re launching a live streaming social app called Rabble, with a focus on connecting sports fans. Download it and let us know what you think. I’d love to connect with any Brunonians passing through Nashville.”

From the March/April 2017 Issue

Joelle Murchison was named Associate Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at UConn, beginning July 5, 2016. She had recently served as Vice President, Enterprise Diversity and Inclusion, at Travelers Insurance.

From the January/February 2017 Issue

After almost 12 years as a staff attorney with the D.C. Public Defender Service, Jeremy Alper accepted a position with the D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings as an administrative law judge adjudicating appeals from D.C. agency decisions. Jeremy’s wife, Jody Feder, is a legislative attorney with the American Law Division at the Congressional Research Service. Jody and Jeremy live in Washington, D.C., and have two children, Evan, 9, and Natalie, 5, as well as a dog, Leo, age 13.

From the September/October 2016 Issue

Amanda Moniz published her first book, From Empire to Humanity: The American Revolution and the Origins of Humanitarianism, with Oxford Univ. Press. She writes: “I’m grateful to the Brown history department for my early training as a historian.”

From the July/August 2016 Issue

Jacob M. Appel (see Lisa Amico Kristen ’83).

Jon Norman and his husband, Nathan Figone, announce the Apr. 18 birth of their son, Joah Gabriel Norman-Figone. They reside in Chicago with their dog, Pika.

From the May/June 2016 Issue

Christopher Hays (see Aracely Pérez ’05). 

From the November/December 2015 Issue

Antigone Parrish (see Jay Parker ’67).

From the September/October 2015 Issue

Ty Alper writes that he and Karen Johnson Hemphill ’77 were elected members of the Berkeley, Calif., school board.

Christopher Cirillo and his partner, John Coffey (Catholic Univ. of America ’90, Catholic Univ. Columbus School of Law ’95), announce the Feb. 26 birth of their son, Henry Michael Cirillo-Coffey. Hank and his dads live in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

From the March/April 2015 Issue

Alexandra Kairis Mandis writes: “In celebration of our 20th reunion, please mark this important milestone year with a gift to the 2014–15 Annual Fund by June 30. With your help, the class of 1995 will be one step closer to reaching its goal of $1.25 million with participation from 36 percent of the class. The 20th Reunion Gift Committee would like to thank those who have already given and extend an invitation to all members of the class to join us over reunion weekend to celebrate the class’s success. To make your gift today, log onto in order to make a positive impact on the current generation of Brown students. I cannot wait to see everyone in May!”

Kenny Alston returned to Providence in the winter of 2010 after almost a dozen years practicing corporate law in New York. He spent the last four years working for Governor Lincoln Chafee ’75, currently as his chief of staff. He writes: “I’m having a blast in state government, and I’m really enjoying being back in Providence. Can’t wait to see everybody at our 20th reunion in May!”

Aaron M. May in September announced the launch of a new law firm that he is opening with three other partners. The firm, Huang Ybarra Singer & May LLP, has offices located in downtown Los Angeles and will focus on commercial litigation, investigations, and white-collar crime and appeals. More information at .

Tamara Pizer McDonald (see Stephen M. Pizer ’62).

From the January/February 2015 Issue

Mark A. Tracy reports: “Save the date for our 20th reunion, May 22–24. In anticipation of the weekend, please be sure to check out our class Facebook page at and class website , where you will find frequent class updates and useful travel/logistics info (like hotel reservation room blocks). Hope to see you all next year on College Hill.”

From the November/December 2014 Issue

Rachel Boynton directed the documentary Big Men, which premiered on PBS in August. Brad Pitt was executive producer. The film is an exposé of the U.S. oil industry’s arrival in Africa and provides a look at the global deal-making and dark underside of energy development.

Rajib Chanda joined the law firm of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP as a partner in July, focusing on investment funds. He will work in the firm’s New York City and Washington, D.C., offices.

Anjali Mitter Duva’s first novel, Faint Promise of Rain, was published in October. Set in 16th-century India, it is the story of a young Hindu temple dancer, her family, their traditions, and their fear of change as a new Muslim emperor establishes the Mughal Empire. Anjali is working on her second book, freelancing as a writer and project manager, and living in the Boston area with her husband, Jason Duva, and their two daughters. 

From the September/October 2014 Issue

Phillip O. Coffin was one of the recipients of the Annals of Internal Medicine and American College of Physicians Junior Investigator Recognition Award on April 11. He is the director of substance use research at the San Francisco Department of Public Health and assistant clinical professor in the HIV/AIDS division at UC San Francisco. He was recognized for his article “Cost-Effectiveness of Distributing Naloxone to Heroin Users for Lay Overdose Reversal.”

From the July/August 2014 Issue

Denielle Bertarelli-Webb reports: “Save the date for our 20th reunion, which is … yes, it’s hard to believe … just one year away: May 22–25, 2015. In anticipation of the weekend, please be sure to check out our class Facebook page at and class website , where you will find frequent class updates and useful travel logistics info. Help building reunion momentum is always welcome! If anyone is up for planning a pre-party mini-reunion in your city in the next few months, please contact one of your class officers: And be sure to send news to (find link under CONTACT US). Hope to see you all next year on College Hill!”

Sixty alumni and friends gathered at the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens Apr. 10 to celebrate the University’s 250th anniversary. Demetrios Iatrides, president of the Brown Alumni Club of Greece, reports that it has been in continuous operation for 10 years now. At the reception he spoke about the University’s role in “shaping our personality and our campus signifying a free society where ideas and opinions are openly debated without stereotypes and dogmatisms.” He praised Samuel Gridley Howe, class of 1821, who became known as “the Lafayette of the Greek Revolution” for fighting in the war for Greek Independence and raising resources to shelter war refugees in the fledgling Greek State. In the United States, Howe fought slavery and established schools for the blind. Demetrios proposed the establishment of the Samuel Howe Award, “to be awarded to distinguished personalities promoting relations between Greece and the United States in the fields of foreign policy, education, and culture.” He thanked Evi Lazou ’96 for helping organize the event and Marina Boutari for her wine sponsorship.

From the May/June 2014 Issue

Heidi Cuppari writes: “I have gone through big changes in the past year. I went from nonprofit fund-raising for social change to for-profit investing for social change. I joined an institutional consulting group at UBS Financial Services that focuses solely on social and sustainable investments for families, foundations, and nonprofits with endowments. We help people align their investments with their values without sacrificing performance. Also, I got pneumonia in November and had a big realization about simplifying my life, so I’ve downsized from a four-bedroom home to a two-bedroom condo with my two kids. It was a big project, but I’m already breathing a sigh of relief! Follow my pneumonia monologues on my blog: Overall, I am more inspired than ever to make an impact in both my community and the world, all around leveraging finance and business for social and sustainable change. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about this exploding segment of investing! Hope everyone is thriving!”

Raun K. Kaufman writes: “My new book, Autism Breakthrough: The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over the World, was published by St. Martin’s Press in April.” 


From the March/April 2014 Issue

Rachel Alexander Levy and her husband, Jeff Levy, announce the Oct. 11 birth of Miriam Sophie in Madison, Wisc. Jennifer Zwiebel (N.Y.) and Renee Bauer ’96 (Wisc.) organized a birth ritual that Julie Roth (N.J.), Simone Shaltiel ’96 (Tel Aviv), and Shira Epstein ’94 (N.Y.) participated in virtually. Also celebrating the birth were Rachel’s parents, Paul ’67 and Sheila Alexander, and her brothers, Zev ’97 and Ari.

Patrick Murray and his wife, Kimberly Yee (SUNY Binghamton ’97), announce the June 27 birth of Sean Murray. Their other children are Orlaith, 2; Kiera, 5; and Aidan, 7. Patrick is working as an orthopedic surgeon in private practice in New York City.


From the January/February 2014 Issue

Charles Richard Blake is doing well in South Carolina.

Brian Fitzsimons was appointed the medical director of the cardiothoracic operating rooms at the Cleveland Clinic. Currently he specializes in high-risk cardiothoracic anesthesia. He lives in North Royalton, Ohio, with his wife, Jennifer, and sons Jackson and Griffin.

Pat Hickey is still in the army as a pediatric infectious disease physician. He has been on the faculty at Uniformed Services Univ. School of Medicine for almost six years. He was promoted to associate professor and directs the master’s in tropical medicine degree program.

Jessie McCormack’s directorial debut, Expecting, which she also wrote and produced, premiered at this year’s SXSW Film Festival. In addition to having a limited theatrical release, Jessie’s movie is now available on VOD across the country.


From the November/December 2013 Issue

Elizabeth Fenton, an attorney at the Philadelphia law firm Chamberlain Hrdlicka, has been reappointed the cochair of the Business Litigation and Competition Law Committee for the American Bar Assoc. Section of Litigation. Formerly called the Business Torts Committee, it is one of the largest and most active committees in the section.

Maria Taylor Fukuda ’95 (see Joyce Reed ’61).


From the September/October 2013 Issue

Beth Seyle Fenton joined the Philadelphia office of national law firm Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry in April as a shareholder. Beth litigates, arbitrates, and tries cases involving business torts, joint venture dissolutions, and corporate governance disputes.

Stuart Friess writes: “After a year of nomadic traveling to find dual academic medicine positions, last summer we made the move from Penn to Washington Univ. in St Louis. I am working as a pediatric intensivist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and continuing my research on severe traumatic brain injury in children. Stacey (Lehigh ’95) is on the faculty in the departments of cardiology and developmental biology. Cassie, 9, and Noah, 5, have adjusted well and we treat the occasional saltwater withdrawal symptoms with trips to the East Coast or the Caribbean.”

Joelle A. Murchison is the vice president of Enterprise Diversity & Inclusion at Travelers Insurance Co. She and her three children—Kendall, Savannah, and Caleb—live outside of Hartford. 

From the May/June 2013 Issue

Christopher Hays (See Births & Adoptions, Hataya Kristy Poonyagariyagorn ’01).

William Watterson plays protagonist Jim Peyton in Capcom’s sci-fi franchise, Reboot, Lost Planet 3. The video game uses the latest motion and facial capture technology to provide a cinematic experience. It was released in May. 


From the March/April 2013 Issue

John W. Bartlett was elected to the governing body of Passaic County, N.J, in Nov. He continues his law practice at Murphy Orlando LLC, where he practices commercial litigation and advises nonprofit organizations on governance and institutional asset management.

Tiffani Gavin (See Engagements & Weddings, Erica DeRosa ’00).

Laura Wides Muñoz, who covers Hispanic affairs for the Associated Press, received a Nieman Fellowship to spend a year at Harvard studying the nexus between immigration and economics. She will examine how the global financial crisis is affecting the integration of immigrants into U.S. society.

From the November/December 2012 Issue

Brian Jones was awarded a 2012 Cultural Freedom Fellowship from the Lannan Foundation to pursue his studies in urban education. Brian recently published a chapter in Education and Capitalism: Struggles for Learning and Liberation (Haymarket Books).

Rae Ann Darling Reed writes: “On June 2, I ran my first ultra, the Tornado Alley 57 Miler, to raise awareness and funds for my hometown of Monson, Mass.”

From the September/October 2012 Issue

Michael Rothman (see Engagements & Weddings, Alicia Wolcott ’02).


From the May/June 2012 Issue

Michelle R. Adler returned to the U.S. last year after living and working in Switzerland for three years. She now lives in Atlanta and works for the CDC in the field of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

David K. Bowsher has been selected partner in charge of Adams & Reese’s Birmingham office. His practice focuses principally on corporate restructuring and bankruptcy issues, as well as mergers and acquisitions involving troubled companies. Birmingham Business Journal named him one of the “Top 40 Under 40,” and he was a member of the Birmingham Project Corporate Leadership Class of 2011.

Karen An-hwei Lee ’97 MFA writes: “I am living in Greater Los Angeles, where I serve as English department chair at a liberal arts college. Thanks to your amazing leadership at BAM, it’s a magazine I enjoy through and through. I’m delighted to share that my third collection of poems, Phyla of Joy, is now available from Tupelo Press. I was also recently featured on the cover of Diverse: Issues of Higher Education. In the article, Brown was mentioned as the special place where I kept returning to my love for writing.” 


From the November/December 2011 Issue

William Tong writes: "I announced my run for Connecticut's open U.S. Senate seat in early May as a Democrat and have been campaigning around the state. It has become a national race with the DSCC and NRSC watching closely. I hope to get the support of Brown alumni everywhere. You can learn more about my campaign at

From the May/June 2011 Issue

Jamie Vander Salm (see Jessica Vander Salm '97 AM).

From the March/April 2011 Issue

Paul Charney (see Len Charney '62).

John Millhauser (see Engagements & Weddings).

Beth Ryder (see Barbara Greshon Ryder '69).

Elizabeth Seyle Fenton (see Births & Adoptions).

Jeffrey Vargas (see Engagements & Weddings).

From the September/October 2010 Issue

Cora Shaw (see Sarah Markowitz '02).


From the July/August 2010 Issue

Mikus Kins and his wife, Jocelyn, have been living in London for more than three years. He continues to work at Bank of America Merrill Lynch as senior vice president and head of European products and sales for the Global Securities Solutions group. The first birthday of his daughter, Sloane Anastasija Kins, is approaching and he writes that he is looking forward to planning several trips across the continent to take advantage of his time in Europe.

Eve Stotland became the director of the Mental Health Project at New York City's Urban Justice Center in March. The Mental Health Project helps low-income people with psychiatric disabilities break the cycle of homelessness, hospitalization, and incarceration and regain stability and independence. Read more about the project at

Mark A. Tracy and his wife, Molly, announce the Mar. 25 birth of their first child, Kate Atwood Tracy. Molly is working as a pediatric neurologist at Hasbro Children's Hospital. After 13 years with Cargill, Mark has left his position and will be attending Harvard's Kennedy School next semester.

From the May/June 2010 Issue

Vikesh Singh announces the Jan. 7 birth of his twin daughters, Sanaz and Leela Singh. He was married to Moona Alidoost in 2005 and many of his classmates attended, including Nripendra Das, Mike Hobey, Christian Johansson, Frans Johansson, Tom Gates, Ethan McKee, Koray Ozdemir, Scott Pead, and Flavio Zelaya. In addition, Vikesh has been appointed an assistant professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins Univ. He will also be the director of the Johns Hopkins Pancreatitis Center and the director of the Pancreatic Islet Cell Autotransplantation Program.

From the March/April 2010 Issue

Louis Carter's ninth book on business management, Best Practices in Talent Management: How the World's Leading Corporations Manage, Develop, and Retain Top Talent, was published by Jossey Bass/John Wiley and Sons. He is CEO and president of the Best Practice Institute.

From the January/February 2010 Issue

David Bowsher writes: "There have been big changes in my life recently. In January, I finished my service in the Bush Administration; in March, I moved home to Birmingham, Ala., and started a new job with the law firm of Adams and Reese LLP; in May, my wife, Elizabeth Holt (Furman '97), and I welcomed our daughter, Meriwether Crawford Bowsher; and finally, as a great cap to an eventful spring and summer, in August, Andrew Shelden '94 hosted Eric Humke '94 and me for a relaxing weekend at a cabin on Lake Paradox in New York. We had a great time catching up and recalling our glory days on College Hill."

Zeyneb Pervene Magavi and Sanjay Magavi moved into a newly renovated green healthy house in Cambridge, Mass., with their daughters, Maya, 6, and Anara, 4. They are eagerly waiting for their new neighbors, Rumi Fukasaku and her two daughters, Sumire and Momo, to sell her cafe in Madrid

From the November/December 2009 Issue

Bonnie Meguid and her husband, Michael Delgado (Princeton '94), announce the May birth of their son, Samuel Michael Delgado. Bonnie is an associate professor of political science at the Univ. of Rochester.

Eliza Sporn married Robert Fromberg (Cornell '93) in Brooklyn on June 27. She writes: "It was fantastic to celebrate with Brown friends Becky Blumenthal, Elizabeth Goldman, Victoria Ionata Green, Sara Heiberger, Joshua Kurland '97, and David Levithan '94." Eliza and Robert both practice law in New York City.

Victoria Ionata Green and her husband, Vince, announce the February 7 birth of their son, August Henry Green. Gus was welcomed by his big brother Dante, 3, and is doted upon by his grandfather, Dante Ionata '59, and his aunt, Catherine Ionata '97.

Amy Sohn's upcoming novel, Prospect Park West, received a nod from Sarah Jessica Parker, whose production company has optioned it for a half-hour series on HBO. Sohn is also the author of Run Catch Kiss and My Old Man.

From the September/October 2009 Issue

Sarah Roberts Black and David Black announce the Apr. 12 birth of Graham Lloyd. Sarah writes that Owen, 5, and Eliza, 2, can't get enough of their new baby brother. Dave serves as the medical officer for Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 14, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, in N.C. He will complete his naval service obligation in June 2010 and intends to pursue a career in pediatrics.

Sean Cahill and his wife, Julie (Univ. Texas Technology '96), announce the Mar. 14 birth of their first child, Quinn Patrick Cahill.

From the July/August 2009 Issue

Robert Di Marco and his wife, Maria T. Davila '93, announce the Mar. 11 birth of their daughter, Petra Luisa Di Marco Davila. Petra joins siblings Destiny, 7, Giovanni, 4, and Juan Ines, 2. Robert has his own business law practice, and Maria is a professor of ethics at Andover Newton Theological School. They welcome friends to write and visit.

Nicolas Gentin married Olivia Svilik (Stanford '00) in Los Angeles on Nov. 8. Nicolas's brother Andrew served as best man and brother Jonathan Gentin '86 and sister Jennifer Gentin '84 were also in the wedding party. Other Brown friends included Vik Agrawal '94, Mark Ghaly '96, Joel Kent, John Nicholson '96, Marcos Rollan '98, Charlton Rugg, Lawrence Woocher, Gwen Wynne '84, Kevin Yuann '00, and Stacey Zolondek. Nicolas and Olivia live and work in San Francisco.

Anna Russakoff announces the Feb. 8 birth of her son, Jerome Bernard Engammare. She is living in Paris with her husband, Philippe Engammare (Sciences Po '84), who just started his own cooking business: After completing her PhD at NYU in 2006, Anna is now an assistant professor of art history at the American Univ. of Paris.

Deb Weisshaar and her husband, Jonathan Ringel (Penn '90), announce the Mar. 6 birth of their daughter, Lucy Jessica Ringel, in Atlanta. Deb is a practicing psychologist and a visiting lecturer at Georgia State Univ.

From the May/June 2009 Issue

Fran Balamuth, Michael Mullins, and their 3-year-old son, Jesse, announce the Dec. 27 birth of the couple's second son and Jesse's little brother, Emmet. They are settled in West Philly, where Fran just finished her pediatrics residency at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She will start a fellowship in pediatric emergency medicine in July. Michael continues as an organizer with UNITE-HERE, the hotel and restaurant workers union.

Paul Charney (see Len Charney '62).

Joy Woog Garvey and her husband, Rich Garvey, announce the Nov. 13 birth of their daughter, Hope Regan Garvey. Joy is an associate at Cohen Kennedy Dowd & Quigley, a commercial litigation firm, and Rich is a student at the Scottsdale Culinary Institute's Le Cordon Bleu program. They reside in Phoenix.

Michael N. Rader has been named a shareholder in Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C., the largest law firm in New England devoted exclusively to intellectual property law.

Peter Raskind (see Wendy Herlihy Raskind '64).

Mark Tracy writes: "I have moved to Providence, fulfilling a long-held desire to return to the great state of Rhode Island. My wife, Molly, is completing a one-year fellowship in epilepsy at Harvard. I continue to work for Cargill Inc. as an assistant vice president of Cargill Risk Management, creating innovative tools to help farmers around the world manage the many risks they face."

From the March/April 2009 Issue

Michelle Alpert joined the Denver office of Arnold & Porter LLP as an associate on Dec. 15.

Pat Hickey completed a six-month deployment to Iraq last spring with the 86th Combat Support Hospital in Baghdad. He writes: "Though challenging, it was an incredible experience, and I was humbled by the efforts of the soldiers we supported." Pat is now on the faculty of the School of Medicine at the Uniformed Services Univ. School in Bethesda, Md., where he teaches pediatric infectious disease and tropical medicine.

Alexander Klibane has been named cochair of the Public Service Committee of the Labor & Employment Law Section of the Boston Bar Association. Alexander has started a new position at the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office pursuing Civil Fraud Claims Act cases in the Insurance and Financial Services Division in December.

Daniel A. Miller's film, The Linguists, premiered at Sundance last year to fantastic buzz and reviews. It is the only National Science Foundation–funded film ever to get into Sundance. It has since screened at more than 30 film festivals around the world. There was a special screening at Brown with linguist David Harrison on Feb. 12, 2009.

Jon Norman is an assistant professor of sociology at Loyola Univ. in Chicago.

From the January/February 2009 Issue

Beth Dunfey and Sam Nisson '94 announce the September 2, 2007, birth of their daughter, Nora Edith Nisson. She was delivered by Julie Shih '99 MD. The Nissons live in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Chul-Joo Joe Lee moved to Hong Kong with his wife, Catherine, and two sons.

Lisa Lepson writes: "On July 26, I was happy to attend a huge reunion when Brian Perkins '96 and Erin Bradley '99 formed their own union by tying the knot in Erin's hometown of Duluth, Minn. Among the alums joining them to celebrate were: Shannon Coleman '99, Cara Marcous '97, Suzanne Goldish '98, Lauren Kardos '98, Gabriel Roth, Max Culhane '96, Todd Sullivan '97, Elena Ritchie '98, Mike Zurer, Matthew Smith '96, Jon Wolanske '98, Stephen O' Reilly, Jeff Borkin '98, Dave Scharfenberg '98, Justin Steinberg '98, Jeremy Sharrard '98, Damian Kulash '98, Shana Lutker '00, Pierre Stroud '96, Mara Gerstein '97, Rufus Tureen '01, Paul Charney Mitch Goldman '98, Heather Rowley '96, Daniel Lee, Mike Crane '00, Joel Tompkins '98, Sarah Leonard Smylie '99, Kate Scott '99, Oliver Hurst-Hiller '98, William Grande Watterson, Jordan Silbert '98, Tim McConville '98, Max Finneran '99, and Mara Gladstone '99."

Amy Yanoff Spencer and her husband, Sam, announce the June 6 birth of daughter Avery Raine. She joins her sister, Sarah Lily, 2.

From the November/December 2008 Issue

Dara Herman married Brian Russell in November 2007 and gave birth to Vivian Alice-Ida Russell on May 26, 2008. The family lives in New York City, where Dara works as a registered nurse at the NYU Medical Center and Brian is an actor. (He was in Aaron Sorkin's The Farnsworth Invention on Broadway last spring.) Dara was just accepted to Hunter College for a nurse practitioner's degree. They see Suzanne Travers '96 and her new daughter, Evelyn, as much as they can. Dara writes: "Vivie and Evie are about five weeks apart in age. When in Boston, we hang out with Jessica Brooks '93 and Jason and Anjali Mitter Duva."

Miranda Kaiser (see Manya K. Rubinstein '01).

Nate Lamkin and wife Leah announce the July 15 birth of their first child, Gershona Fay Lamkin. Nate writes: "Gershona was born at 11:48 p.m. weighing 5 lbs., 8 oz., and measuring 19¼ in. Those are the things that can be quantified; our joy at having her in our life is immeasurable! We'll be home in Stoughton, Mass., soon and settling in and would love to hear from you."

Brian Warshawsky is living in San Francisco and is a cofounder of Potenco Inc.

From the September/October 2008 Issue

Ty Alper and Tamar Todd, along with Rachel, 5, and Casey, 3, announce the April 25 birth of Owen Todd Alper.

Mike and Erin Mancuso Hobey recently moved from Manhattan to Cleveland with daughters Sebastiana, 3, and Genevieve, 2.

Kieran Juska married Stephane DiTullio in September 2007 at their weekend house in the Catskills, acquiring two stepsons, Charly, 8, and Benjamin, 10. Sonal Shah, Kristian Whalen, and Marina Boutari joined in the festivities.

Jeffrey and Chandra Reddy Metzler announce the September 2007 birth of Jonathan Philip and report that he and Jacqueline, 3, enjoy frequent play dates with Sydney and Houston Lublin-Diaz (children of Nancy Lublin '93) and Isa and Adam Bloom-Grumbach (children of Janice Bloom '91).

Michael Rader and his wife, Daniela, announce the May 16 birth of daughter Eden Paya. She joins big sister Gavri and big brother Adri.

Mike Weiss and his wife, Nimita Weiss ('97 Rutgers, MEd '98), announce the May birth of their first child, Nia Jane. Mike writes: "Our first weeks of parenting have been challenging, but Nimita and I are quickly climbing the learning curve. Nia is an amazing baby, and she looks forward to meeting you at a Brown reunion soon."

From the July/August 2008 Issue

Joshua Berman writes: "My daughter, Shanti Ayla Berman, was born in our living room in Boulder, Colo., last October with the assistance of two amazing midwives. Mom (who is a labor and delivery nurse at the local hospital) and baby are happy and healthy. Dad's busy, working as a project editor at Perseus Books and continuing to write guidebooks and articles about Central America. My site is"

Joshua Nathan Safdie (see Elias Safdie '67).

From the May/June 2008 Issue

Denielle Bertarelli-Webb writes: "My husband, Andrew, and I welcomed our second daughter, Juliet Anderson Webb, on August 16, 2007. Juliet joins big sister Cecelia, who has embraced her new role!"

Henry Haggard writes: "On January 7, our second son, Bruno Oneil Haggard, was born. Mom and Bruno are doing well. Seoul is great, a bit cold. Hugo, Bruno's older brother, 2, is enjoying sledding and Thomas the Train. Mom, Jee Sun, and I never knew how many model trains there were available for purchase."

Joel Kent (see Donald Kent '68).

From the March/April 2008 Issue

Melanie Breen writes: "On October 6, I married John Hanusz (Ohio Univ. '95) in Long Beach, Calif., near our home in Los Angeles. John and I met back in 1994 through Jon Marcus. Jon served as John's best man, and Kenny Alston and Douglas Harrison were two of my attendants. We had a fantastic weekend and a perfect night celebrating with family and friends, including Rebecca Donn, Jessie Glass, Ellen Capon Sobolik, Peggy Leggat '96, Tony Morgan '96, Josh Barry, Michael Valeo '94, Andrew Jacobs, and our nephew, Nick Vargas '10. Following the wedding we spent two and a half fabulous weeks traveling around Spain."

Stuart Friess and his wife, Stacey, announce the October 19 arrival of Noah Evan, on Stacey's birthday. Stuart writes: "Four-year-old big sister Cassie is very proud, and Stacey is enjoying a short maternity break before jumping back into her cardiology fellowship at Penn. We would love to hear from old friends." Stu is a pediatric critical care physician at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and continues to do research in Penn's bioengineering department on pediatric traumatic brain injury.

Joel Kent and his wife, Meredith (Virginia '95), announce the November 15 arrival of Noah Russell Kent. Big sister Julia, 2, Pop pop Donald Kent '68, and aunt Heather Kent Handel '93 were part of a large family gathering welcoming Noah to the world.

Carma Burnette Van Allen and her husband, Eric, announce the July 5, 2007 birth of their second son, Jared Walker Van Allen. Oren, 3 1/2, is a loving and attentive big brother.

From the November / December 2007 Issue

Tom Atwood’s photography was on exhibit at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston from August 23 through October 28. He recently won awards from Manhattan Arts International, Artrom Gallery International (in Rome, Italy), CameraArts magazine, Photo Life magazine, and first place in Portraiture in the Prix de la Photographie Paris, chosen from thousands of entries from more than 85 countries. You can preview Tom’s work at

Melissa Blanco-Borelli writes: “The years 2006 and 2007 have been eventful for me. I married Cuban artist Andres Antonio Jimenez in September 2006 at a lovely outdoor ceremony in Topanga Canyon, Calif. Many Brown friends were in attendance: Jeannine Lewis Wyszkowski, with her son Nicolas; Dovie King and her husband, Ricardo; Chandler Evans ’95; Suzanne Lieberman ’95; and Jessica Koslow. I had another celebration in New York City in November 2006: Brienin Bryant; Stav Birnbaum and her husband, Beej; Jeannine, Nicolas, and Leon Wyszkowski; and Leticia Flores DeWilde with her husband, Darren, attended along with other family and friends. In December 2006, I filed my dissertation and got my PhD in dance history and theory from UC Riverside. In April my husband traveled to Berge, Norway, to fulfill a three-month artist-in-residence program there. I joined him in June, and we both traveled to Paris, where I presented a paper at the annual Society of Dance History Scholars conference. In September 2007 I will hold a one-year visiting-scholar fellowship position at MIT in the department of music and theater arts. Needless to say, I need a vacation.”

Greg Clark married Sarah Anderson, the librarian for the U.S. Army Field Band, at his parents’ house on Cape Cod in June. Ron Clark ’67, Craig Risinger, Amy Simpson ’07, Christie Simpson ’05, Rich Simpson ’76, and Sue Alexander Simpson ’76 attended; Jake Haller ’00 was a groomsman. The couple lives and works in central Maryland.

Saara J. DeWalt writes: “For the past two years I’ve been an assistant professor at Clemson, where I teach and study plant ecology. My husband, Kalan Ickes (Swarthmore ’92), and I are pleased with the addition of Owen Benjamin Ickes to the family. He was born on the auspicious day of July 7. We’re planning on taking him on our next research trip to the island of Dominica in the Caribbean.” 

Meredith Persily Lamel and her husband, Joshua, announce the May 11 birth of Drew Persily Lamel. They live in Washington, D.C., and Meredith continues as director of consulting and training for the Congressional Management Foundation.

David Markowitz was married last year to Jennifer Best. His brother, Joshua ’99, ’04 MD, and friend Hawlan Ng ’93, were groomsmen. He writes: “Our beautiful daughter, Elysia Lauryn, was born February 22. I’m living in the San Francisco Bay Area and working in the gaming industry as a producer/designer.”

Myechia Minter-Jordan ’98 MD writes: “My husband, Lawrence Jordan Jr., and I relocated to Boston, where I am now the chief medical officer at Dimock Community Health Center, one of the largest health centers in the city. We also were blessed with the birth of our second daughter, Sofia.” Joanna Norland writes: “It’s been a whirlwind of a year in Kent, England, where my husband, Alistair Scott McLeod, and I have made our home. On July 11, 2006, we welcomed the arrival of our first-born, Alistair Duncan McLeod, four days early and all geared up to rock our world. In September 2006 the U.K. tour of my first full-length play, Jane Austen Makes a Match, kicked off at the 2006 Bath Jane Austen festival. I spent a wonderful eight-month maternity leave roving the Kent countryside marsupial-style, with the wee one in his carrier, then returned to work, part-time, as a U.S. tax lawyer at Dewey Ballantine LLP The lawyer-by-day/mom-by-night/playwright-whenever-possible routine leaves just enough time to catch up with old friends, so I would love to hear from former classmates coming through the U.K.”

Christine Reins writes: “I completed my MFA in production design at the American Film Institute Conservatory a year ago and have been working on various feature-film and television projects since my graduation. I acted as the assistant art director on the new John Rambo film slated for release in 2008 and am currently working as a set designer on a new series for CBS called Moonlight, produced by Joel Silver/Silver Pictures. The series debut was September 28. The change of pace from my former career as an architect has been challenging but rewarding. It would be great to hear from alums during my time at Brown, and from fellow alums in the entertainment industry out here in Los Angeles.”

Jeffrey Townsend, a 2005 winner of the American Society of Naturalists Young Investigator’s Award, is an assistant professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale. Jeffrey’s work focuses on how genes have evolved to modulate development in their environment to create the diverse organisms that populate the earth today.

Brook Vinicchayakul (see Celia Wu Sophonpanich ’83).

From the September / October 2007 Issue

Jonas Karp and his partner, Stefan Leh-mann (Cornell '97), welcomed son Gamble Zay Lehmann-Karp on May 11. Gamble Zay joins older brother Trusten August and two protective cats, Ranger and Eurizione. All are happy and healthy in New York City.

Michele Kunitz writes: "Anthony Tuck '96 PhD and I celebrated our daughter Maisie's first birthday in June. Others celebrating were uncle Michael Tuck '99 with his wife, Annie, and daughter, Holland; Eric Platz with his wife, Sarah, and their 8-month-old daughter, Sophie; and Beatriz Gomez '92, with her husband, Chico Membrano, and their 8-month-old daughter. Needless to say, Maisie will have some fellow legacy competition for a spot in Brown's class of 2029. Other friends of Maisie include Jacob, son of Stephanie Weiner Lerman and Daniel Lerman '96; Kiran and Malina, son and daughter of David Goldstein and Jothi Ravindran '96; Zadie, daughter of Hillary Schwab and Scott Jacobson; Oliver and Leo, sons of Anna Rosenblum Palmer and Steve Palmer; and Sadie, daughter of Brendan Ross and Jill Jasen Ross. After a number of years in Boston, we are moving to western Massachusetts. Tony is a professor at the Univ. of Massachusetts at Amherst, and I have taken a job as an in-house attorney at MassMutual. We would love to get in touch with any folks in the area.

Jon Norman writes: "After a much longer sojourn in graduate school than I ever initially imagined, I finally received my PhD in sociology from UC Berkeley in May. I'm now a social science research associate at Stanford's John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities, where I'm continuing to study urban issues. To shorten the commute to Palo Alto, I'm now living in San Francisco with my partner, J.P.

David Warren writes: "After six years in Marseille, France, I have returned to the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife, Sidonie, and our 15-month-old son, Neil. I started a job with Google as a technical writer and Web developer and look forward to settling back into California and reconnecting with friends."

From the July / August 2007 Issue

Sarah Deming writes: “My first novel was just published by Harcourt. For ages 9-109, Iris, Messenger, tells the story of a 12-year-old girl who discovers that the Greek gods are alive and well and living in suburban Philadelphia. I’m living in Brooklyn, N.Y., with my husband, Ethan, who plays piano in a band called the Bad Plus. We share many hobbies such as blogging, overeating, and gin.”

Victoria Ionata Green and her husband, Vince, are happy to announce the July 25th birth of Dante William Green. Dante is named for his proud grandfather, Dante Ionata ’59.

Laurie Golnick Guzzinati and Michele announce the Apr. 11, 2007, birth of Gabriella Sofia Guzzinati, who joins Giulia, 2½. Laurie writes: “Though we’re not yet sure if Gabriella will be part of Brown’s class of 2029, she’s off to a great start with her first Brown sweatshirt, thanks to a special gift from my Brown alumni interviewer, Edward Abbot ’61.”

Yassy Okamoto writes: “My husband, Adam Chodkowski (Michigan ’95), and I are the proud parents of Alex Okamoto Chodkowski, born July 30, 2006. I am back at work as in-house counsel for a publishing company in New York City. If there are any alums in the area with babies Alex’s age, let’s set up a play date!”

Rei Tanaka (see Barry M. Nathan ’70).

From the May / June 2007 Issue

Sandy Choi writes, “My husband, Jaiho Cho, and I are very happy to announce the birth of our son, Charles Hyungbin Cho, on July 2, 2006. My daughter Chelsea, 4, loves being a big sister and is teaching Chazz everything she knows.”

Aditya Joshi was promoted to the position of partner at Bain & Company’s financial services and consumer products practices. He’s been at the firm since 1995.

From the March / April 2007 Issue

Fred Kraus writes: “My wife, Jaimie Shapiro Kraus ’92, and I were thrilled to welcome Alissa Samara Kraus on November 4. Everyone is doing well, except for our cat, Darby, who doesn’t quite know what to make of our new addition. Jaimie manages contracts at Iron Mountain, and I manage a product line at Color Kinetics, a small tech company focused on LED lighting. We live in Boston’s South End.”

Dana Matsushita and her husband, David Siegel, announce the July 30 birth of Mira Yumi Siegel. Big brother Zachary loves his sister and is wonderful with her.

Scott Thomas (see Naline Lai ’89).

From the January / February 2007 Issue

Emily Benson has relocated to Ventura, Calif., and is working as an orthopedic trauma surgeon at the Ventura County Medical Center.

Alissa Levy Chung and Jin-Ho Chung happily announce the March 16, 2006, birth of Maya Halle. Maya joins big sisters Daniella, 3, and Tessa, 3, in a house full of girls.

Steven Shin ’99 MD writes: “After I completed a fellowship in hand and upper extremity surgery at Stanford, my wife, Tiffani (Columbia ’95, Georgetown Law ’99), and I moved south to SoCal, where I entered private practice with the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic and joined the clinical faculty in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at USC. Tiffani works as an attorney in the public sector. We have finally stopped renting and are living happily in our new home in West L.A.

Deb Weisshaar writes: “On May 13 Jonathan Ringel (Penn ’90) and I were married in Atlanta. We enjoyed the company of friends from Brown, including Michael and Vandana Reddy Long, Maeve Richmond, and Dan Murphy. After a few months of marriage I ‘moved’ two hours north to Clemson University, where I’m working in the student counseling center for the internship year of my PhD in clinical psychology. Our home base is still in Atlanta, where Jonathan is the managing editor of our local legal newspaper. I’ll be back in Atlanta full-time in August 2007. We welcome news from other Brown friends.”

From the September / October 2006 Issue


Paloma Adams-Allen writes: “My husband, Travis Allen ’97, and I belatedly announce the Oct. 12, 2005, arrival of Priya Akuri Allen. We are doing well and living in Washington, D.C., where Travis works for Alliance Bernstein as an investment analyst and I am working as an adviser (on international development issues in Latin America and the Caribbean) to the secretary-general of the Organization of American States (OAS). Priya has play dates with her buddies Gingeree (daughter of Tanya Souther­land Narcel), Kai’ea (son of Maria Taylor Fukuda), Kamali (daughter of Amber Rutland Jangha), and Olivia (daughter of Amanda Derryck). Tanya, Maria, and I live within walking distance of each other. Amanda and Amber are a quick ten-minute drive from us.”

Lindsey Arent writes: “On May 28, I married a wonderful man, Joshua Schank (Columbia ’97), in my parents’ backyard in Los Angeles. Brown alums Faye Stapleton, Josh Geisler, Sasha Tulchin, Raul Rivera, Lisa Lepson, Laura Benson Epstein, Paul Charney, and Julie Friedkin Kahane ’97 were on hand to celebrate as the bride and groom rocked out on stage with the band. We live in Washington, D.C., where I cover Congress for Bloomberg News and Joshua is an urban planner specializing in transportation.”

Felix Lui ’99 MD writes: “After a grueling year in Baltimore finishing my trauma/ surgical critical care fellowship at the Maryland Shock Trauma center, I was glad to move back in with my wife, Lara Colabelli, in Connecticut. There I joined the faculty at Yale Medical School as an assistant professor of surgery in the division of trauma/critical care/emergency surgery.”

Juanita Ortiz writes: “Nelson and I are living in Miami with our baby girl, Sofia, who turns 1 in June. We are quite simply over the moon with her. We recently saw Camille Brown Koff with her husband, Jon, and their baby boy, Austin. We thought Sofia was clearly in the running for Austin’s affection, but Sally Robinson Oerth and her husband, Michael, are expecting their baby girl any day now, which ups the competition. I’m working with United Way in Miami-Dade with their major gifts program and would love to hear from friends.”

Ron Palmon writes: “I completed my gastroenterology fellowship at Mount Sinai hospital on July 1, and joined a private practice at 650 Park Avenue in Manhattan.”

Anh Chi Pham writes: “I am living in Vietnam on the dole—I have a Fulbright fellowship in creative writing. One of my published stories has been included in the collection You Are Not Here and Other Works of Buddhist Fiction (Wisdom Publications 2006). I would love to hear from old classmates.”

David Shrier writes: “This past fall, I married Dianne Jones (Duke ’90) in Burlington, Vt. My best man was Rachel Boynton. Also in attendance were Reshma Paranjpe ’99 MD and Laura DeVere. Dianne and I moved to Brooklyn, N.Y., where our new neighbors include Dave Westreich ’92. At the turn of the year I cofounded TouchPoint Direct, a lifestyle marketing company, and continue as the company’s chief operating officer. We raised venture capital in April. Our securities lawyer on the deal, a partner at Ropes and Gray, sits one office away from Kris Brown ’89. While editing TouchPoint’s first commercials at Outpost Digital/@Radical Media, I ran into Rachel Dawson ’96. On the teaching front, for the third year running, I conducted a one-week lecture series in the MBA program of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. Prior to Lausanne, I ran a well-attended, one-day seminar at Brown on business planning courtesy of Ben Gordon ’06 and the Brown Entrepreneurship Program. My host on campus was my cousin, Sorin Istrail, who has joined the faculty as professor of computational molecular biology and computer science. Happy to hear from classmates.”

Jennifer Martinelli Souza ’99 MD writes: “My husband, Jeff Souza, and I are happy to announce the Oct. 14, 2005, birth of our first child, Ryan Joseph. Dave Martinelli ’98 is among the many proud aunts and uncles.”

Rei Tanaka (see Barry Nathan ’70).

Crystal L. Younge writes: “In the fall, I will begin studying part-time at Drew Univ. in Madison, N.J., in the master of theological studies program. During the day I will still be fighting for justice as an assistant deputy public defender with the state of New Jersey. I would love to hear from my fellow classmates.”

From the May / June 2006 Issue

Joshua Berman's Moon Handbooks Nicaragua is in its second edition, and his guide to Belize won a 2005 Lowell Thomas travel writing award in the best guidebook category. He wrote to BAM from his round-the-world honeymoon, a yearlong journey that has included extended stays and volunteering stints in Pakistan, India, and Southeast Asia, and is being documented on "The Tranquilo Traveler" at

Chris Cirillo writes: "Just after Thanksgiving, my partner, John, and I moved into our new home in Brooklyn. We're in the midst of renovating a beautiful 107-year-old brownstone in Bedford-Stuyvesant. We celebrated our one-year anniversary in November by exchanging rings and look forward to getting married as soon as it's legal in New York. I'm working for the city's department of housing, preservation, and development, where I do long-range budget planning for the agency's affordable housing programs."

Henry Hagard writes: "My wife, Jee Sun Lee, and I announce the birth of Hugo Martin Haggard, born on Groundhog Day, Feb. 2. We are all doing well and enjoying living in Seoul."

Joel S. Kent writes: "My wife, Meredith (Univ. of Virginia '95), and I announce the Dec. 21 arrival of Julia Love. We are all doing well and living in New York City, where Meredith is a research analyst at UBS and I am trading credit derivatives at Lehman Brothers. Proud grandfather Don Kent '68 and aunt Heather Kent Handel '93 have already visited Julia, and we look forward to hearing from more Brown friends."

From the March / April 2005 Issue

Ty Alper, his wife, Tamar Todd, and their daughter, Rachel, announce the Dec. 27 birth of baby boy Casey Todd Alper.

Rich Kim and Sarah Fronhofer write: “We finally got married on Sept. 4 in Bristol, R.I. Representing our Brown heritage were Salil Gupta, Ian Kodish, Jed Lippard, Colleen Cronin, Sharmila Rao Thakkar, Carma Burnette Van Allen, Ken Hsiao ’99 MD, David Woo, Jessie McCormack, Sarah Baden ’97, Alli Keil, Ben Eastman, Ellen Korobow Derringer, Jen Galvin, Sarah Moore, Alex Shub ’96, Marian Belgray, Oliver Grantham, Ian Macdonald ’97, Sachi Cunningham’94, Irene Small ’97, Luisa Dantas’96, Dan Pasette’96, Clara Markowicz ’94, Albert Woo ’99 MD, and Judy Jang ’03. Rocking the ceremony was the Thayer Street Quartet: Jonathan Schwartz’07, Sarah Cho ’07, Samantha Seeley ’07, and Jamie Schlessinger ’07. It was an amazing day spent with amazing friends. Words cannot explain our gratitude for all the help and all the love. We live in Providence and have plenty of room for visitors.”

Justin Pritchard, a reporter and editor in the Los Angeles bureau of the Associated Press, was appointed news editor for Southern California.

Sharmila Rao Thakkar and her husband, Rakesh, announce the Nov. 24 birth of their daughter, Anika Rao Thakkar. All are doing well in Chicago.

Carma Burnette Van Allen and her husband, Eric, announce the June 8 birth of their son, Oren. Carol writes: “We have relocated from Brooklyn to South Orange, N.J., and are enjoying the many wonders and challenges of parenthood.”

From the November / December 2004 Issue

Jeremy Alper, McKaile Alper, and Ty Alper (see Frederic M. Alper ’60).

Carol Chan and her husband, Peter, announce the March 8 birth of their first child, Sean Poon (photos at They live in Hong Kong.

Jody Feder (see Frederic M. Alper ’60).

Laurie Golnick Guzzinati writes: “On July 22 my husband, Michele, and I welcomed the arrival of Giulia Emma. All are doing well, and Giulia’s already looking ahead to becoming a member of the Brown class of 2025."

Michael Isaac writes: “My wife, Brandy, and I announce the June 22 birth of our son, Mason Cole Isaac, in the Windy City. Mom and Mason are well. Mom and Dad are sleep deprived.”

Lise Platou writes: “I moved to London after finishing my MBA at SDA Bocconi in Milan, Italy, and am now working for a small U.S.–based management consulting firm. Annika Carstedt Parmlid is now married and living in Stockholm. She gave birth to a baby girl—Ebba.” Lise would love to contact classmates in London.

Mark A. Tracy married Molly Christianson in Minneapolis on May 29. Alumni attending the wedding included Stuart Friess, Norris Muth ’96, Ludwig Schulze ’96, Frans Johansson, Gareth Monks, Zachary Katznelson, Anjali Viswanathan ’00 MD, Christian Johansson, Nate Endres ’97, Steve Peck, Silvana Ribaudo ’99 MD, Scott Pead, Ben Tracy ’07, and Steve Tracy ’63. Molly is finishing a pediatric residency at the Univ. of Minnesota and will begin a fellowship in pediatric neurology next year. Mark is a marketing manager for Cargill Risk Management in Wayzata, Minn.

From the September / October 2004 Issue

Elisabeth Cureton received her medical degree in June from Jefferson Medical College at Thomas Jefferson Univ. in Philadelphia. Elisabeth will complete a residency in general surgery at UC–San Francisco, East Bay.

Maria Taylor Fukuda ’95 (see Joyce Reed ’61).

Simon Kinberg wrote and coproduced the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith for Twentieth Century Fox. The film was directed by Doug Liman ’88 and stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It will be released next year.

James J. Na writes: “My wife, Kimberly Brown Na ’96, and I attended the wedding of J. David Elliott ’94 and Cynthia Cross in northern Virginia on April 17. After his treks through London, the jungles of Borneo, and Hollywood, David, a hitherto eternal wanderer and bachelor, finally settled down. It was a beautiful, sunny wedding at a country bed & breakfast, complete with butterfly releases (a Native American tradition, part of David’s heritage).” James, who was best man, reports that David is senior technologist for AnviCom, an IT systems integrator and Cindy is a civilian IT manager at the Defense Information Systems Agency. James is the foreign policy fellow at the Discovery Institute, and Kimberly is finishing her residency in anesthesiology at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle. J

From the July / August 2004 Issue

Ed ’96 ScM and Jane Wang Bielawa ’99 ScM welcomed Hanna Wang Bielawa in October. After eight years as a software developer, Jane has a new job as a stay-at-home mom for Hanna and her big brother Eddy. Ed is still at Phonetic Systems, where he left product management to start the applications development group. They recently moved to Sharon, Mass. (halfway between Boston and Providence), and enjoy getting reacquainted with Providence.

Daniel Bilar writes: “After my Midwest stint as a visiting computer science professor at Oberlin College, I am moving back to the East Coast to be a visiting professor of computer science at Colby College in Maine. In other news, I was married in November 2003 (Britney Spears copied me a few months later). See the movie at”

Stuart Friess and his wife, Stacey, announce the Dec. 29 birth of Cassandra Dae. They live in Ardmore, Pa., just outside of Philadelphia. Stuart is finishing the first year of his fellowship in pediatric critical care at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Stacey has finished her MD/PhD and will start her residency in internal medicine at Penn in July.

Bryan Hughes died on March 20 (see Obituaries). His parents, Carole and Jim, write: “Bryan treasured his years at Brown and especially remembered the many friends he made there. After graduating, he went on to earn a master’s in physics at Boston Univ. and a second master’s, in teaching, at Harvard. He had a quick wit and a ready smile. He will be grievously missed. Thanks to all who have sent cards and remembrances to the family.”

Michael F. Keyes married Michelle J. Kupka ’97 at Manning Chapel on October 11, 2003. Brown alumni in the wedding party included: Julie Sullum Merzon ’97, Tamra Tyree Moore ’96, Mary Ann Kranzberg Srenco ’96, Cristina Lampuri ’97, Alexandra Poulos ’97, Kirsten Odabashian Healy ’98, Denielle Bertarelli, Robert Warden, Kevin Sharkey, Steve Fieler, Andrew Waldeck, Charles Buckley, and Joel Koplik. Others making the trip to Providence included: Alana Bozelko ’96, Paul Choquette ’98, Eric Wieczorek, Jeff Moore ’97, ’99 ScM, Esther Buonanno, Meredith Mulhearn Douglass ’97, Amy Carolan Tyree, Margaret Buonanno Lynch ’96, William Schmitz and Chrissy Needham Schmitz, Mike Traggio and Anna Traggio ’94, Justine Pollock ’96, Michael Kaplan, Kristen Alandydy, Mia Dammen, Bessie Dernikos ’96, ’98 AM, Megan Cornwall ’97, and Amy Young ’98. Michelle is pursuing a PhD in biostatistics at Boston University. Mike graduated last June from the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and is working at the New Boston Fund.

David Murphy (see Grace Azevedo Murphy ’59).

Ruth Neighbors writes: “I’m still working for the McGraw-Hill Companies as a Web editor in New York City. Big news is I married Patrick Ryan on Feb. 15 during a private ceremony in Steamboat Springs, Colo., on a ski run called Broadway. The justice of the peace and our wedding photographer both skied there. After we were married we had to ski down the mountain again. For photos and more details, visit my brother’s Web site at We hope to celebrate with friends and family later this summer.”

Heather Terbell writes: “I am living happily in Los Angeles with my husband, Mark Wilson. I have one more year of ob-gyn residency at USC and then plan to move to San Luis Obispo to get away from it all. Would love to hear from old friends.”

From the May / June 2004 Issue

Saba Brelvi was appointed program director of the California Wellness Foundation on Feb. 18.

Joanie Morris DiMicco writes: “Beth Ryder got engaged to David Cloutier in December, and we celebrated with them on New Year’s Eve in Providence with Michael DiMicco, Kate Magnuson, Tracey Holloway, and Michelle and Kipp Bradford-Zeiler ’96 ScM.”

Ronny Krishana and his wife, Isabelle, announce the Feb. 11 birth of Maya Daisy. Ronny also has taken a new position at Pfizer Inc. in New York City, where he is a senior manager of global business technology.

Alexa Majors writes: “After spending three great years in Jackson Hole, Wyo., I came back home to Massachusetts last fall. I’m working as a fund-raiser for WGBH, the local PBS channel that produces nearly a third of PBS’s prime-time programs.”

Feisal Maroof is working for Atari in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Michael Weiss writes: “On Feb. 15, I got engaged to Nimita Patel (Rutgers ’97, ’98 EdM). We are living near Boulder, Colo., where I work for IBM as a network security analyst.”

From the March / April 2004 Issue

Jennifer DeLucia married Craig Garofolo (Pace ’93) on Jan. 3 in New Jersey. Brown alumni in attendance were Stacia Chmura Furtado ’01 ScM, Michelle Ahnn, and Tammy Sanchez ’95. Jennifer writes: “We have moved to Marlboro, Mass., due to my recent promotion within Johnson & Johnson.”

Wendell Gladstone had a solo exhibition of his work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego during the months of December and January. He has had exhibitions in New York, Santa Barbara, Calif., and Los Angeles (at the Los Angeles Armand Hammer Museum), as well as in Germany.

Joel Kent writes: “I married Meredith Love (Virginia ’95) on Nov. 8 on Long Island, N.Y. We met while completing MBAs at Harvard. My father, Donald Kent ’68, and sister Heather Kent Handel ’93 took part in the ceremony. Other alumni in attendance were Nicolas Gentin, Sam Opitz, Noam Pianko, Charlton Rugg, Richard Gouse ’68, Cheryl Connors Gouse ’70, Carolyn Gouse ’02, and Steve Meltzer ’68.” Joel and Meredith live in New York City.

Helen Hurh Liu and her husband, James, announce the April 1, 2003, birth of their first daughter, Lauren Grace.

Cora Shaw (see Stephen Filler ’69).

From the January / February 2004 Issue

Daniel Bilar writes: “I am a visiting professor of computer science at Oberlin College. The students are bright and eager to learn, so I am having a blast.”

Henry Haggard writes: “On Aug. 23, I married to Jee Sun Lee (Stanford ’93, Cornell ’03 Ph.D.). In attendance were best man Dave Schopler, officiant and groomsman Eric Dimitrov ’94, Heather Arnett ’94, Stephen George ’94, Will Fisher ’94, Nils Pohlmann ’94, Todd Wehmann ’94, and Guy Schmidt ’94. We put together an alumni row the day of the wedding and took surfing lessons the day before the wedding. I am working for the State Department and living in Arlington, Va. My wife is teaching political science at Williams College.”

Scott Paley writes: “I married Sharon Friedman (Connecticut College ’96) on March 29 in Queens, N.Y. Kevin Bau was a groomsman. Other alumni in attendance included Stephen Gilheeney ’99 M.D., Gary Jesdanun, Nate Lamkin, Brian Sowell, Frank McLellan ’96 Ph.D., Jill Rothblatt ’96, Wendy Doran ’94, Gladys Xiques ’94, Barry Schwartz ’50, and Henry Schwartz ’87. Sharon and I had an amazing time honeymooning in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. We are living in Brooklyn Heights, and I continue to work as the CTO at Abstract Edge, an interactive marketing firm that I cofounded in 1999.”

Andy Shen ’99 M.D. writes: “Irene Wu ’97 and I were married on May 24 in beautiful Dana Point, Calif. Included in the wedding party were Amy Wu Baird, Justin Dominick ’99 M.D., Mark Lu, and Chris Ryan ’97. Also in attendance were Saranga Sangakkara ’99, Peter Vessenes ’97, Edward Yun ’97, Emily Hsu ’97, Margaret Huang Casey ’97, Will Liu ’96, Steve Wu, Carl Chang ’96, Alan Wu ’00, Stacy Wu, Albert Woo ’99 M.D., Allen Hsiao ’94, ’98 M.D., Kane Kuo, and Wendy Lin ’94, ’98 M.D. I just finished my emergency room residency at UCLA and am now an attending ER physician at Torrance Memorial Medical Center and a clinical instructor at Olive View/UCLA hospital. Irene is a consultant at Econone in Los Angeles.”

Amy Sohn writes: “On Oct. 11, 2003, I married painter Charles Miller at the Dream Away Lodge in Becket, Mass. My father, Peter Sohn ’66, and my mother, Elaine, gave me away. Charles paints portraits of Jewish boxers from the 1920s and ’30s. We met when I borrowed some of his paintings for a party I was throwing.”

Jenny Souther ’99 M.D. and Andrew Kalinsky ’99 M.D. announce the May 3 birth of their daughter, Jordan Reed Kalinsky. Jenny is in private practice in Johnston, R.I., and Andrew is a fourth-year radiology resident at Brown.

From the November / December 2003 Issue

Daniel Bilar writes: “After receiving my Ph.D. in engineering sciences from Dartmouth and working on and off on cybersecurity at the Institute for Security Technology Studies, I am now an assistant professor of computer science at Oberlin College.”

Garrett Growney announces the June 14 birth of Maddox Liam. Garrett writes: “I am living and working in Cody, Wyo., with my wife, Sarah.” Jon Kaye writes: “Susan Seipel Seretis, Beth Seyle Fenton, Todd Guren ’96, and I attended the joyfully Jewish wedding of Mike Wolosin to Vicki Shabo in Durham, N.C., in May. The happy newlyweds are proud parents of two kittens, Cokie and Nina.”

Rhett Landrum writes: “I am living in Miami, working as a high school teacher, and enjoying spending time with my four-year-old daughter. I am also working for an ecotourism company designing and marketing environmentally friendly travel.”

Molly Morse Limmer and her husband, Seth, announce the May 2 birth of Rosey Esther.

Bonnie Meguid writes: “I married Michael Delgado (Princeton ’94) in Rochester, N.Y., on June 14. My brother, Rob Meguid ’97, ’02 M.D. was our usher. We were joined by a huge group of Brown friends: Tegan Blaine, Betsy Eisenberg, Melisa Lai ’94, ’99 M.D., Lisa Anderson Morton ’93, David Primo ’98, ’98 A.M., Matt Romaniello, Jennifer Peterson Rouda, Brian Warshawsky, and Peter Wied.”

From the May / June 2003 Issue

Ty Alper and his wife, Tamar, are proud to announce the Aug. 24 birth of Rachel Todd Alper.

Jesse Butler writes: “I live in the citrus-growing region of Florida near Frostproof. I landscape miniature ‘faux’ orange groves. Sometimes I venture out to the Polk County Public Library, where I have Web access.”

Svante Fischer writes: “After six years in the United States and two years in France, I returned to Sweden. I am a Ph.D. candidate in Iron Age archaeology at the University of Uppsala. On May 10, 2002, I married Sofia Nordin in Engelbrektskyrkan, Stockholm. Present were Stephen C. Smith ’92, Patrick Sautin ’96, and Helene Strick ’97. I have two children, Teodora, 6, and Arthur, 1 month.”

Tissa Abedinejad Hami writes: “Since Brown, I have worked on Wall Street, returned to my native Iran for the first time in twenty years, and earned a dual master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris. I am now living in the Boston area, where I perform regularly as a stand-up comic.”

Marni Gonzalez writes: “After spending the past few years in Manila and San Francisco, I have found my way back to New England. I am in the second year of a neurology residency at the Univ. of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester, Mass.”

Alison Pease writes: “After graduation I moved to Washington, D.C., where I spent three years working in the U.S. Senate, lastly for Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy. I left D.C. to return to Chicago, where I completed a joint M.B.A./M.P.P. in finance and economics at the Univ. of Chicago. I now work for a Chicago investment bank.”

Eliza Sporn writes: “On Nov. 16 Elizabeth Goldman married Randy Turkel (Johns Hopkins ’96, Columbia ’00 M.P.A.) at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. I was the maid of honor. Other alumni in attendance included Victoria Ionata, Teena Shetty, Rachel Alexander, Mike Kappelman ’96, Eve Brensike ’97, and David Altshuler ’71. Liz received J.D. and M.P.H. degrees from the Univ. of Michigan in 2001. Liz and Randy are living in the Washington, D.C., area where Liz is practicing health law and Randy is a consultant. I completed a federal clerkship last August and then spent a month traveling in Africa, where I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. I am living in New York City and practicing law.”

From the March / April 2003 Issue

Jessica Barnard writes: “I married James Clem in June in my hometown of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. It was a beautiful wedding. Among my Brown friends who made the trip were bridesmaids Gretchen Wiker ’94 and Ivy Ingram ’94; Laurel Galgano; and Howard Wettan. Jim and I live in Cambridge, Mass., where I manage Grub Street, a nonprofit literary center.”

Nate Lamkin writes: “I married a wonderful woman named Leah in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, on Oct. 20. Fellow Jabberwock Brian Sowell was a groomsman and sang a traditional Hebrew wedding song for the processional. Stephen Gilheeney ’95, ’99 M.D. and Kevin Bau were also groomsmen. Other alumni in attendance included Gary Jesdanun, Kevin Schaaf, Jack Humphrey, Scott Paley, Christina ‘Daphne’ Paulino, and Jill Rothblatt ’96.”

Easton Manson is managing partner of Persis Asset Advisors, with responsibilities for real estate advisory and consulting services. Previously, Easton worked at Arthur Andersen and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Jennifer Martinelli ’99 M.D. writes: “I married Jeffrey Souza (Bridgewater State ’94, Georgetown ’95 M.A.) on Aug. 24 in Providence. Alumni in attendance included Reena Vasavada, Connie Madrid, Jason Muth, Chris Modesto, and Jon Smith ’99 M.D. We live and work in Boston but are planning on moving back to Rhode Island.”

Bonnie Meguid writes: “Good things come in threes. In 2002 I got engaged to my best friend, Michael Delgado (Princeton ’94), completed my Ph.D. in political science at Harvard, and began a new job as assistant professor at the Univ. of Rochester.

Rae Ann Darling Reed writes: “I graduated magna cum laude with my MBA in information technology from the International Univ. of Monaco in June 2002. Monte Carlo was an amazing place to call home during the ten-month program. I married Philip Byron Reed V (New College ’93) on Aug. 11 on Sanibel Island, Florida. We spent our honeymoon in France and Florida.”

Mike Weiss (see Robin Farkas Weintraub ’00).

From the November / December 2002 Issue

Nikki Davila Nio writes: "I married Rudy Nio Jr. (Michigan State '01) on March 9 in San Antonio. Jennifer Diehl Oquendo and Arthur Urbano were members of the wedding party. After our honeymoon in Europe we settled in Arlington, Tex., with our dog, Oreo. Rudy is an environmental planner with the North Central Texas Council of Governments and a student at Univ. of Texas at Arlington, where he is working on dual master's degrees in city and regional planning and public administration. In May 2001 I received a joint master's degree in communication and urban studies from Michigan State University. I am the community development coordinator for the city of Burleson."

Al Hargrave Jr. and his wife, Gail, announce that they are expecting their first child in December. Al is a C.P.A. in Worcester, Mass., and Gail teaches third grade.

Kent Ibsen writes: "My new bride, Adelea, and I are moving to Germany. My company is starting a new plant in Dresden, and we are relocating from Austin, Tex. We plan on being there for three years and are bringing our Boston terrier, Sara, with us."

Michael Wolosin writes: "The June wedding of Susan Seipel to Constantinos 'Gus' Seretis (Rutgers '01) was a chance to celebrate with many fellow Brunonians. I enjoyed catching up with my first-year roommate Alex Yang and his wife, Wendy; Beth Seyle Fenton and her husband, Andrew; Mike and Erin Mancuso Hobey; and Jon Kaye. Sue, Jon, and I are in various stages of our doctorates at Rutgers, Univ. of Washington, and Duke, respectively. The rest are gainfully employed and doing well."

From the September / October 2002 Issue

Stefan Brathwaite wrote in June: "I'm working in Geneva for the summer. I'll be returning to Washington, D.C., on Aug. 20. Before leaving the United States, I was pleased to see the recording of a sold-out concert my sister, Anna, gave recently in Kingston, Jamaica. On Oct. 5, 2002, I'll be serving as best man at my brother's wedding in Minneapolis."

Sharmila Rao writes: "I started the new year with a move to Chicago to be with my husband at last. We were married July 7, 2001, in Whippany, N.J. Guests included Andrew Baker '94; Kavita Bali '97; Saba Brelvi; John O'Brien '96; Colleen Cronin; Sanjay Daluvoy '96; Maya Dani '94; Phani Dantuluri '93, '97 M.D.; Deepa Donde and her husband, Vinay Bhagat; Isheeta Ganguly '94; Salil Gupta; John Johnston; Shuba Kamath '96, '00 M.D.; Richard Kim; Sarah Fronhofer; Ian Kodish; Ranjeev Krishana and his wife, Isabelle Fisher; Kathy Kulkarni '97; Lisa Lepson; Jed Lippard; Hiren Mankodi; Jessie McCormack; Dena Montague '96; Srihari Naidu '93, '97 M.D., and his wife, Nina Shaikh; Sonal Patel '97; Karthick Ramakrishnan '96; Kanishka Ratnayaka '96; Uma Setty '97; Sonya Shah; Greg Rozycki '02 M.D.; Teena Shetty '00 M.D.; and Carma Burnette Van Allen and her husband, Eric. I miss New York lots, but luckily I get to go back and forth often."

Abbey Rieser Rubinstein and Dan Rubinstein '91 announce the March 14 arrival of Alexandra Eleanor. Alexandra is the great- granddaughter of Richard M. Rieser Sr. '36 and the granddaughter of Richard M. Rieser Jr. '65.

From the July / August 2002 Issue

Ty Alper writes: "My wife, Tamar, and I moved to Atlanta to work at the Southern Center for Human Rights, where we represent death row inmates in Georgia and Alabama."

Lenny Feldman writes: "I'm still alive and well in North Carolina. I finish my pediatrics residency at the University of North Carolina in June 2003, after which I will serve as chief resident in internal medicine the following year."

Marc Hultquist, Crystal, and Megan announce the March 6 birth of Katherine Claire. Marc writes: "We will be moving to Lawton, Okla."

Kevin Robinowitz and his wife, Debbie, announce the April 4 birth of Anna Riley Robinowitz. Kevin writes: "Anna looks forward to her first year on College Hill, as evidenced by her smile upon mention of the Van Wickle Gates."

Nik Rouda writes: "Jennifer Colleen Peterson and I were married on Feb. 2 in Berkeley, Calif. Alumni in attendance included maid of honor Becky Miller '96, best man Duncan Brown, wedding singer Leigh Tivol, Bonnie Meguid, Susan Choung, Brian Warshawsky, Elizabeth S. Heckscher '98, Craig Hofmeister, Kate McKay '96, Peter Wied, Tegan Blaine, Sarah Cunningham '97, Leon ԉIggy' Zulueta '97, Neel Shah, and Sila Ponrartana '97. We went on a honeymoon to Tasmania."

From the May / June 2002 Issue

All Delta Tau alumni are asked to return to Brown on May 27 to join the Commencement procession in memory of the Delts who were heroes and victims of September 11: Ray Rocha, Chuck Margiotta '79, Dave Laychak '83, and Paul Sloan '97. A Delt reunion is also planned for Friday, May 24.

Rae Ann Darling writes: "I am living in France and am working on an M.B.A. at the University of Southern Europe in Monte Carlo, Monaco. I was awarded an ambassadorial scholarship by Rotary International to attend the program. On New Year's Eve I was engaged to Philip Reed (New College '93). Our wedding is set for Aug. 11. I also was the 38th woman to finish the Monaco Marathon in November."

From the November / December 2000 Issue

N. Jeremi Duru left Detroit this fall to work in the Virgin Islands as a law clerk for a federal judge. He was formerly a law clerk for senior Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Damon Keith. Last year he traveled to Nigeria to study injury cases filed by Nigerians working in the country’s oil industry.

Sarah Grabel (see Joyce Leffler Eldridge ’64).

Avery Kolers writes: “After five years of graduate school in Tucson, Ariz., I’ve started my first year teaching in the philosophy department at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. My work is mainly in political philosophy and ethics. Louisville is a fantastic place, and I could use some help in ongoing explorations of my new home. Please visit, call, or write.”

Alissa Levy married Jin-Ho Chung (University of Michigan ’94, ’96 J.D.) on July 23. Anna Russakoff and Angela Mitchell ’88 attended the wedding; Melisa Lai ’94, ’99 M.D. was there in spirit. Alissa writes: “We are living happily in Chicago and love hearing from old friends.”

Jessie McCormack writes that she is the author of the play “Spine,” in which she is also an actor. The show is playing at the Phil Bosakowski Theater at 354 W. 45th St. in New York City from Nov. 9 to Dec. 10. Showtimes are 8 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and 7 p.m. Sunday. The set and lighting designer is Mike Brown ’94.

Nik Rouda writes: “Greetings from the Left Coast. It seems I’ve settled down and become respectable: I bought a new domicile in the hills, stopped my gallivanting around Asia and Latin America, took a desk job, and paid my taxes. To keep it interesting, I’ve taken up racing my Viper on the streets and formula cars at the tracks. I’m still pretty inseparable from Duncan Brown and Karima Cammell ’96, even though they’ve gotten hitched. Brian Warshawsky, my cousin, and Ellie Heckscher ’98 remain good for the occasional free meal. And I’ve taken up with the lovely Jennifer Peterson. Who would have bet on that four years ago?”

David Shrier writes: “I left NBC’s digital media group in May after leading venture capital investments totaling $62 million and hiring Adam Cahan ’93 as a summer associate. I am now a director with i-Hatch Ventures, a $150 million early-stage venture capital fund based in New York City ( i-Hatch’s portfolio boasts a strong representation of Brown alumni, including Jon Klein ’80 and G. Gooder ’94 of Feedroom and Michael Zimbalist ’79 of ePod. The Silicon Alley scene is rife with Brown alums like Jon Beck of Bear Stearns Internet banking group, Charlie Walton of Ramsey Beirne, Debbie Kostin of, Ken Shapiro ’87 of, and Ross Goldstein ’81 of DFJ Gotham. Also doing well in N.Y.C. are non-Internet execs Gladys Xiques ’94, Rachel Boynton, who had a film in Sundance, and Debbie Hartman, who just received an M.B.A. from N.Y.U. It feels like I hardly left campus!”

From the September / October 2000 Issue

Reunion cochair Stephen Gilheeney writes: "What a weekend. I think that the part of the reunion that touched me most was hearing how well everyone is doing and how much we have accomplished. The memory of walking onto Pembroke and seeing so many people, some of whom I hadn’t seen since graduation, still gives me goose bumps. As I began to rekindle old friendships, the contributions that our class has made, both to Brown and to society, really shined through. From dot-commers to doctors, lobbyists to lawyers, researchers to those devoted to helping others, the classmates awed me. Every memory helps me realize why I loved my years at Brown so much. To have had even a small hand in organizing this weekend was truly a privilege. Please stay in touch with the Brown Alumni Web site and"

Alisa Algava writes: "At the reunion, amid the thrill of seeing friendly faces, more than fifty classmates together stepped away to a corner of campus with other friends and University Chaplain Janet Cooper Nelson, and shared a moment that was truly real. We joined to celebrate and remember Karina Lago who died in November 1995. Many of us had never had the opportunity to come together to honor the powerful woman whom we were blessed to know. As the sun filled every corner of Providence, we planted a cherry tree that will bloom brilliantly each year. Karina’s energy and presence used to fill an entire room and uplift our spirits in an instant. The world will never know what it lost. But we know. The plaque beneath the tree reads ‘Karina Palmira Lago, Class of 1995, June 19, 1973-November 6, 1995. She changed our worlds.’ She really did. When you contribute to an endowed scholarship fund in Karina’s memory, please make the check payable to the Karina Lago Scholarship Fund. Please visit Karina’s tree. It grows on a small grassy area in New Pembroke, just inside the courtyard at the corner of Thayer and Bowen streets."

Allegra Hosford Scheirer, of Bourne, Mass., writes that she married Daniel Scheirer. Dan is a senior research associate in Brown’s department of geological sciences. Guests included Ryan Spackman, Charlie Weiland ’87, Ben Flower ’85, James Conder ’98 Sc.M., Jian Lin ’89 Ph.D., bridesmaids Aileen Yingst ’98 Ph.D. and Amy Kuntz Maxwell ’87 Sc.M., and professors of geological science Don Forsyth and Jan Tullis. Allegra is in the final year of a Ph.D. program in marine geophysics at the M.I.T./Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Chris Keen writes: "For the past two and a half years I’ve been a consultant, first in Santiago, Chile, and now in Mexico City.

Karin E. Schwaz-Rightsell writes: "I live in Arizona with my wonderful husband, Nathaniel. We expect our first child later this year.

From the July / August 2000 Issue

Stephen Camilli writes: "I have moved to Buenos Aires, where I am working on a project to start the country’s first-ever food bank. I have been studying and working as an actuary here for two and a half years. Best wishes for the five-year reunion; wish I could have been there."

Matt Dobkin has published his first book, Getting Opera: A Guide for the Cultured but Confused (Simon and Schuster). He writes: "It’s basically a hip, irreverent guide to opera geared toward twenty- and thirty-somethings." To find out more, go to

Nate Lamkin writes: "After receiving my master of science from the Columbia University School of Social Work in mid-May, I returned to my hometown of Boston with my girlfriend, Ivette, who will be a first-year resident in the Harvard-affiliated emergency-medicine program. In early June, I started work as an outpatient clinical therapist on the trauma team of South Bay Mental Health in Brockton, Mass. Classmates visiting the Boston area are welcome at our place in Somerville. Please call or e-mail."

Mario A. Morales Jr., of Bristol, R.I., writes: "Kristen (R.I.C. ’95) and I have been transferred to Rhode Island. We arrived on Jan. 15 and were fortunate to find a home that we liked. We closed on it on Feb. 17, a day I will never forget: Kristen started having contractions at 5 a.m. We were scheduled to do our walk-through at 10 a.m. and the closing was scheduled for 11 a.m. Luckily we made it through the closing and went to the doctor’s office. We were immediately sent to the hospital. At the hospital, we were taken directly to the labor delivery room. It was fortunate that we did not experience any delays since Molly Elizabeth was born three hours later. She came out with a full head of hair and looks just like her daddy. We hope she grows out of it."

Joshua Safdie (see Elias Safdie ’67).

Leigh Tivol writes: "In January 1999, I moved from Washington, D.C., to Indianapolis to live near my significant other, Nick Arena (Indiana University ’88). I’m delighted to announce that we are formally engaged and plan to marry in spring or summer of 2001. As if getting married weren’t enough of a project, Nick is running for U.S. Congress in Indiana’s 6th District (against Republican incumbent Dan Burton). As we plan our wedding, we will also be running a campaign! Anyone interested in seeing Burton replaced can visit our campaign Web site:"

From the May / June 2000 Issue

Reunion co-chairs Anne Carney, Sharmila Rao, and Stephen Gilheeney write: "Our long-awaited reunion is this month. We anticipate many of you will be back; we have lots planned; and we hope our class gift exceeds all expectations. If you’ve not yet registered, contact (401) 863-1947;; or visit See you soon!" Sharmila adds: "Another group of us is interested in putting together an informal South Asian alumni network. Plans are in the making for a kickoff dinner in June or July in New York City."

Eva Sanders Allen writes: "I am in my fourth year of ‘gradual school,’ working on a doctorate in behavior and evolutionary biology at Indiana University. Not only am I surrounded by family, I’ve discovered a little group of Brown graduates, including Thalia Brine ’96 and Hanna Kolodziejski ’98, who are also studying here. Deb Shapiro keeps me sane long-distance from New York City, where she’s finishing law school. I look forward to our reunion, where I hope to reestablish contact with long-lost friends."

Ty Alper married Tamar Todd in a cliff-side ceremony in Santa Cruz, Calif. Attending were best man Jeremy Alper; huppa holders Mac Alper and Robin Alper ’98; ushers Marc Vogl and Daniel Lee; guitar players John OBrien ’96 and Gabe Roth; sound technician Anne Arkush ’96; as well as guests Dan Alper ’63, Fred Alper ’60, Larry Gross ’63, Michael Cardozo ’63, Alex Reinert ’93, Apurva Dave ’98, Bill Watterson, Brian Perkins ’96, Bronwen Macro, Cindy Barton ’96, Elaine Gruenke, Jeff Borkin ’98, Elena Ritchie ’98, Jill Wolfson, Kevin Shay, Kirby Smith, Laska Jimsen, Laura Benson, Laurie Kardos ’98, Lisa Lepson, Michele Kunitz, Mike Zurer, Paul Charney, Pierre Stroud ’96, Steph Weiner, Dan Lerman ’96, and Todd Sullivan ’97.

Rinku Chandra, of New York City, writes: "I married Sonali Jain last year. Sonali and I met while I was studying for a Ph.D. in development studies at Oxford University. Sonali is pursuing a Ph.D. in economics at Columbia, and I work for McKinsey & Co."

Sandy S. Choi writes: "On Jan. 7, I married the love of my life, Jake Jaiho Cho (Columbia ’98 J.D.), whom I met in law school. He is an associate at Clifford Chance in New York City. Many Brown friends attended our ceremony in Seoul, Korea, and our reception in New York, including Francesca Nam ’95, Seung Eun Lee ’96, Jay Choi ’94, Sung-Min Suh ’94, In Sun Geoum ’92, Natalie Jen ’95, Jae Kim ’96, Mok Young Hyun ’96, Jee-Hyun Yeo ’97, and Grace Lee ’88, ’92 M.D. I work at the law firm of Milbank Tweed in New York City.

Amanda Moniz writes: "I just moved to Washington, D.C., from New York City, where I’d been working in the pastry department at Babbo restaurant. I moved because my fiancé, David Lenter ’94, lives here. We’ll be married in May and expect a Brown contingent at the wedding. We’ve already had one Brown friend, Nuna Kim ’94, visit our new home."

Abigail Ramsay writes: "I have been in London for the past four years, graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art last July. Now I’m spending time auditioning and teaching drama to kids around London, but I’m dying to get back to New York."

Hamilton Schwartz graduated from Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia in May 1999. He is now in his pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Andrew Shen ’99 M.D. writes: "I am in the middle of my internship in internal medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School in Boston. There are many great Brown alumni at this hospital. In July, I will begin a three-year residency in emergency medicine at the U.C.L.A. Medical Center."

Anjali Viswanathan ’00 M.D. writes: "On Jan. 29, Kenneth Hsiao ’95, ’99 M.D. made me the happiest woman in the world by asking me to marry him. Ken is in his first year of a urology residency at Emory University in Atlanta. I look forward to seeing faces from the past at our 5th reunion and my medical school graduation in May."

From the March / April 2000 Issue

Reunion cochair Sharmila Rao reports: “There is still time to register for reunion weekend, which is just two months away. If you have questions, or if you do not receive a registration mailing, contact reunion headquarters at (401) 863-1947; Our Web site is We also invite you to serve on these committees: registration and welcoming, communications, class meeting, and Saturday-night and Sunday-night functions.”

Sharifa Al-Homaizi writes that she is starting a career in documentary filmmaking in London.

Jeff Brown ’99 M.D. and Amy Kirkpatrick (Tufts ’99 M.D.) were married on June 5 in Hartford. The wedding party included Lenny Feldman (Univ. of Maryland ’99 M.D.), Phil Lai ’99 M.D., Graham Gardner ’99 M.D., and Sarah Carlson (Univ. of Vermont ’99 M.D.). Many other alums attended. After a honeymoon in St. Maarten, Jeff and Amy began their respective residencies in family medicine and ob-gyn at the University of Rochester. Jeff writes: “After a week of sun, beach, and endless frozen drinks, it was a harsh wake-up call for both of us to start in the ICU. Luckily, our programs adhere to the N.Y. Bell Commission rules.”

Jesse Dickman (see Bob Dickman ’64).

Kendra Proctor Goldbas writes: “I married a wonderful man, Jacob Goldbas (Morehouse College ’94), whom I met during my junior year in Atlanta. Joanna Leeds ’96 and Maria Taylor were bridesmaids at the Seattle wedding. Dufirstson Neree ’96 was a guest. I recently received a master’s in public policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School and am now living in Washington, D.C.”

Jason Grunebaum writes: “Since September I’ve been a tracing/protection delegate for the International Red Cross in Kosovo. I’m based south of Pristina in a city called Gjilan/Gnjilane. We follow cases of people who were reported missing during and after the NATO bombing. We also help displaced families keep in contact with relatives. It’s a pretty chaotic situation here with the UN trying to run the place; it’s quite the NGO circus.”

Tilly Gurman and Lance Uradomo, of Arlington, Va., were married on June 27. Lance reports that the wedding party included Smith Surasmith and Andrea Bettacchi ’97. The ceremony took place in the garden of the Sweetwater Branch Bed and Breakfast in Gainesville, Fla. Guests included Alisa Algava ’96, Jasmine Huang ’97, Angelie Chong ’96, Alex Soukas, Katharine Cornell, Naomi Barends, Kina Thomas, Usha Raghavan Ranji, and Sumant Ranji ’92. Following a honeymoon in Grenada, the couple held a California reception attended by Yohance Edwards ’96 and Jenny Ahern ’97. Tilly received her master’s in public health from Johns Hopkins and is now assistant director of the HIV prevention program at the American College Health Association. Lance, in his fourth year at the George Washington University School of Medicine, is applying for an internal-medicine residency.

Henry Haggard reports that he lived in Washington, D.C., with Dave Schopler as Dave trained to enter the Navy Seals in January. Henry, who was in training for the Foreign Service, headed to Seoul in January. Henry writes: “This summer I visited the Corn Palace with Eric Dimitrov ’94 and along the way saw Heather Arnett ’94 and the wedding of Nils Pohlmann ’94. The wedding was full of Brunonians, including groomsmen Jon Petty ’94, Will Fisher ’94, and Garrett Palm ’94.”

Jamie Koven (see Marshall H. Cohen ’54).

Mario A. Morales Jr. and his wife, Kristen (Rhode Island College ’94), bought their first home in New Jersey. Mario writes: “Unfortunately we couldn’t enjoy the house long since I was transferred to Danbury, Conn., early this year. We look forward to buying a home in Connecticut once the transfer is complete. We also expected our first child in March. We are very excited and a little scared. One thing Brown did not prepare me for was fatherhood.”

Xeno Müller (see Marshall H. Cohen ’54).

Sarah Roberts and David Black write: “After meeting on a blind date during freshman year, we were engaged in St. John, V.I., in April 1999. A June wedding is planned on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.” Sarah graduated from Columbia University Teachers College with a master’s in elementary education in May 1998 and is teaching third grade at the William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia. David is a first-year medical student on a U.S. Navy health-professions scholarship at the Medical College of Pennsylvania Hahnemann University School of Medicine.

Chris Runhaar writes: “I’ve been living and working as an engineer in the San Jose, Calif., area since September 1995. I will take a motorcycle tour of North America in May, June, and perhaps July. I will head south and east from San Jose, through the southern United States, then north to Providence for my 5th reunion, and then west through the northern United States and Canada, and perhaps to Alaska. I would love to visit old and new friends along the way. Benjamin Dodge ’96 plans to ride with me for part of the trip.”

From the January / February 2000 Issue

Reunion cochair Sharmila Rao reports: "New Year greetings, classmates. Our 5th reunion, to be held May 26-29, is approaching. Thanks for your ideas and comments. If you've not already done so, please forward your updated mailing and e-mail addresses to Proposed events include a pre-campus dance cocktail party and reception; a Success Stories of '95 panel, a campus tour, performances by class bands and theatrical groups, special-topic seminars, a Water Fire gathering, a downtown pub crawl, and of course, the Commencement march. Please share your suggestions."

Lindsey Arent writes that after graduating from U.C.-Berkeley's journalism school in May, she was hired as a staff reporter at Wired News in San Francisco, where she covers politics, technology, and culture. She frequently hangs out with Faye Stapleton, of Los Angeles, who is producing profiles for the Disney Channel of the thirty-nine teachers selected for the Disney American Teacher Awards.

Lou Carter, of Waltham, Mass., published his first book, Linkage Inc.'s Best Practices in Leadership Development Handbook, copublished by Jossey Bass Pfeiffer and Linkage, Inc. Lou is a managing editor and training manager and specialist at Linkage Inc., an organizational-development and human-resources consulting and corporate-education firm. He works in Lexington, Mass.

Stephen Gilheeney writes: "The guy whom no one ever thought would leave Rhode Island now lives in the Big Apple. In June, I started my pediatrics residency at New York Hospital/Cornell University Medical Center." He has found many classmates in New York City, but is always on the lookout for more. He adds, "I still see Nate Lamkin, Kevin Bau, Dana Zappetti '99 M.D., Gladys Xiques '94, and Dana Fialco '96 very regularly. I look forward to hearing from friends with whom I've lost touch. Keep an eye out for reunion information."

Diane Henker, of Newark, Del., reports that she was married twice this year - to the same man. She and her husband, Tibor, were married in a castle in his home country of Slovakia on May 29. They were married again in a California beach ceremony on June 5. The couple met while Diane was serving in the Peace Corps. Caroline Temmins '96 drove up from Los Angeles for the second celebration.

Feisal Maroof writes: "As our 5th reunion approaches, I would like to give every- one a big smooch. I look forward to watching my sister, Farahnaz '00, graduate, and to making new friends who are as interesting as my current ones. For example, there's Chris Runhaar, who dominates Olympic-style weightlifting competitions and tours northern California on his 900 cc Kawasaki death machine. Larry Chan '98 M.D. breaks hearts at Kaiser Permanente Hollywood. J.P. Puzon represents Los Angeles every time he pops a cap (in House of the Dead II). Rizman Othman '96 Sc.M. has convinced a real live woman to marry him. My highlights include working for a computer-game company, scuba diving off Key Largo, training Brazilian jujitsu with Renzo Gracie (winner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship), skydiving, and founding a Quake clan ( Two snaps for New York City and a third for Laura Devere, who gets invited to all the hip club openings. Finally, I have become Webmaster for the Brown Club of Westchester County, N.Y. ("

Lydia Barbie McLaughlin and her husband, Mark, announce the birth of Calista Rae on July 28.

David Morenoff writes: "Over Labor Day Weekend, I visited Atlanta for the wedding of John Bartlett and Khyati Joshi (Emory University '92, M.T.S. '95, UMass- Amherst '00 Ed.D.). Ben Goodrich and I were grooms-men. It was great to catch up with fellow Brunonians, including Theodore Romanoff '97, Stuart Weisberg '97, Beth Berlin '98, James Todd '98, and Heerak Kim, a Ph.D. student in Judaic studies at Brown. The celebration had an international flavor. Khyati and John met four years ago in Israel, while both were pursuing graduate work at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The wedding festivities kicked off with an evening of Indian dancing, followed the next day by a beautiful wedding ceremony that John and Khyati designed together to combine the traditions of their respective Christian and Hindu faiths."

Charlton A. Rugg, of Boulder, Colo., writes: "I have started my second year at University of Colorado Law and am very busy with school, mountain-bike racing, and skiing.".

From the November / December 1999 Issue

Reunion cochair Sharmila Rao reports: "Our 5th Reunion will be May 26-29, 2000. Keep it free! Thanks for sending in your ideas and comments regarding Reunion 2000. If you've not already done so, or if you've not received our September mailing, please forward your mailing and e-mail addresses to reunions2000 so we can be sure to send you all upcoming information about our exciting reunion activities. So far, proposed events during the weekend include a pre-Campus Dance cocktail party and reception, a Success Stories of '95 panel, a campus tour, performances by class of '95 bands and theatrical groups, special-topic seminars, a Water Fire gathering, a downtown pub crawl, and of course, the Commencement procession. Please share your suggestions and let us know if you're interested in joining a committee."

Richard Alweis '99 M.D. and Julie Isaacs '97 were married June 13 in Mahwah, N.J. The wedding party included groomsmen J. Patrick Ordonez '99 M.D., George Potter, and Jonathan Smith '99 M.D. Other alums in attendance included Mike Albert, David Bodnick, Lee Taylor, and Robert Tumarkin. "A good time was had by all, even if it was in New Jersey," Richard writes. He and Julie live in Cambridge, Mass., where Rich is a medical resident at Mount Auburn Hospital and Julie is a software engineer for Lotus Development Corp.

Lillian Chiang writes: "Greetings from Baltimore. I have relocated from Los Angeles and am making the transition from medical school at UCLA to an internal medicine residency at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center."

Ami Eden, of Philadelphia, Pa., writes: "My wife, Jennifer, and I were very excited to meet up with a slew of friends at the wedding of Howard "Mr. College Democrat" Wettan and his new wife, Keeley Cain (University of Iowa '96). Rob Ware '94 was best man and Howard's cousin, Amy Cohen '98, also walked down the aisle. Future celebrities Mike Palmer '96 and Amanda Philipson were there. Garey Noritz '99 M.D. attended, minus his record-long ponytail, which he apparently traded in for his new title. David Nadler '96 interrupted his pursuit of the Nobel Prize in order to be there. David Nathanson flew in from Vancouver, arriving fifteen minutes before the end of the party thanks to a medical emergency on his plane. Also in attendance were Jessica Barnard, Laurel Galgano, Pete Shakow '92, Larry Tinsley '96, Jebeze Alexander '93, Dan Stearns '96, Marianne Pillsbury '94, and Alexa Eisenberg RISD '95.".

Heejoon Ham married Eunkyung Park on Feb. 2 in Seoul, Korea. Several Brown alums, including Younghan Jung, Hyan Sang Cho '94, and Steve Nam '96 attended the wedding. Eunkyung is an M.F.A. candidate at Ewha Women's University in Seoul. The couple honeymooned in London, Rome, and Paris.

Doris Man started a two-year M.B.A. program at Columbia in August.

Jon Norman writes: "After meandering about the world of policy analysis for several years, I am finally returning to my first love by heading off to architecture school. I will be at U.C.-Berkeley for the next four years working towards a master's in architecture and a master's in city planning. After four years in Boston, I expect it will be quite an adventure. I would love to hear from people in the Bay Area."

Mark A. Tracy, of Minneapolis, writes: "Norris Muth '96 and Allyson Brownlee were married on June 19 at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Little Rock, Ark. The wedding party included groomsmen Ludwig Schulze '96, Mark Tracy, and Nathan Endres '96. Several other Brown alums attended. We suspect that Little Rock will never be quite the same."

Ann Gellert '97 writes: "Anne Ursu's New Years' Eve wedding to John Broich was an amazing event and a virtual Brown reunion." Anne and John were married in Minneapolis. The happy couple lives in Maine.

From the September / October 1999 Issue

Joshua Berman continues the final year of his Peace Corps tour, working in environmental education and agriculture in the northern mountains of Nicaragua. You can read about his experiences on-line at "This isn't your parents' Peace Corps," he writes. "I'm connected to the world by my old laptop, and the electronic community I have out there has been totally involved in some of my projects. We've sent kids to the States for surgery, we've raised money for a local hurricane-affected farmer to plant soybeans, and my subscribers have even sent boxes of clown gear and balloon animals for environment-related shows in the campo schools. It's amazing to be able to involve my friends and family in what I'm doing."

Charles W. Magee's play Serpent Queen opened in May in Canberra, Australia. He writes: "The response has been above and beyond anyone's expectations. We sold out opening night, and four of the five shows were to houses more than two-thirds full. The review, from this town's most respected theater reviewer, was good. Halfway through the season, we have already broken even, despite the fact that first-time productions of new playwrights never turn a profit, especially in this town. I have to say that my director and his cast deserve a huge share of the credit. They were simply awesome. I'm also still enrolled in my Ph.D. program in geology."

Koray Ozdemir is in London doing an internship at Morgan Stanley's investment banking and mergers-and-acquisitions group after finishing his first year at Wharton's M.B.A. program. Koray writes: "Besides working insane hours, I am busy planning our rapidly expanding social scene here in London with other Brown classmates, Christian and Frans Johansson, Nipon Das, and Flavio Delgado-Zelaya. I would love to hear from other Brownies in the area."

Sharmila Rao writes: "I'm beginning my second year of a dual-degree program at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs and School of Public Health. Adjusting to school life has been tough, but my summer internship experience has shown me that I'm not quite ready for the 9-to-5-plus workday just yet. I'm enjoying New York City and see many alums frequently. In May, Jessie McCormack, Dena Montague, and I celebrated the Mount Sinai Medical School graduation of Salil Gupta and Rich Kim. Salil has begun his residency at the Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York City, and Rich is at Brown for a residency in plastic surgery. I often see Phani Dantuluri '93 and Hari Naidu '93, both in their second years of residency in New York, and I am in school with Kavita Bali '97, Suzie Jacinthe '91, Natalie Jen, and Jenny Drezin. Devinder Singh '98 is also up here at Columbia. I have also caught up with Deepa Donde, who has been married for a year and lives in Austin, Tex.; Ranjeev Krishana, who started at Harvard's Kennedy School this fall; Shelly Malhotra, who is pursuing a Ph.D. at Berkeley; as well as Andrew Baker '94, Natasha Warikoo, Vandana Tripathi, Neel Shah, Nina Desai, and Hiren Mankodi. On a recent trip to San Francisco, I saw Colleen Cronin, Dena Montague (on vacation from her master's program in political science at the New School in New York City), and Lisa Lepson. At a birthday celebration for Priya Asnani '96, I saw several other '96ers. We've got quite a network of Brown folk out West. On a summer trip to Washington, D.C., I caught up with Saba Brelvi, Uma Setty '97, and Kathy Kulkarni '97. Carma Burnette and her fiancé have moved to New York. Also doing well are Jed Lippard, Cambridge, Mass.; Ian Kodish, Champaign, Ill.; John Johnston, Los Angeles; and Jeremy Edgerton, Durham, N.C."

Peter Raskind (see Wendy Herlihy Raskind '64).

Atabey Sanchez-Farmer visited family in Puerto Rico for a month. She writes: "Rosa Perez is here studying law. My husband, Duane, and I are living in Portsmouth, which is one hour south of London, so if you are in the area, call or stop by. I would love to hear from you."

Jeff Schneider writes: "It may be a surprise to nobody, but Sarah Carlson '95 and I were engaged this past February. As a couple who met during our freshman year at Brown, we have decided to get married at Manning Chapel in June. In the meantime I will be an internal medicine intern at the University of Vermont, where Sarah is a student, and then continuing my residency at Boston City Hospital in emergency medicine."

From the July / August 1999 Issue

Jean E. Andruski writes: "In December 1999 I returned from working on a research project in Japan to accept a position at Wayne State University in Detroit."

Jill Brady, San Francisco, reports that she is "doing the work-and-grad-school thing" and would love to hear from old buddies.

Gretchen Goetz married Jeff Jackson (University of Texas '96) in March. Nicole McGraime and Susan Chew were bridesmaids. Gretchen, Jeff, and his daughter, Brooklynne, 8, live in San Antonio, where Jeff is a math teacher and Gretchen works for U.S. Global Investors.

Patrick Hickey married Kim Wagoner (University of North Carolina '95) in December at the Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, N.C. Many Brown alums attended. Patrick writes: "Kim and I will graduate from medical school after returning from a two-month tropical medicine rotation in Thailand and Bangladesh. Then we begin our residencies at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu. I'm going into pediatrics and Kim is going into obstetrics and gynecology."

Sarah Horwich and Sarah Varney '96 write: "In June we took seven days to ride bicycles 560 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles with more than 2,600 other people in the California AIDS Ride. We rode to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and its mission to end the AIDS epidemic.

Laura Lingle, Houston, graduated from medical school and started a combined residency program in internal medicine and pediatrics in June at the University of Texas at Houston Medical School.

Ethan McKee writes: "After two years of nomadic existence as an Outward Bound instructor, I have unpacked my car and taken root in Key Largo, Fla. Here I am the education coordinator for an Outward Bound program that takes at-risk youth to the Everglades."

Henry Morales writes: "While all my peers were interviewing in suits for jobs at JP Morgan, I was the guy out surfing in Newport, R.I., ditching class, and generally not giving a s-. Ironically, I have found a calling as the founder/owner of an international surf tour company, Wavehunters Surf Travel of Santa Barbara, Calif., which specializes in surf tours to the far corners of the earth (http:// We integrate meteorological surf/swell data into the planning of our clients' trips to guarantee surfers not just the trip they desire, but actual swell or surf. We're now finishing our second year and have annual sales of nearly $3 million. We're one of the most rapidly growing and successful Internet 'niche travel' companies in existence, handling the travel for prestigious entities such as the ASP World Tour of Surfing."

Laura Shafron married Michael Weinberg on March 13 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The wedding was attended by many close friends and alums from all over the country, including bridesmaids Jackie Cavanaugh, Abbey Rieser Rubinstein, and Lisa Stern. The next reunion for the group will be a New Year's Eve 2000 celebration in Park City, Utah. Laura and Mike now live and work in Colorado.

David Shih is finishing his term as national treasurer of the American Medical Student Association. At the national convention in Chicago in March, he met many fellow Brunonians, including outgoing Region I trustee Stephen Cha '94, and incoming Region I trustee Jaya Agrawal '97, as well as Ritesh Dhar '97 and Benjamin Springgate '95. Steve is finishing his third year at Brown Medical School, Jaya her second year. Ritesh is wrapping up his second year at Penn State, and Ben his second year at Tulane. Although she couldn't make it to the convention, Eowyn Rieke '91, '98 M.D. served as national vice president the previous year. She is completing her master's in public health at Harvard. David is a fourth-year medical student at Washington University in St. Louis, currently doing a year of health services research at the University of Pennsylvania.

Jennifer Sonnenblick Skolnick and Jason Skolnick report that marriage is still terrific after four years. Jennifer graduated from medical school and started her emergency medicine residency in July at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Jason is successful in financial advising, one-and-a-half years after starting his own company. They write: "In June we vacationed in Costa Rica for a rain-forest and animal-behavior tour. Congratulations to Usha Raghavan, who is getting married to Sumant Ranji '92."

Megan Stephan began her doctoral studies at Oxford University in October, after completing her master's in English literature in July 1998 at Oxford. She rows for Lincoln College, Oxford, and served as president of women's crew last academic year.

From the May / June 1999 Issue

Tushna Kandawalla moved to New York City from Boston in October and is enjoying her new job at HBO. Tushna writes: "Surprisingly, life here is a little less hectic than in Boston, where I was working full-time for Arthur Andersen, while going to school full-time for my M.B.A. and C.P.A. degrees (which I got in 1997 and 1998, respectively). It was as crazy as it sounds! I have been in touch with many Brunonians and am looking forward to seeing many more at our fifth reunion next year. I am in regular contact with Sharifa Al-Homaizi '96, Rahim Kassim-Lakha '97, Jessica Barnard, Laurel Galgano, Margo Vassar, Manizeh Irani '97, Mithra Irani '93, and Osman Asghar Khan '93.

Teena Shetty is away from the Brown School of Medicine on a U.S.-U.K. Fulbright Scholarship for 1998-1999. She is now a student in medicine at Cambridge University, England.

Abbey Rieser and Dan Rubinstein '91 were married on June 27, 1998, at the Standard Club in Chicago. Abbey and Dan were introduced at Brown's 1996 homecoming. Abbey is the daughter of Richard M. Rieser Jr. '65 and the granddaughter of Richard M. Rieser Sr. '36. The wedding party included bridesmaids Jackie Cavanaugh, Debbie Kostin, and Laura Shafron; groomsmen Joe Mocco '93 and Reid Smith '91; and ushers Mark Carson '91 and Dave Slates '91. Many other Brown alumni were in attendance. After their honeymoon in Nevis, Abbey and Dan moved to San Francisco. They were happy to have so many Brown people at their wedding.

From the March / April 1999 Issue

Chris Cirillo is deputy director of large-scale development at the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development. His community development projects include serveral major residential and commercial developments in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Chris works with Lucy Raimes and Regina Park '96.

Betsy Gilliland writes: "Greetings from Uzbekistan, where I am now four months into my Peace Corps service teaching English at Bukhara State University. I also work a few days a week at the Bukhara English Community Centers. Even though the Peace Corps spent three months teaching us Uzbek, I am using my Russian (learned at Brown!) much more. Having e-mail has really brought me back in touch with the outside world. I would love to hear from old friends and anyone else interested in learning more about this ancient, mysterious country."

Rebecca Hirsh is a postbaccalaureate premed student at Bryn Mawr College.

Alex Klibaner married Rachel Schiff (Harvard '96) on Aug. 30. Many Brown alums attended, including ushers Michael Rader, Robert Lebowitz '94, and Adam Szpiro '94 Sc.M. After graduating from Harvard Law School cum laude, Alex started working in labor and employment law at Thelen Reid & Priest in San Francisco. He and Rachel are having a wonderful time out west and hope to have friends visit.

Bill Schmitz, Bob Warden, Brad Critchell, and Zach Schreiber all live in a New York City townhouse, which Bob likes to dub "101 Action Blvd." Everyone is doing well, keeping in close contact with classmates Reid Brackin, Sam Caspersen, and Guy Adema via a (sometimes vicious) e-mail circle. Bob and Brad are looking forward to Campus Dance and a chance to revisit some old flames lit at Brown.

Leigh Tivol writes: "After three and a half years working in Washington, D.C., with Results, a grassroots citizens' lobby working to end hunger and poverty, I'm packing up and moving to (of all places) Indianapolis! My longtime friend, onetime coworker, and now significant other, Nick Arena (Indiana University '87), and I are solidifying our commitment by moving in together. I don't have a job yet (gulp), but I'll keep you posted. I'm hoping to work in the neighborhood/community development sector."

Jane Wang and Ed Bielawa were married on Nov. 28 at Jane's hometown church in New Brunswick, N.J. Many Brunonians joined in the festivities, including Ed's brother, Bob '97, as the best man; Jane's senior-year roommate, Sallie Lin, as a bridesmaid; and Ed and Jane's former fellow CS15 T.A., Brian McDonald '97, as a groomsman. The wedding was a veritable CS reunion, with six years of alumni in attendance. Ed left Inso in June and cofounded Internet start-up CommonRoad. Jane finished her master's in September and is a software engineer at Oracle.

From the January / February 1999 Issue

Carma Burnette writes: "I am still working for the Institute for Recruitment of Teachers at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass. I keep in touch with several Brown alums, including Jed Lippard, who is teaching at one of Ted Sizer's schools in Harvard, Mass.; Dena Montague who recently returned from West Africa and has begun a master's program at the New School for Social Research in New York City; Jyll Taylor, who is also in New York City and works at the Children's Aid Coalition; Saba Brelvi and Sharmila Rao, who have begun graduate school at Johns Hopkins and Columbia, respectively; and Lisa Whitmer, who has moved to San Francisco and begun a teacher-credential program at San Francisco State University."

Preston Grimes Davitt and her husband, Dennis Davitt, announce the birth of Campbell on Aug. 14. She has her father's enormous blue eyes and long eyelashes. Other than eating and sleeping, Campbell doesn't do much more than get completely spoiled by her grandparents and have her picture taken by Glenn Glasser. Preston writes: "Life is great in Chicago, and we would love to hear from friends."

Jesse Dickman and Caren Exelbert '96 were married on June 28 in Washington, D.C. The couple is living in Baltimore, where Caren is a third-year medical student at the University of Maryland. Jesse recently began his third year at the George Washington University Medical School, after completing two years at the Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel. Jesse and Caren have changed their last name to Sadikman.

Anne Kasmar writes: "Hi from Hat Yai! I'm a Luce Scholar working with an epidemiologist in Thailand for a year before returning to graduate from UC-San Francisco School of Medicine in 2000."

Sarah Paul and Ethan Shagan '94 were married on July 18 at the James Burden Mansion in New York City.

Justin Pritchard writes: "Brian Rooney and Deb Satter finally got hitched June 27 at a splendid ceremony on Narragansett Bay in Newport. Many Brown alumni attended. The Rooneys drew their wedding party from around the globe - Erik Cima arrived from Argentina, Josh Harris made a cameo from Mali, and Drew Choi tore himself away from San Francisco. Lisa Gordon '96 was maid of honor and Matt Laufer (Yale '95) was best man. The Rooneys are now happily nesting in Newton, Mass., and will surely accept belated wedding gifts."

Wendy Su is finishing her M.B.A. at Rice University.

Jane Wang (see Chipper Brown '77).

From the November / December 1998 Issue

John W. Bartlett is headed to Boston after nearly two years in Washington, D.C., working in media-relations at Fight Crime: Invest In Kids, a crime prevention advocacy group. He hangs out with David Morenoff, Justin Pritchard, Leigh Tivol, Jody Feder, Jer Alper, Josh Weisbrod '97 and Julia Sommer '94. "After three years, the boys from Hegeman 310-D will be reunited this fall at Harvard," John writes. "David Morenoff and I as first-year law students, and Ben Goodrich at the school of education. I am newly engaged to Khyati Y. Joshi (Emory '92, M.T.S. '95; UMass.-Amherst '00 Ed.D.). We met as graduate students in Israel in 1995."

Joshua Berman (see Jaime Alter and Derek Deutsch both '91).

Marc Kolb recently accepted a graduate assistant position with the Fairfield University football team and will be coaching the defensive line this year. His wife graduated in the top five of her class at Roger Williams University School of Law and has accepted a position with a law firm in New Haven.

David Shrier writes: "I've been keeping busy in New York City, although not too busy to bar-hop with Rachel Boynton, or sample restaurants with Deb Hartman. Rachel has spent the last year as associate producer of a documentary about third-world immigrants seeking political asylum in the United States. She started working on the film after completing her master's in journalism at Columbia. Deb is working full-time at AT&T Bell Labs while studying for her M.B.A. at N.Y.U.'s Stern School. On July 14, I celebrated my one-year anniversary with Lazard Freres and Co., where I was just promoted to business analyst with Lazard Asset Management. I've also been active in Silicon Alley's venture capital scene. At night I've been studying for my certificate in financial analysis at New York University. It leaves little time to spend with my significant other, Nan Capel (N.Y.U. '94), but all in all life is treating me well."

Evan Szu's address was listed incorrectly in the July/August BAM.

From the September / October 1998 Issue

Ruben Amarasingham and Naseem Matthews '98, both of whom are students at Texas Southwestern Medical School, became engaged on January 30. They plan to get married next summer. Deborah Archer and Shane McGregor were married on June 28 in Denver. The wedding party included Suzie Desai, Jessica Tan, Simone Shaltiel '96, Rashan Lindsey '94, Nathaniel Durrant '92, David Richeson '92, and Ricardo Howell '93. Deborah is still in medical school at Brown, and Shane is at Harvard's graduate school of education, pursuing a master's in educational technology.

Joshua Berman is the lead singer of a postmodern merengue thrash band in northern Nicaragua. The group, a ten-piece ensemble, is called SuperDiesel 2000 and works to raise money for environmental projects. Joshua writes: "It's pretty cool. I get to tour through all of Central America."

Nipon Das writes: "There is a mass exodus out of the Baltimore/Washington scene to the business school world this fall. After three years at their company, Dola Health Systems, Frans and Christian Johanson are heading off to Harvard. Koray Ozdemir, who has broken new ground in emerging markets for the past three years at William Kent International in Washington, D.C., is heading to Wharton. From Baltimore, Nipon Das, Vikesh Singh, and Michael Overman '96 have been let loose on unsuspecting patients after their third year at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine." Nipon is the medical fellow for Senator Orrin Hatch and the Sen. Judiciary Committee through October.

Timothy Kuryak has left his position as assistant director of the tenth-anniversary production of Les MisČrables. He moved to southern California and is now with Paramount Pictures Domestic Television. He was recently named associate producer of The Howie Mandel Show, a nationally syndicated daytime talk show that premiered in June. Timothy writes: "I am loving Los Angeles and frequently see Graham Gee '94, Jed Simon '93, Alexa Kierzkowski, Stuart Sanders '96, and Michael Terrill '93."

Youna Kwak edited the film Dead Broke, which made its North American premiere at the Newport (R.I.) Film Festival in June. The feature film was produced by Genevieve Lohman '91 and stars Paul Sorvino.

Nathaniel Lamkin attended the recent wedding of Jack Humphrey. Brian Sowell sang beautifully at the ceremony, Nathaniel reports. "This fall I will be starting a master's program at the Columbia University School of Social Work," he writes. "I'll be moving back to Boston for the summer to spend time with family. To decompress before school starts, I will also be scuba diving in the Florida Keys and Cozumel, Mexico, with my girlfriend, Ivette."

Daniella Mayer was named a 1997-98 John Paul Stevens Public Interest Fellow. Daniella, a student at Northwestern University's School of Law, spent the summer as an intern for a private, public-interest firm that specializes in civil rights.

Adam Werbach has resigned as president of the Sierra Club. He will remain on the board of directors for two more years and continue as a Sierra Club spokesman.

From the July / August 1998 Issue

Karen Anderson (see R. Matthew Cairns '83).

Peter D. Bartle returned to his home base of Camp Pendleton, Calif., after a six-month deployment to the western Pacific and Indian oceans and Arabian Gulf with the 13th Marine expeditionary unit.

Daniel Bilar writes: "After relaxing in Switzerland for a year, I returned to the United States to get a master's in English at Cornell. I graduated in 1997 and am now enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Dartmouth. I'd love to hear from friends and classmates, especially Jessica Weinstein '96 and Dan Cohen '96."

Nate Lamkin will enroll in the master's program at Columbia's School of Social Work this fall. "I'll be in the D.C. area until midsummer, when I plan to travel. I move to New York City in late August and start classes in early September," Nate writes.

Sallie Lin completed her first year of law school at the University of Virginia. Sallie writes: "Charlottesville is not exactly what I expected, but I am adjusting as much as possible. Of course, I miss everyone I left behind in Seattle: Laurion Burchall (at Microsoft still), Arlene Kim (at MSNBC), Molly Kertzer (also at Microsoft), and Kari Anderson (who will soon be going to architecture school). In May I stopped by Providence to see Jane Want and Victoria Ionata. This summer, I am working for a nonprofit organization in Chicago called Business & Professional People in the Public Interest. I would love to hear from anyone, especially those I've lost contact with."

Meghan McGrath (see Lee Sheldrick '58).

Jane Park writes: "Hola. I'm in slacker-drag here in Austin, between grad programs and trying to remember how to think abstractly. Hmmm. An A.B. in English lit and an M.A. in the same, and look where it's gotten me. Might as well hang a sign around my neck that reads `will deconstruct for food.' Attempts at ironic self-pity aside, I'm just curious to see who reads these things and responds. If any of you happen to be in Austin, please drop me a line. Everyone keeps telling me about the fab music scene here, and I haven't found it thus far. Or the bats either."

Michael Rader returned from Israel last fall for his first year of law school at Harvard. After getting over the culture shock, he actually enjoyed it. He shared an apartment with Alex Klibaner for the third time (they almost feel married now) and saw a lot of Stacy Rubenstein '98.

Amy Sohn's book, Run Catch Kiss (Simon & Schuster), will be published this winter. It is drawn from the first-person sex columns Amy writes for the New York Press. She lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Evan Szu and Amy Wu both started jobs with Capital One Financial Services last summer. They've enjoyed the opportunities to return to Brown for recruiting events and for the graduation of Amy's sister, Long Long Wu '98.

Jonathan Weinberger '97 A.M. writes: "Scott Belsley prospers at Columbia's medical school, not at all hindered by the commute north from the Village." Jonathan lives in Chicago.

From the May / June 1998 Issue

Pete Bartle was promoted to the rank of first lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps during Operation Eager Mace, a training exercise in the Kuwaiti desert. He is serving as a rifle platoon commander. Pete's unit is deployed as part of the 13th Marine expeditionary unit to the Persian Gulf.

Brendan Lynch, a third-year student at Harvard Law School, will have a sixty-page paper published in the summer edition of the Harvard Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Law Review. The paper is titled "Welfare Reform, Unemployment Compensation, and the Social Wage: Dismantling Family Support Under Wisconsin's W-2 Workfare Plan." Brendan was awarded a grant from the Independence Foundation of Philadelphia, where he will begin working in September on Medicaid abuses by HMOs.

Monazza Qazi Mahmud writes: "Hello to all my friends. I often miss all of you. My four years at Brown are like a dream now. I received my M.Sc. from the London School of Economics and am now married and working as an internal auditor at Shell Pakistan. Please get in touch."

Peter D. Bartle is a 2nd lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps. He recently visited Singapore on a six-month deployment to the western Pacific with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit. During the port visit, Marines from Peter's unit participated in a community-relations project at a boys and girls brigade camp. With minimal equipment they dismantled a cabin piece by piece, moved the pieces, and rebuilt it at a new camp location.

Joshua Berman writes: "I'm on a forestry assignment with the Peace Corps in Nicaragua and will appreciate all correspondence and visits."

Celeste Katz has been hired as a permanent staff writer at the Providence Journal. Over the past two years she has written hard news, features, columns, and just about everything else. She is joined at the Journal by former Brown Daily Herald colleague Michael Corkery '97. "I am looking forward to my new post on the Herald's board," she writes. "It seems 195 Angell St. and I are not soon to be parted."

James J. Na writes: "My wife, Kimberly Brown Na '96, and I recently visited Sean F. Powers '94, his wife, Tristan, and their baby, Madeline, in Chicago. Sean is helping set up a commodities hedging desk for a company while attending a master's program in commodities trading. My wife, Kimberly, is attending medical school at the University of Iowa. Fellow first-years include Daniel Buroker, Chris Miller, and Trina Davis Griffin. I recently left my Ph.D. program at the University of Pittsburgh to join Kimberly in Iowa, and I am now a global marketing compliance specialist at Rockwell Collins Inc. I recently met the vice president for global strategy development here, John Cohn '78. Kimberly and I would love to hear from Brown friends."

Jonny Skye Njie has been appointed coordinator of family programs for the Rhode Island School of Design Museum's education department. She will implement the museum's new Free-for-all-Saturdays. She also will work closely with community partners to assist with programs at their sites. Jonny earned an M.A.T. from RISD in 1996 and taught art in Providence public schools, at the RISD Museum's Sunday Family Art Workshops, and in its Studio in the Museum program.

Brandon Protas received his second-degree black belt in tae kwon do and is teaching at a Do Jo in Southern Kentucky. He has also begun taking tango lessons and is applying to graduate school in architecture in the University of California system.

Marc Vogl writes: "Paul Charney and I started a comedy collective called Killing My Lobster last winter (see profile, right), and we have staged three comedy shows since February. Casts have included Pierre Stroud, Daniel Lee, Colleen Cronin, Mike Zurer, John O'Brien, and Brian L. Perkins '96. The production team is led by business manager Lisa Lepson and consists of Drew Bamford, Dana Goldberg '97, and Francesca Birks '97. We are also coproducing a magazine edited by Marc, Drew, and Rachel Kleinman '96 and putting on the hi/lo (high concepts/ low budgets) film festival in November. A Killing My Lobster comedy show in December at San Francisco's Exit Theatre introduced Mara Gerstein '97 and Peter Nachtrieb '97 to the cast." For more information, call the Lobster line at (415) 267-0642.



Apr, 2024

Albert Franco ’95, of Needham, Mass.; Oct. 22. He was an obstetrician/gynecologist at Boston Maternal-Fetal Medicine and an attending physician at both Steward Healthcare and South Shore Hospital. He is survived by his wife, Marilyn; a daughter; a son; his parents; two brothers; and nieces and nephews.  

Jan, 2022

Peter J. Wied ’95, of Los Angeles; June 28. Following Brown, he attended Harvard School of Law and was admitted to the California Bar Association in 1998. His law career spanned more than 20 years, during which time he represented patent litigation clients at Alschuler Grossman Stein & Kahn LLP; Paul Hastings, LLP; Goodwin Proctor, LLP; and LTL Attorneys before he joined Nixon Peabody as a partner in 2018. He traveled regularly to China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong from his offices in Los Angeles for the fact discovery portion of patent cases and enjoyed building relationships with his international colleagues and clients. He represented clients before U.S. district courts, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as in international arbitration. His most high profile case was decided in favor of his team’s client Quanta Computer on June 9, 2008, after eight years of preparation. While at Brown, he was the editor-in-chief of the Critical Review. At Harvard, he served as the managing editor of the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology. He was elected to Sigma Xi Honor Society and was known as “the professor” to his colleagues. He is survived by his father, grandmother, sister, brother, and two nieces. 

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