Class of 2005

Apr, 2024
Fresh Ink for April–May 2024
Books by Jessica Grose ’04, Michael Compton and March Manseau ’02, ’06 MPH, and Rachel Aviv ’04 Read More
Apr, 2024
In the news

Karla G. Gallardo ’05 was one of three Latinx women featured in an article about inspiring founders in the Latin Times. Karla cofounded Cuyana, a luxury fashion brand focused on craftsmanship and sustainability. She left a lucrative banking job at a top investment bank and obtained her MBA in order to start her fashion line, she said in an interview on Today.

Apr, 2024

Eddie Ahn’s graphic memoir, Advocate, about his work and life, will be published by Penguin Random House on April 16. A self-taught cartoonist and public interest lawyer, he works as the executive director of Brightline Defense, an environmental justice nonprofit based in San Francisco. He also serves as a commissioner to three government agencies, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Bay Conservation and Development Commission, and as president of the SF Commission on the Environment.

Jan, 2024
Celebrating a renovated Churchill House at Black Alumni Reunion Read More
Jan, 2024
In the news

Rina Foygel Barber ’05 was named a 2023 MacArthur Fellow (perhaps best known as a “genius grant”). Barber is a statistician studying the theoretical foundations of formal inference and prediction models and designing new methods for working with massive and multidimensional datasets. Her research focuses on reducing false discovery rates and cross-validating machine learning prediction models. She was a National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellow at Stanford prior to joining the department of statistics at the University of Chicago, where she is currently a Louis Block professor. 

Nov, 2023

Rob Lederer wrote a movie which was produced/distributed by Universal Pictures, titled The List. The movie is a romantic comedy about a woman who, after finding out her fiancé slept with a celebrity on his free pass list, sets out for Los Angeles to sleep with someone from hers. One of the stars is Lucy DeVito (coincidentally, we were in the same acting class freshman year). Universal released it on August 22.

Oct, 2023
Doc Politics
Healing more patients by changing health policy Read More
Apr, 2023
A Wide Net
Chazz Woodson ’05 aims to make lacrosse more racially diverse Read More
Jan, 2023
In the news

Washington Magazine released its list of Tech Titans 2022, the 225 most important and innovative leaders in Washington’s digital economy. Among the honorees were: David Cicilline ’83, chair of the antitrust subcommittee, U.S. House of Representatives; Catherine Marsh ’82, ’87 PhD, director, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity; Tobin Moore ’04, cofounder and CEO, Optoro; Stefanie Tompkins ’93 ScM, ’97 PhD director, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; and Adam Vitarello ’05, cofounder and president, Optoro.

Jan, 2023
A Little Glitz
The Nines brings a cozy elegance to Manhattan’s NoHo Read More
Nov, 2022

Bruktaweit Addis and Tif Slama celebrated their marriage on May 16 at Awbury Arboretum in Philadelphia, two years after eloping during the early pandemic. They were joined by family and friends, including Tif’s brother-in-law, Bill Seeley ’93, bridesmaids Courtney Baskin, Jenna Harris, Nic Mooney, Michelle Morales, Brice Peterson, Nicole Taykhman, and friends Michael Danna, Kelly Devlin, Lakshmi Madhavan, Brian Mastroianni, Celina Pedrosa, Yaa Sarpong ’10, Felipe Umana, and Randi Siegel Weniger ’05. The couple’s one-year-old daughter, Beza Slama, was a special part of the celebration, serving as a flower girl alongside her cousins.

Nov, 2022

Shereen Kassam delivered a TEDx talk titled, “Chicken Wings Made Me Unstoppable,” where she shared how to be unstoppable by embracing the lesson of the chicken wing—the ability to resauce yourself. It will have you laughing, thinking, and craving a good chicken wing. Her TEDx talk is available to watch at: How will you re-sauce yourself?

Shereen Kassam ’05
Nov, 2022

Maggie Barron Biroscak writes: “Greetings from Boston. I’ve spent the years since graduation doing some web content editing, captaining a whaling ship (long story), raising two amazing daughters, and working on my one-woman show, A Map of Mongolia. I would love to hear from anyone in the area to chat about kids, gardening, flensing, or all-things-Gobi-Desert!”

Oct, 2022
Kids in the Kitchen
Molly Birnbaum ’05 on heading up the goofy but practical children’s division of America’s Test Kitchen Read More
Oct, 2022
Fresh Ink for November–December 2022
Books by Carla Lalli Music ’94, Dani Baker ’70, and Molly Birnbaum ’05 Read More
Aug, 2022
In the news

Washington Magazine released its list of Tech Titans 2022, the 225 most important and innovative leaders in Washington’s digital economy. Among the honorees were: David Cicilline ’83, chair of the antitrust subcommittee, U.S. House of Representatives; Catherine Marsh ’82, ’87 PhD, director, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity; Tobin Moore ’04, cofounder and CEO, Optoro; Stefanie Tompkins ’93 ScM, ’97 PhD director, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; and Adam Vitarello ’05, cofounder and president, Optoro.

Jun, 2022
Ancient Tracks
New Mexico footprints alter the timeline for human habitation in the Americas. Read More
Jun, 2022
In the news

Essence reported that Adam Mangana ’05, current executive director of Optima Domi, is cofounder of Optima Classical Academy, the world’s first-ever virtual reality charter school.  The tuition-free school will be based in Florida and has plans to initially enroll up to 1,300 students, grades 3-8, for its inaugural classes in August 2022. Mangana says it will merge a virtual reality classroom with classical learning pillars personalized to students’ needs. Each classroom will be led by real teachers who are superimposed into the virtual classroom and can respond in real time.

Apr, 2022
A Woman Ref Breaks the Ice Ceiling
Read More
Apr, 2022
Livening Up the Concert Experience
Cemeteries and crypts become the settings for classical music Read More
Apr, 2022

Kimberly Spector Wolf writes: “I graduated with honors in gender studies and went on to receive my master’s in human development and psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. After nearly two decades working at the intersection of adolescent health and media, working as a sexual health and love educator, educational consultant, and educational media producer, I will be releasing my first book, Talk With Her: A Dad’s Essential Guide to Raising Healthy, Confident, and Capable Daughters (Penguin, May 2022). Talk With Her is a comprehensively researched, nonfiction book for fathers of teenage and soon-to-be teenage daughters, helping fathers understand their dynamic roles in raising girls, boost their daughters’ well-being, strengthen their relationships, and guide them to fulfill their potential in all areas of their lives. In its pages, I draw from my experience in the field, highlight expert perspectives from esteemed researchers and representatives from leading nonprofits, and incorporate insights from girls and fathers I have encountered through my career and in interviews for this book. Chapters on key topics including body positivity, mental health, social media, and love give fathers the foundation of knowledge they need to approach delicate and critical conversations. You can find more information about me on my website at and on Penguin’s website.”

Apr, 2022

Merrill Feather writes: “I produced an event in November called Climate Con 2021: For a Future That Doesn’t Suck. Climate Con 2021 was a free virtual gathering aimed at developing the next generation of climate-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. Attendees learned how to leverage their skills and experiences to become more climate-oriented in their everyday jobs and personal lives. My Brown education taught me to pursue my passions first and foremost and while my path has led me in various different directions, the theme of connecting people through my work has been a consistent one I can trace back to my activities and passions at Brown. Climate Con is informed by my experience running my own marketing consultancy focused on climate solutions, and it is our first big effort into making climate action more approachable, and bringing more regular folks like me into the fold.”

Apr, 2022

Frances Cowhig writes: “I studied playwriting, visual arts, and sociology, and I published a unique collection of plays. This collection, published by Bloomsbury/Methuen, is titled Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig’s China Trilogy: Three Parables of Global Capital. Some things that are unique about it: every play is set in contemporary China; every play is written for a cast of all Asian-heritage actors; and these plays have been produced on major stages in the U.S. and U.K., including the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal National Theatre, Manhattan Theatre Club, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. On a political note, when the most recent play was produced in the U.K. two years ago, shortly before the pandemic, agents of Chinese state security tried to pressure the family and friends of the Chinese public health whistleblower who was the subject of the play, in hopes of getting her to cancel the production.”

Jan, 2022

Jeff Stewart writes: “Breakaway Partners was acquired by Komodo Health. What is interesting is the high concentration of Brown folks on the Breakaway side! There is Andrew Laubscher ’07 (married to Amanda Puffer ’05, ’08 ScM), PJ Santoro ’04, and myself (married to Karen Steinig ’91, parent to two sons ’20 and ’24). Also on our team are Andrew Coggins ’18 and Dylan Groos ’19. A nice ‘conclusion’ to a gathering of several Brunonians across a few decades.” 

Nov, 2021

King Boston, a nonprofit with the mission of honoring the legacy of Coretta Scott King and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., named April Inniss as the director of community engaged research. She will work with cross sector partners and organizational leadership to develop the organization’s research, policy, and advocacy agenda. She has a background as a pediatrician and mixed methods researcher. Her research background includes work in both academia and industry and consists of projects that examined a variety of issues including racial and ethnic health disparities and the impact of media exposures on adult and child health. For five years, she was the director of research and evaluation at The Message, a Boston based, youth-facing media literacy startup, and she has extensive experience as a freelance research analyst at other companies and organizations.

Aug, 2021

Though Kate Papp and Bill Rice met in Em-Wool (the first-year dorm Emery-Woolley) in 2001, it wasn’t until 2019 that they really connected. They married Oct. 30, 2020, near Brown’s campus with immediate family in attendance. Krissy Loening MacArthur and Ann Murray watched the couple take their wedding pictures on the Quiet Green from a COVID-safe distance. 

Jun, 2021
A Billion Plus
In Land of Big Numbers, China’s government is an ever-present characte Read More
Apr, 2021

Emily Shaw ’10 MD (see ’05).

Apr, 2021

Emily Shaw ’10 MD is a certified life coach for community-minded physicians who want more out of life, who are sick and tired of the tug-a-war between their work life and the rest of life, and who are ready for change now. She is her own first patient and is now truly living her passions with her wife and kids in Sonoma County, Calif. Connect with her at

Jan, 2021
Use of Force
A conversation about police reform with Chicago’s new deputy inspector general for public safety Read More
Nov, 2020

Eddie Ahn was appointed in June to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the government agency that plans and finances transit throughout the nine-county Bay Area region and its 101 cities. He also works as the executive director of environmental justice nonprofit Brightline Defense and serves on two commissions that address urban sustainability and rising sea level in the Bay Area; the SF Commission on the Environment and the Bay Conservation and Development Commission.

Jun, 2020
Share the Wealth
A new business accelerator aims to help co-ops succeed Read More
Apr, 2020

Copresidents Roophy Roy and Jabari-Jason Tyson-Phipps report: “It’s been almost 15 years since we walked out the Van Wickle Gates and into the real world. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to share old memories and new stories during reunion 2020, May 22-24. Come join our 15-year reunion and take a walk down memory lane during Campus Dance and Field Day. Join us for exclusive class events, to kick back and catch up, or do some networking. Registration is open. Consider contributing to the class fund so we can have the best reunion ever. Sign up early to save more and look for our class Social Media groups to start the party early. We look forward to seeing you all.”


Jan, 2020

Alida Kinney McGlone and Patrick McGlone, along with their daughter Marin, announce the Sept. 21 birth of baby brother Thomas. Alida writes: “He surprised the family by arriving five weeks early and while the family was away on vacation at Myrtle Beach, but everyone is doing well now.”

Jan, 2020

Katy Flynn-O’Brien married Morgan Doocy, whom she met when doing her general surgery residency at the University of Washington. They were married in Seattle, with Caroline Carney Hayes, Jessica Brown Bailey, and Kristina Casadei in attendance. Katy and Morgan live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Katy is completing her pediatric surgery fellowship. Contact Katy at

Jan, 2020

After a 12-year partnership and the birth of their two sons, Brooke Stevens and Till Wirth (’07 NYU, ’12 Oxford) were married in Oxford, England on August 9, where they completed their MBAs together in 2012. In attendance were bridesmaids Frances Betancourt, Erika Faires ’04 and Ellen Goldstein ’04, all former Brown women’s crew teammates. They were also joined by Alex Agloro ’05, Luke Balleny ’06, Eric Heimark ’14, Andrew Keats ’04, Nicole Morris ’04 and Matt Salzler ’02. 

Photo of wedding of Brooke Stevens ’03
Jul, 2019
Curated Cuisine
African American home cooking in the academy Read More
May, 2019

Ariana Cannavo and Jack Murphy ’11 were married July 28 in Providence. In attendance were: Libby Boghossian ’09, Marc Bergschneider ’73, Mark Dee ’11, Daniel Deisley ’11, Casie Horgan ’11, Misha Joukowsky ’87, Allan Just ’05, Lawrence Livornese ’11, Lindsay McAlpine ’09, Luke McGee ’01, Portia Johnson McGee ’01, Phoebe Manzella Murphy ’82, Victoria Nguyen, Serin Seckin ’11, Catherine Starr ’05, and Deborah Dryer Vo ’06. Professor Barrett Hazeltine was also at the wedding.

Ariana Cannavo ’08 and Jack Murphy ’11 wedding photo
May, 2019
Investing in Change
A financial manager with a social conscience Read More
Mar, 2019

Almaz Dessie ’11 MD married Michael Moffat on Oct. 7 at the Belle Isle Boat House in Detroit, Mich. Their friend Kira Neel ’05,’19 MD officiated the ceremony. Almaz is an assistant professor of emergency medicine and pediatrics at Columbia University Medical Center in New York and practices as a pediatric emergency doctor at New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. Michael is also a physician, practicing as a pediatric hospitalist at NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn. The couple met in 2012 during their pediatrics residency at the University of California, San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland. They have a mutual love of music, global health, and travel. The wedding was a four-day celebration of love, community, and blessings. They honored their Ethiopian and Jewish traditions and surprised their guests with a reunion performance by their band from their residency days in California (Almaz sings lead and Mike plays guitar). Members of Almaz’s former dance company at Brown, New Works/World Traditions, also surprised them with a West African dance performance at the reception. In attendance were Senior Lecturer in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies Michelle Bach-Coulibaly; Elizabeth Anto ’06, ’11 MD; Tarik Asmerom ’05; Praveen Basaviah ’05; Nora Blackall ’08; Alykhan Boolani ’06; Mark Brown II ’09; Jalle Dafa; Vanessa Danziger ’11; Sheila Desai ’05; Sybil Dessie ’04, ’08 MD; Chris Erway ’06 AM, ’11 PhD; Sushil Jacob ’05; Jazzmen Johnson’15 AM; Jori Ketten ’02; Kira Neel ’05, ’19 MD; Meghan O’Brien ’06; Ethan Philbrick ’08; Micah Salkind ’06, ’10 AM,’16 PhD; Sophie Shackleton ’09; Daniel Sobol ’09; Matthew Soursourian ’08; Ida Specker ’09; Alexx Temeña ’16; Nicole Thompson ’08;  Monica Tilly ’11 MD; Jessica Vosburgh; Chantel Whittle ’12; Kenya Wright ’15; Ali John Zarrabi ’06, ’12 MD; and Leonora Zoninsein ’08.

Almaz Dessie ’07 wedding photo
Nov, 2018
A Brooklyn Brewery
Two Brown graduates start their own brewery after an influential trip to Belgium Read More
Nov, 2018

Makini Chisolm-Straker ’05, ’09 MD writes that when Rob Sand ’05, former Iowa assistant attorney general, came to New York City to campaign for Iowa state auditor, he was greeted by many of his classmates, including Zach Aarons ’05, Will Codrington III ’05, Brian Faas ’05, Evan Hammer ’05, Olivia Perlmutt ’05, Roophy Roy ’05, Ellen Schneiderman ’05, Ben Wise ’05, and Zach Youngerman ’05.

Nov, 2018
Wrap It Up
Our 12th annual holiday gift guide. Read More
Sep, 2018

Neil Rajan ’08 ScM-IMEE (see Ryan Heath ’05).


Sep, 2018

Aaron Kashtan (see Judith Finkelstein Kashtan ’74).


Sep, 2018

Ryan Heath and Nayla Khoury ’06 were married on Apr. 14 in Atlanta, Ga. The two were Brown Outdoor Leadership Training managers from 2005 to 2006. The ceremony was officiated by Robin Rose, former Dean of Student Life and founder of BOLT. Lamya Khoury ’08 was the maid of honor. Freddy C. Dominguez ’04; Brandon Gordon; former BOLT director Tommy Hayes ’98; Ravi Prasad; Neil Rajan ’07, ’08 ScM-IMEE; and Joseph Rivera were groomsmen. Also in attendance were Nikki Allen ’06, Adhi Chittur ’06, Keally DeWitt ’04, Mary Greene ’06, Yael Horovitz ’06, Jessica Johns, Nadia Lambek ’06, Alex Merkler ’06, Ceara O’Leary ’06, Alexis Walker ’06, former BOLT Director Shelley Adriance, and former Director of Residential Experience Natalie Basil. All attendees received a bag of GORP.


Sep, 2018

Tommy Hayes (see Ryan Heath ’05).


Sep, 2018

Judith Finkelstein Kashtan writes: “Our son, Aaron Kashtan ’05, continues his lifelong passion for comic books. His first book was published by Ohio University Press: Between Pen and Pixel: Comics, Materiality, and the Book of the Future (Studies in Comics and Cartoons). He is currently teaching at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.”


Jul, 2018
Breaking Down the Binary
Male? Female? How about neither, both, or something else entirely? Read More
Jul, 2018

Michael Westbrook and his wife, Natalie, announce the Aug. 6 birth of their son Henry Fulton Westbrook. He joins his three older siblings Ava, John, and Colette.


Jul, 2018

Lindsey West and her husband, Michael, announce the Apr. 6 birth of their daughter, Corinne Heather Rollock.


Jul, 2018

Isabel Martinez and Elizabeth Martinez ’04 are first-time aunts to niece Victoria.


Jul, 2018

Rustam Metha writes: “In 2015 Tal Schori ’03 and I started GRT Architects, a small design firm in Brooklyn, New York. We’ve since grown our office staff to five and have completed several projects with Brown alumni, including Medium White Tee, an installation in Hawaii with Emily Spivack ’01; Don Angie, a contemporary Italian restaurant in New York City with Michael Stillman; and a townhouse for Rachael Bedard ’05 and Gideon Friedman ’05. We look forward to working with Marvin Barksdale on a redevelopment project in Providence.”


Jul, 2018
Literary Leadership
Writer and editor Emily Nemens ’05 takes the helm at the Paris Review Read More
Jul, 2018
Pondering the Palate
How everything from our environment to our mood impacts what goes on in our mouths Read More
Jul, 2018
The Human Trafficking Crisis
Students, faculty, and alums are finding innovative ways to combat it. Read More
Jul, 2018
Military Mentorship
A new veterans network aids students who’ve served during or before Brown Read More
May, 2018

Rob Sand is running for Iowa State Auditor. 

Apr, 2018

Ryan Richards and Emily Yahr were married on Sept. 9. They write that it was “a memorable Vermont ceremony and celebration filled with love, laughter, chair-lifting, hammerschlagen, a full wedding conga line, and multiple generations of Brown alums on both sides of the aisle, including Rick Damon ’81 AM, Brad Hessel ’75, Robb Hughes ’08, Leon Jalbert ’69, Bruce Richards ’69, Aly Richards ’08, Celeste Riendeau ’08, Aaron Yahr ’05, and Barron Youngsmith.”

Apr, 2018

Maxine Sharavsky married Christopher Garrett in Hudson, N.Y. on Oct. 28. Alumni in attendance included Owen Boynton, Amy Carvel, Craig Convissar ’06, Allison Lauterbach Dale, Chloé Hill, Philip Maynard ’11, Ivonne Rojas, Joseph Scattergood ’04, Randy Schwarzmann, and Randi Siegel Weniger.

Apr, 2018

Brandon Douglass and wife Christen announce the July 29 arrival of their first child, Isabella Riley Douglass.

Apr, 2018

On Oct. 4, San Francisco mayor Edwin Lee appointed Eddie H. Ahn to the city’s environment commission, which sets policy and advises the mayor and board of supervisors on environmental matters. The department employs about 100 staffers and manages seven programs that fight climate change and promote sustainability in energy, transportation, building, waste management, jobs, and beyond. Eddie continues to lead the public policy and legal advocacy nonprofit Brightline, which advocates for progressive workforce and environmental policies throughout the United States.

Apr, 2018
Water Everywhere
Patrick Rynne ’05 is obsessed with water. What water means to each of us is at the core of Waterlust, which describes itself as a “purpose-driven brand” devoted to the research and protection of marine environments. Read More
Apr, 2018
Olympic Bobsled Silver!
Former volleyball star Lauren Gibbs ’06 earns a medal. Read More
Jan, 2018

Robert Lederer; his wife, Michelle (New York Univ. ’04); and their daughter, Olivia, announce the June 12 birth of Ethan Chase Lederer in Manhasset, N.Y.

Jan, 2018

Richard Barker writes: “My daughter, Jessica J. Barker ’03, opened a Cuban-themed restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission
District in March, called Media Noche. It has had an enthusiastic reception and excellent publicity. A second location is under consideration. Her sister, Rebecca Bridges ’05, now a resident of Menlo Park, is an educational therapist and a proud mother of two. I underwent a triple bypass in March but have mended well. I am still involved at Brown in several capacities, including the board of the Watson Institute.”

May, 2007
Molly’s Prizewinning Pie
Some seniors win scholarships to study law or biology. Molly Birnbaum won one for cooking school. Read More

From the November/December 2017 Issue

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Adam Voiland writes: “Publishers Weekly has released a starred review of my children’s book ABCs from Space: A Discovered Alphabet. I live in Washington, D.C., now and work as a science writer for NASA.”

From the September/October 2017 Issue

Marie Audett ’09 MD and husband Adam Knapp welcomed their first son, Finley Alexander, into their family on Apr. 29.

Jarrod Lynn ’07 ScM, and wife Susan welcomed their fourth child, Judson Andrew Lynn, on May 4. He was named after Adoniram Judson, Brown class of 1807. Jarrod is living and working on College Hill.

Deylin Negron Smida and husband Jason announce the Apr. 26 birth of their son, Xavier Scott. He joins big sister Aurelia Celeste.

From the May/June 2017 Issue

Leah Rae Berk (see Fred Berk ’69).

Anthony Frick, GlobalFit President and CEO, was interviewed by Philadelphia’s NBC 10’s Erin Coleman ’00 about the company’s FitBucks Rewards platform. FitBucks Rewards is an integrated fitness reimbursement technology platform that enables employers and health insurers to reimburse employees and members for their healthy activity (essentially paying people to exercise).

After graduating from Brown, Andrew Ousley received an Arnold Fellowship to pursue an independent project about classical music and culture in France and Finland. After that, he entered the classical music industry and spent 10 years at Warner Music’s classical division (overseeing 14 number-one albums, including Fifty Shades of Grey–The Classical Album). In June 2015 he started his own company, Unison Media (

Michael Stephenson and Lucy Allen were married on the beach in Trinidad, Calif., on Oct. 15. In attendance were Mark Johnson, Eric Steen and Misha Zaitzeff.

From the March/April 2017 Issue

Lois Saldana and Branko Kolvek announce the July 6 birth of their son, Lucas Francis Kolvek, in New York City.

From the January/February 2017 Issue

Kenneth Tsuji and Tawny Vu were married on July 2 at San Secondo d’Asti Catholic Church in Guasti, Calif. Attending were Laird Bennion ’06, Adam Darity ’06, Scott Dixler, Georgette Enriquez, Louis Golden, Quinney Harris ’06, Peiling Li Junek ’06, Yongwook Kim, Brandon Lees ’06, and Angus Shieh.

From the November/December 2016 Issue

Allison Lombardo and Scott Wilson were married at Mount Hope Farm in Bristol, R.I., on Aug. 20. They met 15 years ago in their freshman unit in Perkins. Alums in attendance included Nicole Anderson, Priya Batra, Kellyn Blossom, Michael Buff, Hal Coopersmith, Brian Faas, Julia Fischer-Mackey ’03, Dusie Hoagland, Marc Manseau ’02, Deepu Murty, Andrew Ousley, Emilee Pressman, Margaret Tsien, Adelaida Vasquez, and Stacey Weinstein ’10 MD. The groom’s grandfather, Mars Bishop ’49; father, Jaime Wilson ’76; and friends Michael Young ’66 and Kevin Hunt ’74 also celebrated.

Adam Royster and his wife, Roxana Coman Royster ’06, announce the July 5 arrival of their second child, Theodore Joaquim Royster. They are excited at the thought of both Theodore and his big brother, Lucas, becoming Brown Bears in the next decade or two. Frightened at the thought of tuition, of course.

From the September/October 2016 Issue

Alida Kinney McGlone and her husband, Patrick McGlone, announce the May 27 birth of their first child, daughter Marin Kylie McGlone. Alida writes: “She arrived at 1:20 p.m.; weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces; and was 21 inches long. The entire McGlone family is ecstatic. Perhaps another future veterinarian in the family.”

From the July/August 2016 Issue

George R. Bassett and his wife, Elizabeth, welcomed another daughter, Martha Hoxie Bassett, on Dec. 26. They reside in Alexandria, Va. 

From the May/June 2016 Issue

Aracely Pérez married Richard Muñoz (Texas A&M ’91, Baylor Law ’99) on Dec. 20 in Fort Worth, Tex. Alums in attendance included Fred Berk ’69, Leah Berk, Christopher Hays ’95, Elizabeth Pérez ’99, and Hataya Poonyagariyagorn ’01. Aracely works in HR, and Richard practices law in the nonprofit sector in Dallas.

From the March/April 2016 Issue

Lizzy Klein and Mike Metzger were married on Oct. 24 in Los Angeles. Alums in attendance included Priya Batra, Dan Caroselli ’06, Dane Cho ’04, Stephen Crocker ’02, Harris Feinsod ’04, Zara Finday-Shirras, Sean Hallowell ’04, Sarah Hirschman ’06 AM, Jon and Alexandra Marshall Huckabay ’04, Allison Jones, Michal Kapitulnik ’04, Ajay Kusnoor, Molly Lambert, Emily Licht, Adam Markovitz, Ian McAlpin, Flannery Patton ’06, Lealah Pollock ’04, Darin Ranahan, Marika Shioiri-Clark, Stacey Weinstein ’10 MD, Ben Stein, and Landon Woodroof ’05.

Peter Russotti, after living in London for five years, became a member of the Royal Geographic Society. He writes: “I can now pursue geographic concerns in a more structured and venerable environment.” 

From the January/February 2016 Issue

Anne Rabbino Bisbano and her husband welcomed their second child, Thomas, on Sept. 8. Thomas joins big sister Francesca, born in August 2013. Thomas’s godparents are Vance Hynes and Alanna Hynes and their husbands. Anne is the director of an independent middle school in New York City.

Adam Immerwahr was appointed artistic director of Theater J, a program of the Washington, D.C., Jewish Community Center. 

From the November/December 2015 Issue

Seth Marbin (see Jyothi Nagraj Marbin ’96).

Jessica Zerillo ’09 MD writes: “Theta sisters Jamay Liu Lau (with Christopher Lau), Shannon Telesco (with Drew Elias), and myself (with Jesse Boodoo ’06) welcomed into the world three new best friends. Willa Rae Ying Lau was born June 9, James Hayden Elias was born July 17, and Eva Rose Boodoo was born June 19.”

From the September/October 2015 Issue

Anna Kaplan announces the one-year anniversary of launching BT&C Gallery in Buffalo, N.Y.

From the May/June 2015 Issue

Arthur Hintermeister (see Araceli Mendez ’12).

Maxine Jackson (see Araceli Mendez ’12).

From the March/April 2015 Issue

James Dunbar has published The Universe Verse. “This rhyming graphic guide to the origin of the universe and everything in it explains the 13.7 billion year history of existence in just 90 pages.”

Rebecca Barker Bridges (see Richard Barker ’57).

From the January/February 2015 Issue

James deBoer, following his ordainment last June at the Central Congregational Church in Providence, was installed as the fourth pastor of the Federated Church of Livingston, N.J., in September. Attendants included Evan Aird, Flavio Casoy ’03 ’09 MD, Allison Silverman, and James’s wife, Marian Thorpe ’04. 

Alida Kinney McGlone recently assumed directorship of Cabarrus Spay Neuter Clinic in Concord, N.C. Alida writes: “We serve the Humane Societies of three different counties, over 25 animal rescue groups, and low-income public. We are trying to expand our services to offer low-cost dental cleanings so that rescue organizations will be able to adopt out their older animals instead of having to euthanize them in the shelters. Donations to support the doggies and kitties are greatly needed and wonderfully appreciated.”

Rob Lederer and his wife, Michelle (NYU ’04), announce the June 16 birth of their daughter, Olivia Grey Lederer. The family resides in Syosset, N.Y., with their dog, Marni.

Deylin Negron Smida and her husband, Jason, announce the July 30 birth of their daughter, Aurelia Celeste Smida.

From the November/December 2014 Issue

Kimberley Koper writes: “I am very pleased to report that I returned to my alma mater in July, this time as a compensation analyst in the Department of University Human Resources. It’s great to be back on College Hill on a regular basis! I’d love to hear from old friends and classmates.”

From the September/October 2014 Issue

Michael Westbrook and his wife, Natalie, announce the Dec. 22 birth of their second child, John Robert Westbrook.

From the July/August 2014 Issue

Leah Rae Berk (see Fred Berk ’69)

Alexis Erwin writes: “After receiving a PhD in ecology from Cornell last summer, I spent some time in the Philippines as a research trainee at the International Rice Research Institute. In November, I moved to Sacramento to begin a policy fellowship with the California Council on Science and Technology. After an extensive screening process, I was selected to serve on the Senate Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee. I’d enjoy connecting with the California and D.C. base, especially those with interest in energy, the environment, and S&T policy.”

Emily Ellis Fox married Dan Kessler (Columbia ’06, Stanford GSB ’10) on Oct. 12 at her parents’ home in Los Angeles. Audrey Ellis Fox ’12 and Becky Kessler Vodnick ’03 were attendants. Emily and Dan live in Santa Monica, Calif.

Aliisa Rosenthal married Sam Hodges ’04 in January in New Orleans. The wedding party included Gaurab Basu ’04, Kevin Bennet ’03, Kenley Bradstreet, Ateesh Chanda ’04, Kate Edwards ’07, Barbara Johnson ’07, Jenna Newmark ’07, Amanda Warren, and Jieun Lee Wrigley. The couple lives in San Francisco.

Randy Schwarzmann and Ivonne Rojas were married Apr. 5 at the William Aiken House in Charleston, S.C. Randi Siegel officiated, and guests included Dave Bernstein ’76, Jill Bernstein ’77, Emily Silverstein Cohen, Steve Conigliaro, Anne Dills, Nina Wexell Eisenberg, James Elsworth, Luis Madrid ’07, Chad Rose, Sarah Rose ’06, ’07 ScM, Fred Schwarzmann ’76, Debi Pino Schwarzmann ’76, and Randy Wingate ’76. The couple honeymooned in Cartagena, Colombia, and lives in Hoboken, N.J.

From the May/June 2014 Issue

Emily Ellis Fox married Dan Kessler (Columbia ’06, Stanford GSB ’10) on Oct. 12 at her parents’ home in Los Angeles. Audrey Ellis Fox ’12, Andrew Ellis Fox (Georgetown ’08, NYU Law ’12), and Becky Kessler Vodnick ’03 served as her attendants. Emily and Dan live in Santa Monica, Calif.


From the March/April 2014 Issue

George R. Bassett and his wife, Elizabeth, announce the May 4 birth of Ann Douglas Bassett. Ann Douglas was christened on Aug. 11 near the family home in Alexandria, Va. In attendance were her godparents, Nancy Bailey and Caldwell Bailey ’05.

Edward Mahaney-Walter married Xin Wu (Lafayette ’08) on Aug. 4 in Philadelphia. Guests included suitemates and groomsmen Matthew Sarasin and Schuyler von Oeyen, Daniel Diaz ’07, as well as Justin Chan, Sarah von Oeyen ’07, and Kenneth Tsuji. The couple met and married at Penn, where Edward recently received his JD/MBA and Xin Wu is a PhD student in finance at Wharton. Edward is an associate at Skadden, Arps in New York City.

Jonathan M. Paquette is currently completing a PhD in European intellectual history at the Univ. of St Andrews. He writes he is finding it to be a most welcoming place for his intellect and abilities.

Aliisa Rosenthal married Sam Hodges ’04 on Jan. 11 in her hometown of New Orleans. The couple will reside in San Francisco, where Aliisa works at tech startup Mixpanel and Sam is a cofounder at Funding Circle.

From the January/February 2014 Issue

Melissa Forziat writes: “After years of managing major sport events, from the Olympic games in Torino and Vancouver to the rugby World Cup in New Zealand, I have now taken up residence in Seattle and started my own event management business. My first project is a huge one: the Asian Hall of Fame, which is a national recognition event for Asian Pacific Americans. The event is based in Seattle. We are revamping our online presence to be a cultural community resource for all Asian Pacific Americans. We are growing quickly, and the possibilities for collaboration are endless! If you or your company are interested in learning more about the Asian Hall of Fame, please contact me."


Rachel Goldstein Sperber writes: “Hello, friends and alumni from the classes of ’04 and ’05, and Zeta Delta Xi. This has been my busiest August ever. I graduated with my master of medical science degree and physician assistant certificate from a joint program between St. Francis Univ. and Anne Arundel Community College. Two weeks later I was married in my home town of Albany, New York, to my sweetheart, Steven Sperber, originally of Edmonton, Alberta. After a short honeymoon, we took a long drive west to move me from the East Coast to join him in Colorado. I plan to work in internal medicine and primary care. I would love to catch up with anyone from Brown who is in Denver or Boulder.”


From the September/October 2013 Issue

Shirlyn Wong won the 2013 Jameson First Shot competition with her short film Love’s Routine. She was flown to Los Angeles in March, and Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Productions provided backing as she directed Willem Dafoe. You can watch it online at . Shirlyn writes: “I’m already fund-raising for a new film.” To get more information visit: http:igg/me/at/mobilestripper .”

From the May/June 2013 Issue

Michael Healy (See Lynn Moore Healy ’69). 


From the January/February 2013 Issue

Ian Gray writes: “August 2012 marks the end of an era for Apartment 3R at 18 Amory Street, Cambridge, Mass., which for six years served at different junctures as the collective abode of Robin Amer ’04, Nadav Carmel ’04, Max Gitlen ’04, Winston Groman ’04, Seth Pipkin ’02, and me. Known alternately among friends as the Amory Street Anarchist Collective, the Den of Resplendent Quetzal, Shark Beard’s Lair, and the headquarters for the Jack Acid Society, 18 Amory Street played host to concerts, art openings, and other general gaiety. Over the years close friends and family visited, including Lydia Brotherton, Illana Cohen ’03, Neal Desai ’01, Megan Hall, Sean Hallowell ’04, Nick Horton ’04, Michael Klein ’04, Michael Jackson ’03, Rajiv Jaswa, Paul McCarthy ’02, Jason McGill ’02, Chris Muller ’03, James Ollen-Smith ’04, Dmitri Seals ’02, David Shean ’04, Aaron Soloway ’04, Aaron Sokoloff ’04, Dan Stowell ’04, Sara Tedeschi ’04, Rachel Terp ’04, and more. Robin is a public radio producer in Chicago; Seth has just accepted a tenure-track position at UC Irvine; Nadav is a bicycle mechanic in Philadelphia; Ian is a research fellow at Science Po’s media lab in Paris; Max is a culinary mercenary in New York City; and Winston is a poet-at-large in San Francisco.”

Andre St. Clair Thompson is a contributing writer in the new anthology For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Still Not Enough: Coming of Age, Coming Out and Coming Home. Edited by political commentator and New York Times bestselling author Keith Boykin, the book addresses longstanding issues of sexual abuse, suicide, HIV/AIDS, racism, and homophobia in the African American and Latino communities, and more specifically among young gay men of color. Andre’s essay is titled “Many Rivers to Cross.”

Adam Vitarello (see Engagements & Weddings, Ephraim Wernick ’99).

From the November/December 2012 Issue

Seth Marbin was recently honored by the White House as a Champion of Change for his service with AmeriCorps and his work on the social responsibility team at Google. Seth and his wife, Jyothi Nagraj Marbin ’96, ’06 MD, live in Alameda, Calif., with their children, Kaia and Jahan.

From the May/June 2012 Issue

Carolyn Graham Goldberg (see Lynn Graham Goldberg ’76).

From the January/February 2012 Issue

Juliza Lam (see Engagements & Weddings, Hansen Law '00).

From the September/October 2011 Issue

Olivia Perlmutt (see Engagements & Weddings, Alex Winnick '00).

Rebecca Barker (see Richard Barker '57).

From the July/August 2011 Issue

Olivia Perlmutt (see Engagements & Weddings, Alex Winnick '00).

From the May/June 2011 Issue

Caldwell B. Bailey lives in Washington, D.C., where he runs the D.C. chapter of Mustaches for Kids. The organization, which raises money during "growing season" each November, benefits the Children's National Medical Center. Brown graduates across the country interested in growing for a good cause should visit

Alex Grimes (see Sam Sutter '75).

Max Levine (see Alan C. Levine '67).


From the March/April 2011 Issue

Will Cebron, Chris Contrino, John Fiscella (see Engagements & Weddings, Christopher Jernigan).

Allison Hutt left the field of college admissions and is a development associate at the historic Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, Pa. In August her first original one-act play was performed at the Lebanon Community Theatre in Lebanon, Pa. Allison spends her free time singing in a chorus, writing, serving on the board of directors at her synagogue, and learning sign language.

Christopher Jernigan (see Engagements & Weddings).

James Lowe and Cameron Mitchell, (see Engagements & Weddings, Christopher Jernigan).

Brian Miller (see Engagements & Weddings, Alex Schultes).

Jeff Nichols (see Engagements & Weddings, Christopher Jernigan).

From the January/February 2011 Issue

Brianne Amato (see Engagements & Weddings, Lois Saldana).

Daniela Amores (see Engagements & Weddings, Alida Kinney).

Tarik Asmeron (see Engagements & Weddings, Medha Devanagondi Makhlou).

Alexandra Asrow (see Engagements & Weddings, Josh Waitzman '07).

Novem Auyeung and Sam Baltimore (see Engagements & Weddings, Laura Janneck).

Praveen Basaviah (see Engagements & Weddings, Medha Devanagondi Makhlouf).

Anna Berman (see Engagements & Weddings, Alexandra Pavlakis).

Shanna Bowie (see Engagements & Weddings, Medha Devanagondi Makhlouf).

Mary Ann Bronson and Kerry Smith Chevrier (see Engagements & Weddings, Alexendra Pavlakis).

Wilfred U. Codrington III (see Engagements & Weddings, Lois Saldana).

Lauren Donovan (see Engagements & Weddings, Laura Janneck).

James Dunbar (see Engagements & Weddings, Lois Saldana).

Vinay Ganti (see Engagements & Weddings, Medha Devanagondi Makhlouf).

Rachel Goldstein (see Engagements & Weddings, Abigail Gilbert '02).

Benjamin Gordon (see Engagements & Weddings, Lois Saldana).

Meghan Gourley and Thomas Greenwood (see Engagements & Weddings, Lois Saldana).

Preethi Guniganti, Shara Hegde, and Arjun Iyengar (see Engagements & Weddings, Medha Devanagondi Makhlouf).

Laura Janneck (see Engagements & Weddings).

Rahul Kamath (see Engagements & Weddings, Medha Devanagondi Makhlouf).

Susie Keane (see Jack Keane '68).

Alida Kinney (see Engagements & Weddings).

Branko Kolvek (see Engagements & Weddings).

Jamay Liu (see Engagements & Weddings, Alida Kinney).

Jarrod Lynn '07 ScM (see Births & Adoptions).

Medha Devanagondi Makhlouf (see Engagements & Weddings).

Mia Maniscalco (see Engagements & Weddings, Alexandra Pavlakis).

Rachel Yap Martens (see Engagements & Weddings, Lois Saldana).

Neha Mehrotra and Kira Neel (see Engagements & Weddings, Medha Devanagondi Makhlouf).

Jasper Oshun (see Engagements & Weddings, Lois Saldana).

Alexandra Pavlakis (see Engagements & Weddings).

Ashleyt Wall Piche and Michael Piche (see Engagements & Weddings, Alexandra Pavlakis).

Anoop Raman (see Engagements & Weddings, Medha Devanagondi Makhlouf).

Roophy Roy (see Engagements & Weddings, Lois Saldana).

Alexa Rosenbloom and Scott Rowan (see Engagements & Weddings, Alexandra Pavlakis).

Lois Saldana (see Engagements & Weddings).

Sachin Shah and Arya Shekar (see Engagements & Weddings, Medha Devanagondi Makhlouf).

Ilana Silverman (see Engagements & Weddings, Jonathan Bortinger '04).

Matt St. Peter and Aaron Stelson (see Engagements & Weddings, Lois Saldana).

Shannon Telesco (see Engagements & Weddings, Alida Kinney).

Stacy Thomsen (see Engagements & Weddings, Lois Saldana).

Ryan Tierney (see Engagements & Weddings, Alexandra Pavlakis).

Martial Toussaint (see Engagements & Weddings, Lois Saldana).

Schuyler von Oeyen (see Engagements & Weddings, Josh Waitzman '07).

Jessica Wisdom (see Engagements & Weddings, Jonathan Bortinger '04).

Ben Wise (see Engagements & Weddings, Medha Devanagondi Makhlouf).

Alison Wong (see Engagements & Weddings, Laura Janneck).

Zachary Zinn (see Engagements & Weddings, Lois Saldana).


From the September/October 2010 Issue

Rebecca Barker (see Richard C. Barker '57).

George Bassett is a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch in Washington, D.C., where he focuses on holistic financial planning and wealth management for wealthy families, executives, attorneys, and successful business owners. He is engaged to Elizabeth Ann Draggett of Hartville, Ohio. The couple is planning a July 2011 wedding.

Amy Chelovich married Aaron Minderman (Indiana Univ. '03) on June 12, in Rochester Hills, Mich. In the wedding party were Ben Chelovich '03, Julie Chelovich '08, Vic Chelovich '01, Susanna Finn, and Mark Piehl. Also in attendance were Hannah Bascom, Jay Beidler, Michael Healy, Lauren LeFranc, Brian Mattoni '07, Chad Rose, Deborah Witzburg, and Yeye Zhang '08. Amy and Aaron live in Chicago.

Jamay Liu writes: "Brown alums at the MIT Sloan School of Management wanted to share with the Brown community the remarkable synergies between the two schools. Not only is David Schmittlein '77 the dean of the school, but 21 Brown alums are members of either the 2010 or 2011 classes at MIT Sloan. At a recent dinner with Dean Schmittlein at Maggiano's in Boston, the Brown alums in attendance included Dan Barcan '96, Whitney Braunstein '04, Adah Chan '03, Paul Chen '00, Melissa Iagulli '03, George Marlon Roberts '03, Christina Simpson, Monique Tucker '03, Juliana Wu '06, and me."

Michael Westbrook married Natalie Fulton (Univ. of Maryland '07) on May 21, in Rehoboth Beach, Del. The wedding party included Kurt Bazarewski, Nicholas Marietti, Jacob Thibeault, and Aaron Wdowin. Many other Brown alums and Thetians were in attendance, including Carson Brennan '06, William Burroughs, Alexandra Costello, Joseph Cotter '06, Patrick Curran '06, '07 ScM, John Dudek, Scott Epperson, Sean Fortin, Shawn Smith, Jonathan Stricks, Ian Tolle, and Max Tornatore '06. The newlyweds currently live in College Park, Md., with their puppy, Bella.

From the July/August 2010 Issue

Hannah Bascom attended the Aug. 15, 2009, wedding of Jay Beidler and Deborah Witzburg. The ceremony and reception were held at the Boston Public Library. The groomsmen included Caldwell Bailey, Gerald King, and Adam Vitarello. Also in attendance were David Bailey '06, Mike Carthas '06, Amy Chelovich, Lauren DiCola, Kate Dudley '03, Ali Goldin, Patrick Haynes III '07, Jenny Hensley, Matthew Levitt '01, Tom McCafferty, Scott Perl '04 and Jake Thibeault.

On Jan. 2, Adrienne Feil married Brandon Weil at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington, D.C. In attendance were bridesmaids Nina Wexell Eisenberg and Katie Noe, as well as Kim Boortz, Lissette Jimenez C√©spedes, Anne Dills, Steve Kilar, Jacqueline Maya, Thuy Dang Nguyen, Ivonne Rojas, Andrew Schwarzmann, Emily Silverstein, and Adrienne Thal. Standing under the chuppah with Adrienne and Brandon were her brother, Jordan Feil '02, and his fianc√©e, Heather Goodman. Brandon is an art director at GKA Advertising in Bethesda, Md., and Adrienne is pursuing her MBA at Georgetown. This summer she is interning in marketing brand management at Nestlé in Ohio.

Jonathan M. Paquette is pursuing a master's in art business at Sotheby's Institute of Art in New York City with the goal of becoming a specialist in art finance and insurance. He would like to reconnect with any '05 Brown alums working in the Manhattan art world.

From the May/June 2010 Issue

Praveen Basaviah was appointed to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) Feb. 2, along with two other Brown alums, Jim Yong Kim '82 and Malika Saada Saar '92. PACHA provides advice, information, and recommendations to the president through the Secretary of Health and Human Services regarding programs and policies addressing the goals of the National HIV/AIDS strategy.

Marjon Carlos completed her master's in African American studies at Columbia Univ. in May 2009. She received the award for the best thesis in the humanities division in her graduating class. She currently works at Net-a-Porter and ultimately plans to launch her own business.

James Dunbar recently published his third book, BANG! The Universe Verse: Book 1. Information can be found at 

Adrienne Feil married Brandon Weil (Kent State '98) on Jan. 2, in Washington, D.C. In attendance were Kim Boortz, Lissette Jimenez Cespedes, Emily Silverstein Cohen, Anne Dills, Nina Wexell Eisenberg, Heather Goodman, Stephen Kilar, Jacqueline Maya, Thuy Nguyen, Katie Noe, Ivonne Rojas, Randy Schwarzmann, Adee Thal '06, and Adrienne's brother, Jordan Feil '02. Brandon is an art director at Gura Katzker Associates in Bethesda, Md. Adrienne is currently pursuing her MBA at Georgetown and will intern with Nestlé this summer in brand management.

Isabel Martinez will be attending the wedding ceremony of Jacqueline Buchwald and Greg Stimpson (Washington Univ. '04), which is being planned for Oct. 2010 on Cape Cod, Mass.

From the March/April 2010 Issue

Katharine Shuster married Alex Correll (VMI '05) on Nov. 7, in Charlotte, N.C. Caitlin Donovan was a bridesmaid. Alumni in attendance included Steve Atlas and Maya Vadiveloo. Katharine and Alex met while attending Wake Forest Univ. School of Law. Alex is a commercial litigation attorney, and Katharine works in development at Gardner-Webb Univ. They live in Charlotte.

Maya Vadiveloo and Stephen Atlas were married on Aug. 21 in Spokane, Wash. In attendance were best man Michael Oneppo, bridesmaid Nicole Angeloro, and gymnastics teammates Melissa Forziat and Kelly Moran. Maya and Steve met in fall 2002 while living across the hall from each other in Minden. They now live in Manhattan and are pursuing PhDs in nutrition and marketing.

From the January/February 2010 Issue

Virginia Brady shared second place in a national essay contest sponsored by Harvard Medical School and the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics at Brigham and Women's Hospital. The essay concerned the relationship between medical students and prescription drug marketing. Virginia is a third-year medical student at Tufts Univ. Medical School.

Shara Hegde recently completed the prestigious Building Excellent Schools Fellowship. The BES Fellowship provides a stipend plus one year of extensive support and training to aspiring school leaders interested in designing, founding, and leading a high-performing urban charter school. Through the BES Fellowship, Shara founded Cornerstone Academy, a new college preparatory charter school in East San Jose, Calif., serving students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Cornerstone Academy will open its doors in August.

Hilary Farrell and Aaron Prosnitz were married on June 20 in Woodstock, Vt. Many Brown alumni were in attendance, including Robert Baumgartner, Marc Bergschneider '73, Mitchell Driesman '74, '77 MD, Shelley Kaplan Driesman '80 MD, Ethan DuBois '76, Leigh Elion, K. Winslow Farrell Jr. '75, Elizabeth Freudmann, Gwendolyn Fuertes, Brian Fujimoto, Carolyn Goldberg, Julia Goldmacher, Alexander Grimes, Christopher Harris '04, Kelsey Heebink, Andrew Irgens, Zahara Kassam, Michael Kingsley, Jeffrey Liu '09 MD, Jeremy Medow, Karen Ocwieja, Michael Oneppo, Jessica Pesce, Beatrice Marx Prosnitz '59, Michael Sall, Kevin Scott '06, Maxine Sharavsky, Nathaniel Smilowitz, Robin Steiner, Daniel Ullucci '04 AM, '09 PhD, Alicia Lynn Winick '04, and Thomas Zemp.

From the November/December 2009 Issue

Lissette Jimenez Céspedes and Yosvani C√©spedes announce the July 4 birth of Valerie Marie C√©spedes. Lissette writes: "Valerie has brought great joy and happiness to the family, especially as she is the first granddaughter for our parents, the first niece for their siblings, and the first great-grandchild for Lissette's grandmother."

Laura Goodman writes: "Pragya Bhartia married Shirish Barwale (Cornell '04, INSEAD '07) on April 17 in New Delhi. Several beautiful wedding-related functions were held at the Bhartias' house throughout the week, and the festivities culminated in a ceremony and reception at the Taj Palace. In attendance were Pragya's freshman roommate, Kate Scudellari, and classmates Johanna Belda, Laura Goodman, and Shveta Raina '07. The couple now resides in Mumbai."

Christopher Mendillo (see Bernard Mendillo '70).

John Redgrave announces his May 30 marriage to Ashley Treadway at Alice Millar Chapel in Evanston, Ill. In attendance were John's roommates from Brown, Chris Contrino, Jordan Jhabvala, and Bobby Wiginton, as well as 15 other alumni. John and Ashley will be moving to Palo Alto, Calif., where John will get his MBA at Stanford.

Lumina Sato (see Bernard Mendillo '70).

From the September/October 2009 Issue

Connect with us at the Brown University Class of 2005 Facebook page.

Rebecca Barker (see Dick Barker '57).

Katy Gross (see Ashley Gross '93).

April K. Inniss graduated from the UMass Medical School, where she served for three years on the Mass. Medical Society's committee on diversity in medicine. She received the Phillip Wilder Book Award from the Worcester District Medical Society, and was one of ten U.S. medical students to receive the Minority Scholars Award from the American Medical Assoc. She is a first-year pediatric resident at the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.

Shaina Horwitz Karabinas married Douglas Karabinas on May 9 in Houston. Bridesmaids included Tess Lynch and Rachel Yap. Shaina received her MD from Baylor College of Medicine May 27 and started her residency in pediatric neurology there in June.

Thomas Urban received Oxford Univ.'s 2009–10 Weidenfeld Scholarship. He conducts field research in Portugal and Iceland as an archaeological geophysicist and was a forensic investigator for the Saddam Hussein tribunal in 2006.

From the July/August 2009 Issue

Leah Berk (see Fred Berk '69).

Jennifer Hanson Isaacs and her husband, Capt. Russell Isaacs, announce the Mar. 24 birth of their daughter, Chloe Anne, in Tacoma, Wash. Three weeks later the family relocated to Fort Knox, Ky., for a five-month military assignment and plans to move again in Sept. to Fort Bragg, N.C.

Max Levine (see Alan Levine '67).

Reece Pacheco writes that he and Daniel Spinosa cofounded Overtime Media Inc. and produced HomeField, a product that allows coaches to upload game and practice video to the web for the team to view and study. More than 150 sports programs are registered in the database at this point. Additionally, Daniel announces his Apr. 11 marriage to Nevin Rifat on Long Island. Brown alums in attendance included Mark Girolamo, Kirk Teatom, Nick Gentilesco '06, Alexander Keating Bowman, Xiaoti Xu, Allison Chatalbash, Brian Wood '04, and Reece Pacheco.

From the May/June 2009 Issue

Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig '05 received the 2009 Yale Drama Series Award for Playwriting for her play Lidless about a Guantanamo detainee who goes looking for his former interrogator. The prize includes a $10,000 award, a staged reading, and publication by Yale Univ. Press.

From the January/February 2009 Issue

Molly Birnbaum (see Steven Birnbaum '74).

Julia Grob married Kahlil Almustafa, a performance poet, in Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (DUMBO), Brooklyn, N.Y. In attendance were bridesmaid Miyo Tubridy '06, Katy Love '04, Ben Gerhardstein '04, Ariana Green '04, Nina Hausman, Dominique Baillet '04, Katherine Fichtel '04, Wilson Brown '05 AM, Kira Neel, Tarik Asmerom, and Joanne Suh. Brown Visiting Lecturer in Literary Arts Rick Benjamin officiated. Julia writes: "It was a beautiful celebration and wonderful to have so many friends in attendance. We are living in Manhattan and I'm working as an actress and female-leadership director in the public schools."

Kirk Teatom (see George Caraberis '77).

From the November/December 2008 Issue

Xander Boutelle writes: "After returning from a year working in Bangalore, India, I decided to leave my position at Goldman Sachs to contribute to a Democratic campaign during this historic election year. With advice from Phi Psi brother Corey Goerdt '08, I learned of the race in New Hampshire to send Jeanne Shaheen to the U.S. Senate. I'm now living near Portsmouth, N.H., and spending all day on the phones and in the streets trying to energize and persuade her constituents. Though it's a shift of location, daily rhythm, and lifestyle, I've never been happier."

Scott Goldberg left his public-radio job in August to spend two months in Cape Town, South Africa. His global health-service-learning program is organized by Child Family Health International (

Kate Northrup Moller is living in Manhattan and growing her business in health and wellness ( She enjoys periodic visits from Lucas Foglia to hear about his recent photo endeavors, and she sees Raina Rahbar, Timothy Wang, and Leila Ledsinger.

From the July/August 2008 Issue

Aracely Pérez (see Elizabeth Perez '99).

Adam Royster writes: "My wife, Roxana Coman Royster '06, and I welcomed our first child into the world a few weeks ago. On February 15, 2008, at 3:13 pm, Lucas McDade Royster was born weighing in at 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and measuring 21 inches long. Roxana and I met in Professor Friedberg's econometrics class (Econ 165) in the fall of 2004. I'm currently working as a financial analyst in downtown Washington D.C., and Roxana is a graduate student at Georgetown. We look forward to attending Lucas's Parents Weekend in the fall of 2026!"

Mike Rozensher (see Leslie Goldwater Nelson '77).

From the May/June 2008 Issue

Caroline Carney writes: "I married Jonathan Hayes on November 3, 2007, in Brown's Manning Chapel. It was a blustery day and the campus looked as beautiful as ever. Katy Flynn-O'Brien was the maid of honor. Attending the celebration were Monica Candal, Ashley Harris, Kimberly Hagner, Jessica Brown, Katharine Barry, Kristina Casadei, Lindsay Hoban, Ihsan Speede-Franklin '02, and Andrew Puschel. Jon and I are living in the heart of Boston and loving every minute of it. I work as a strategy analyst for Digitas, an interactive agency. Jon is currently the creative director for Numark, a company that designs and produces DJ equipment. Jon spent ten years in Seattle working for Microsoft where he was the design director for Xbox 360. I met him at the Design and Business conference hosted by RISD and Bryant. He was one of the event speakers. I picked up his business card, set up a 'business lunch,' and the rest is history."

Ryan L. Roth writes: "In February 2007, I became program director for Rare Book School, a nonprofit supporting the study of the history of books, in Charlottesville, Va. Look for me in the March/April issue of Fine Books Collections magazine. I'd love to hear from other alums working in book-related fields."

From the March/April 2008 Issue

Shirley Chan writes: "I am in my third year of medical school at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. I love Houston and plan to stay here for residency and beyond. I am increasingly loving pediatrics and am considering a career working with kids. I also serve as an alumni interviewer for Brown and thus keep in touch with the new blood. I miss my Brown friends!"

Christopher Mendillo (see Bernard Mendillo '70).

From the January / February 2008 Issue

Rebecca Barker (see Dick Barker ’57).

Lisa Dietz recently finished her Peace Corps service in Ecuador as a Youth and Families Development volunteer. She taught classes on HIV/AIDS, family planning, and the prevention of human trafficking. She previously served as an English teacher in Bangladesh, also with the Peace Corps. Lisa currently manages the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Fellowship Program at Special Olympics in Washington, D.C. For more information about the program, please visit the official Web site at

Jennifer Hanson Isaacs writes: “On July 14, 2007, I was married to Russell Isaacs, a lieutenant in the U.S. Army. We were married in Summit, N.J., with a reception following at Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield. Rebecca Dumas, Cary Goldberg, and Maria Kasparian were bridesmaids. Christina Blum, Gwen Fuertes, Elisabeth Reynolds, and Yongwook Kim were also in attendance. We enjoyed a beautiful honeymoon in Antigua and are moving to Tacoma, Wash., so let us know if you will be in the area!”

Emily Nemens writes: “This fall, I was the 22nd writer-in-residence at the Kerouac Project of Orlando ( The three-month residency gave me free reign over the Orlando home where Jack Kerouac lived with his mother 50 years ago. He was living here when On the Road was published in 1957; after the book’s hoopla in New York City he came back down to write Dharma Bums in the tiny back bedroom. It’s been a great break from postgraduate Brooklyn for me. In addition to working on my first novel, Blue-Eyed Apples, and a graphic novel project with Brown professor Paul Buhle and artist Harvey Pekar, I’ll come out of Florida with a book of short stories: Scrub was published in November. You can read more about my time in Florida at, and of course, please contact me with any questions.”

Aaron Prosnitz writes that K. Winslow Farrell Jr. ’75 and Diane Goss Farrell recently celebrated the engagement of their daughter Hilary Farrell to Aaron over the Labor Day weekend in Westport, Conn., with friends, family, and several Brown alums. Hilary is working on a master’s degree in TESOL at the Penn’s Graduate School of Education, while Aaron is beginning his second year at Penn’s School of Medicine.

From the November / December 2007 Issue

William Starrett Esworthy and Emily Love celebrated their first wedding anniversary on August 19. They became inseparable after Starrett started borrowing Emily’s books for their Religious Studies 11 class during their final semester at Brown. Their wedding was held in the barn at Emily’s parents’ farm in Pennsylvania, and in attendance were Veronica Gonzalez, Yoori Oh, Jennifer Sparling, Beverly Young, Jamie Witmer, Zach Woodford, Jan Vezikov, Jarrod Lynn ’07 ScM, Amy Schneider ’06, and Matt Herman ’04 ScM. The Esworthys live in Miami Beach and love having visitors.

Marcy Nicks Moody received her MA in East Asian Studies from Columbia in February. She is now a Shanghai-based Research Fellow for NYU School of Law. She began a Fulbright fellowship to continue her research in Shanghai in September.

Andrew Puschel is chief marketing officer of, an internet blog newspaper. launched to the public on August 27.

Christie Simpson (see Greg Clark ’94).

Pinn Siraprapasiri (see Celia Wu Sophonpanich ’83).

From the July / August 2007 Issue

Olga Abinader won one of the four 2007 Winner’s Circle Scholarships from Hispanic Business Inc. Olga is pursuing a master’s in urban planning at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.

Ian Cropp (see Michael Cropp ’76).

Leah Frank (see Dana H. Frank ’73).

Benjamin Goetsch (see Charles Goetsch ’73).

Hilda Hei Nam Leung and Douglas Fretty were married in 2006. In Feb. they threw a wedding banquet in Hong Kong, and in June they walked down the aisle in a California vineyard. Attending the Chinese celebration were alums Olivia Ma ’03, Olivia Wang, and Tze Yong Ng, who traveled from Singapore. The California wedding was toasted by John Feuerstein, Danish Aziz, Robert Rutherford ’06, Lizzy Klein, Adam Markovitz, and Mike Metzger. Doug and Hilda live in Los Angeles. The couple report that they met in French 60.

Max Levine (see Alan C. Levine ’67).

From the March / April 2007 Issue

Leanne Gallotta (see Alan Gallotta ’73).

Megan Gourley writes: “In June, Lauren Contursi ’03 wed Gary Slater of Providence in a beautiful ceremony at St. Matthew’s Church in Cranston, R.I. Guests included Lauren Wong ’03, Jen Ligums ’03, Aaron Salinger ’03, Tony Hatala, ’04, Mike Murray ’06, and me.”

From the January / February 2007 Issue

Matthew Balzer (see Julie Balzer ’98).

Meghan Gourley writes: “Lauren Contursi ’03 married Gary Slater in June in a beautiful ceremony at St. Matthew’s Church in Cranston, R.I. The wedding party included Lauren Wong ’03 and me. Guests included Tony Hatala ’04, Aaron Salinger ’03, Jen Ligums ’03, Taylor Mon-ica ’03, and Mike Murray ’06. The couple resides in Providence.”

Bianca Nunes (see Julie Balzer ’98).

Joanna Sinha graduated in June from Harvard Graduate School of Education with a master of education degree in risk and prevention. She is now a doctoral student in school psychology attending Ford-ham University Graduate School of Edu-cation in New York City.

Laura Tilghman (see Katherine Louise Tilghman ’99).

From the May / June 2006 Issue

Alexander Boutelle (see William E. Boutelle '62).

Chris Guhin was awarded Alpha Delta Phi Order of the Sword and Spear Award for 2005, the highest distinction the society can give to one of its undergraduate members. He was presented with the honor during the closing banquet of the society's seventh convention and leadership training conference, hosted by its Brunonian chapter.

Quyen Truong is having an art show Dec. 20, 2006, to Feb. 2, 2007, at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center in Massachusetts. Quyen is working in Boston as a painting mentor to high school youth.

From the March / April 2006 Issue

Stephanie Morin writes: “Thank you for a fabulous four years at Brown and keep in touch. Don’t hesitate to e-mail or call when in New York City or Sao Paulo.”

Chandra Singh writes: “Congratulations, class of 2005. I wish you all the best of luck in whatever you are pursuing and I hope Brown can always be that place to which we can all return to remember the undergraduate years, while appreciating them as alumni. Take care and enjoy life.”


Apr, 2020

Danielle Wainer ’05, of Forest Hills, N.Y.; Nov. 6, from Burkitt lymphoma. She pursued a career that spanned the Human Rights Watch to a Fulbright Fellowship in Peru. She then completed a dual master’s degree and after working several years on Wall Street, accepted an offer in Bogota, Colombia, breaking into the field of impact investing and social venture capital at Elevar Equity before being diagnosed in June 2018. She is survived by her husband, Paolo; her father; a sister; and her grandmother.


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