Class of 2025

Apr, 2024
The Zen of Woodworking
Five minutes with Wyatt Woodbery ’24.5 Read More
Mar, 2024
“Coping with Covid” 101
A new course on the psychology of pandemics offers a scientific take on Covid-related mental health issues and a place for students to process. Read More
Jan, 2024
Artificial Intelligence Is as Unfair as We Are.
A new course asks how we can harness AI without teaching it all of our biases and automating oppression. Read More
Jan, 2024
Pioneering Poetry
A new book, Understanding Michael S. Harper, seeks to decode the complex work. Read More
Jan, 2024
Town and Gown
Brown boosts voluntary payments to the city of Providence Read More
Jan, 2024
Tragedy, Far Away and Close to Home
Campus activism becomes deeply personal after a Brown student is shot in Vermont Read More
Nov, 2023
Vintage Style
Five minutes with Sean Toomey ’24 Read More
Nov, 2023
From Ballet to Brown
A former Swan Queen and Sugar Plum Fairy hit the books Read More
Nov, 2023
Serious Swifties
Taylor’s College Hill fan club Read More
Nov, 2023
International Interns
A Brown program matches students to positions in Tel Aviv, Berlin, and Stockholm Read More
Aug, 2023
Jumping Rope
Five minutes with Connor Kraska ’23 Read More
Aug, 2023
God, Love, and Rap
The message of Yeabfikir Ayele Alemayehu ’25 Read More
Aug, 2023
Flocking Together
A crochet scavenger hunt takes wing Read More
Jun, 2023
Good Vibes
Gendo Taiko’s beat goes on Read More
Jun, 2023
Suds Success
Students secure free laundry on campus Read More
Apr, 2023
Mischief Makers
A new club revives old traditions of spirituality and silliness Read More
Apr, 2023
Boston Public Library Love
Five minutes with Karim Zohdy ’25 Read More
Jan, 2023
Tracing Family Trees
Five minutes with Jake Garfinkle ’23 Read More
Jan, 2023
Making Robots Dance
At the intersection of choreography and engineering, a course looks at how robots move—and whether we’re programming them toward good or evil. Read More
Jan, 2023
The Party Is On
Funk Night returns to Brown Read More
Jan, 2023
Mod Merch
A dual-degree student turns bookstore leftovers into fashion must-haves Read More
Aug, 2022
Mobsters and Lobsters
Journalism professor on a career uncovering Rhode Island’s wrongs Read More
Aug, 2022
Walking Through Cemeteries
Five minutes with Adrian Oteiza ’23 Read More
Aug, 2022
List: Love It or Hate It?
50 years of Brown brutalism Read More
Aug, 2022
Interrogating Home
A student play explores sexual awakening at sleepaway camp Read More
Aug, 2022
Ultimate Success
Azeez Adeyemi ’21 is national MVP Read More
Mar, 2022
Storytelling through Song
In music theory class, students learn classical rules—and how to break them. Read More
Jan, 2022
One Day, Two Ivy Titles
Victory was decisive and extra sweet for women’s soccer and volleyball after returning to play this season. Read More
Jan, 2022
Stepping Up
A Narragansett dancer on life as a dual degree student, documentary star, and tribal activist Read More
Oct, 2021
Speak Out
Asian Americans share stories on race and identity Read More
Jun, 2021

Bobby Kaufman and Michael Fu ’25 co-organized and hosted the inaugural TEDx event at Pace Academy in Atlanta. Five students and three professionals delivered speeches addressing the theme “Challenging the Status Quo.” Speeches included Kristina Smith-Newton advocating for STEM careers for women of color; Carlos Andrés Gómez’s eight lessons from fatherhood; Troy Baker ’04 MAT unpacking the intersection of athletics, academics, and race; a student discussing coming out in the heteronormative hallways of high school; and a video presentation by two students on gender inequity featuring Pace Academy history teacher Arminda Smith Lawrence ’07. 


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