Class of 2023

Apr, 2024
The Good Life
A course on happiness gets mobbed Read More
Mar, 2024
“Coping with Covid” 101
A new course on the psychology of pandemics offers a scientific take on Covid-related mental health issues and a place for students to process. Read More
Jan, 2024
Artificial Intelligence Is as Unfair as We Are.
A new course asks how we can harness AI without teaching it all of our biases and automating oppression. Read More
Jan, 2024
A Judgment Free Zone for Drug Use
Does providing safer spaces to use drugs help or hurt? Read More
Nov, 2023
Serious Swifties
Taylor’s College Hill fan club Read More
Aug, 2023
A Disability Rights Pioneer
Elias Wolff ’00 devoted his life to making sure people like him could participate in sports, fully and joyfully. Read More
Aug, 2023
Jumping Rope
Five minutes with Connor Kraska ’23 Read More
Aug, 2023
Taking Orders
A recent ROTC grad does—and doesn’t Read More
Jun, 2023
History Maker
The first woman to play Division I baseball Read More
Jun, 2023
Suds Success
Students secure free laundry on campus Read More
Jun, 2023
Star Students
Read More
Apr, 2023
Mischief Makers
A new club revives old traditions of spirituality and silliness Read More
Apr, 2023
Yelling, Screaming, and Fun
Former Brown track star Craig Kinsley ’11 on his unique coaching style Read More
Apr, 2023
Unearthing Rhode Island History
A dig at a 19th-century College Hill home unveils stories about the textile industry, the European immigrant experience, and life in the Gilded Age. Read More
Jan, 2023
Tracing Family Trees
Five minutes with Jake Garfinkle ’23 Read More
Jan, 2023
The Party Is On
Funk Night returns to Brown Read More
Jan, 2023
Inside the Beltway
Would-be policy wonks score a semester at the source Read More
Oct, 2022
Pleather vs. Palate
A student supper club where menus are merveilleux, decor, not so much. Read More
Aug, 2022
Walking Through Cemeteries
Five minutes with Adrian Oteiza ’23 Read More
Aug, 2022

Olivia Katcher, chief of staff at Collaborative Fund and cofounder of Social Good Collective, and Ana Piacentini ’23, coleader of the Brown EP Podcast Team, Dive In, have partnered to create a podcast mini series called Dive In x Social Good Collective. The six-part series was created to introduce and inspire students to take part in entrepreneurship. Ana writes: “The collection of episodes will spotlight and share the diverse stories of passionate, mission-driven entrepreneurs who are actively pushing the world forward by creating tangible social impact. While these entrepreneurs are building in various industries, their overarching goal is the same: to create a venture that enacts positive change upon greater society. In these episodes, you’ll hear from founders about how they’re all working to leave a lasting positive change through the work they’re pursuing.” The podcast mini series can be found on Dive In’s website,, Spotify, and where other podcasts can be found.

Aug, 2022
Interrogating Home
A student play explores sexual awakening at sleepaway camp Read More
Aug, 2022
Rhode Island’s Opioid Crisis, Exposed
A data-driven dive into how, even in the smallest state, billions of addictive pills were manufactured, prescribed, and abused. Read More
Jun, 2022
Prints for a Purpose
Raising funds for Ukraine Read More
Jun, 2022
A Star Is Born
Brown’s newest newspaper focuses on Black joy and accomplishments Read More
Jun, 2022
Classics: Dead or Alive?
A new course examines ancient Greece and Rome with a 21st-century lens. Read More
Jan, 2022
Taking the Bus
Five minutes with John Lin ’23 Read More
Jan, 2022
One Day, Two Ivy Titles
Victory was decisive and extra sweet for women’s soccer and volleyball after returning to play this season. Read More
Jan, 2022
From Isolation to Instagram
How COVID helped spawn a social media phenomenon Read More
Jan, 2022
Stepping Up
A Narragansett dancer on life as a dual degree student, documentary star, and tribal activist Read More
Oct, 2021
Speak Out
Asian Americans share stories on race and identity Read More
Oct, 2021
DIY Shabbat
A Hillel program helped Jewish students stay connected despite COVID Read More
Oct, 2021
Holding the Door Open
3 nontraditional students help others find their way to college Read More
Aug, 2021
18th-Century Swordplay
Five minutes with Kris Cho ’22 Read More
Aug, 2021
Blueno’s Successor
Students have mixed feelings about the new sculpture on campus Read More
Jan, 2021

Brian O’Neill writes: “I have been living in Telluride, Colorado, for 30 years and coaching my sons’ lacrosse teams. This past summer, due to the pandemic, we have had the pleasure of Brown lacrosse players mentoring our kids. What struck me as notable was how caring and selfless these men were in reaching out to the local community to offer their services. Phil Pierce ’14 was living here for the summer with his girlfriend Bridie Gahan ’17 while telecommuting. Phil was captain of Brown lacrosse and you could see why he was voted captain in the way he intently worked with kids ranging in ages from 8 to 18. Seven class of ’23 lacrosse players (Trevor Glavin, Matthew Gunty, Oscar Hertz, Griffin King, Devon McLane, Logan Paff, and Ben Palin) were here for a few weeks and regularly trained and mentored these same kids with an infectious energy that truly inspired our kids. It is amazing to have them in our little town climbing 14,000-foot peaks, rock climbing on via ferratas, mountain biking, hiking, and fly fishing—in some cases, with our local lacrosse players. As a member of the ’83 Brown football team that played Penn State and ran into Happy Valley in a raging blizzard with 84,000 people screaming ‘We Are...Penn State,’ I never thought the ‘Brown State’ spirit brought back to campus by our illustrious band and fans would last this long. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see and hear these lacrosse players talk about the pride in the culture of Brown State. It is so much more than sports. It is about rolling up your sleeves and making a difference. My 11 (’31?) and 13 (’30?) year old sons will tell you these days were the highlights of a very adventurous summer in the Rockies! Their cousins, Suzie O’Neill ’22 and Tommy Maloney ’23, have told them all about Brown and their passion for the school, but what struck me was the consistency of kindness, giving, and positivity in each Brown person. In a very short time, friendships were made and young boys were inspired to give back. Kudos to admissions, faculty, administration and all who make Brown what it is! Truly a national treasure!”

Jan, 2021
Capitalism on the Couch
A history course analyzes the social, political, and cultural underpinnings of our economic system. Read More
Oct, 2020
Gigs Are Out the Window
But a student band plays on Read More
Oct, 2020
No Lunch Breaks
A chemist’s COVID schedule Read More
Nov, 2019
“You Belong Here”
The Third World Transition Program celebrates 50 years Read More


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