Class of 2024

Apr, 2024
The Zen of Woodworking
Five minutes with Wyatt Woodbery ’24.5 Read More
Mar, 2024
“Coping with Covid” 101
A new course on the psychology of pandemics offers a scientific take on Covid-related mental health issues and a place for students to process. Read More
Jan, 2024
Hot Play
Women’s soccer is dominating the Ivy League. It all started at a bonfire. Read More
Nov, 2023
Vintage Style
Five minutes with Sean Toomey ’24 Read More
Nov, 2023
Serious Swifties
Taylor’s College Hill fan club Read More
Nov, 2023
International Interns
A Brown program matches students to positions in Tel Aviv, Berlin, and Stockholm Read More
Nov, 2023
As glaciers collapse, a community comes together. Read More
Aug, 2023
British Politics
Five minutes with Gabrielle Shammash ’24 Read More
Aug, 2023
How to Read a Picture
A course applies seminal texts to classic LGBTQ images and films to show how imagery has been used to fight oppression. Read More
Aug, 2023
Crowning Venture
Miss Rhode Island 2023 on what it means to be a woman in finance Read More
Aug, 2023
Flocking Together
A crochet scavenger hunt takes wing Read More
Aug, 2023
Strait Talk Across Rough Waters
A student-run program gets young people from China and Taiwan talking. Read More
Jun, 2023
Chance Emerson & the Series of Improbable Events
A band cobbled together before classes started freshman year has performed onstage in front of 3,000 people, opening for Blues Traveler. What’s next for Chance Emerson ’24 and his bandmates? First, homework. Read More
Jun, 2023
Love Has Made a Difference
At 100 years old, “going on 75,” Lillian Affleck ’44 has put in at least six decades of service to others. Read More
Jun, 2023
Good Vibes
Gendo Taiko’s beat goes on Read More
Jun, 2023
Are You a Flaneur?
The high art of meandering aimlessly Read More
Jun, 2023
History Maker
The first woman to play Division I baseball Read More
Jun, 2023
Suds Success
Students secure free laundry on campus Read More
Jun, 2023
PhD Level Punches
Neuroscience meets boxing Read More
Jun, 2023
Star Students
Read More
Jan, 2023
Inside the Beltway
Would-be policy wonks score a semester at the source Read More
Jan, 2023
Mod Merch
A dual-degree student turns bookstore leftovers into fashion must-haves Read More
Nov, 2022
The Hummus Wars
Five minutes with Marielle Buxbaum ’24 Read More
Oct, 2022
A student pop-up restaurant lives up to its name Read More
Oct, 2022
Rise and Grind
The Underground wakes up and smells the coffee Read More
Oct, 2022
Food for Thought
Palate meets pedagogy in courses like “Food, Religion, and Politics in South Asia” Read More
Aug, 2022
List: Love It or Hate It?
50 years of Brown brutalism Read More
Aug, 2022
Interrogating Home
A student play explores sexual awakening at sleepaway camp Read More
Aug, 2022
A New Language, in a Hurry
Intensive, double-credit language courses mean fast learning and instant community Read More
Aug, 2022
Rhode Island’s Opioid Crisis, Exposed
A data-driven dive into how, even in the smallest state, billions of addictive pills were manufactured, prescribed, and abused. Read More
Jun, 2022
Prints for a Purpose
Raising funds for Ukraine Read More
Jun, 2022
A Star Is Born
Brown’s newest newspaper focuses on Black joy and accomplishments Read More
Jun, 2022
Beyond the Average White Guy
Experts are moving past biological sex to “precision medicine” that takes each individual patient—whatever their gender—into account. Read More
Apr, 2022
Stalking Mies van der Rohe
Five minutes with Professor Dietrich Neumann Read More
Apr, 2022

William Levine writes: “Caroline Snyder ’24 is the granddaughter of my wife, Gail Caslowitz Levine and myself; the daughter of our daughter, Jane Snyder ’88, and her husband, David Snyder; and the niece of our son, Daniel Levine ’91. Caroline is a student in the School of Engineering, a pre-med student, and a member of the varsity field hockey team.”

Jan, 2022
Taking the Bus
Five minutes with John Lin ’23 Read More
Jan, 2022
One Day, Two Ivy Titles
Victory was decisive and extra sweet for women’s soccer and volleyball after returning to play this season. Read More
Jan, 2022
From Isolation to Instagram
How COVID helped spawn a social media phenomenon Read More
Jan, 2022
Stepping Up
A Narragansett dancer on life as a dual degree student, documentary star, and tribal activist Read More
Nov, 2021
Five minutes with Mark Agostini ’18 AM Read More
Oct, 2021
Holding the Door Open
3 nontraditional students help others find their way to college Read More
Oct, 2021
Second Chance
A student startup reclaims unused cancer meds Read More
Aug, 2021
Hot Summer Studies
Most first-years had second semester over the summer—sans A/C Read More
Aug, 2021
Blueno’s Successor
Students have mixed feelings about the new sculpture on campus Read More
Mar, 2021
COVID Convocation
First-year students arrived in bleak midwinter, trading family overload for solo quarantine. Read More
Mar, 2021
The Power Within
TWTP’s annual welcome meets Afrofuturism, over Zoom Read More
Oct, 2020
Coming to COVID Country
Brown’s international students face red tape and health hazards. Read More


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