Class of 2020

Aug, 2021
Phone Aid
Emergency medical training at your fingertips Read More
Jun, 2021
Emerging Victorious
Meet seven of the many exemplary students who thrived—and graduated—despite the pandemic. Read More
Jun, 2021
Working Class Hero
A senior thesis on a legendary Panamanian boxer Read More
Jun, 2021
The vaccine, commencement, and the passing of Vartan Gregorian. Read More
Apr, 2021

Arya Okten published her first book, The Mathematical Investigations of Dr. O and Arya, with Tumblehome Inc. She and her father, Giray, cowrote the book based on workshops they used to present together to middle school students. The book aims to make advanced mathematical topics accessible and enjoyable to kids and uses a combination of games, history, and cartoons to explain topics from number theory to probability. 

Mar, 2021
The Man Who’s Everywhere
Read More
Mar, 2021
Failure to Pay
Student journalists expose the ongoing, illegal practice of insisting court defendants pay fines they’ll never be able to afford. Read More
Oct, 2020
State of Play
This spring, Brown overhauled its athletics program. Varsity teams went club and vice versa, protests and lawsuits ensued, and some teams were reinstated. Read More
Aug, 2020
Justice, in Community
A non-punitive approach Read More
Jun, 2020
First Responders
Many students rushed to help as COVID hit. A look at two group efforts. Read More
May, 2020
BAM interns on the spring’s sudden shift Read More
May, 2020
Woman in Charge
Meet the ROTC Patriot Battalion’s female leader Read More
May, 2020
Nevertheless, They Persisted
Meet seven extraordinary students graduating into a new world. Read More
Apr, 2020
Leggings 24/7
Five minutes with Cat Buthod ’20, on her current obsession Read More
Apr, 2020
Funny Girls
The Rib launches women into comedy careers Read More
Apr, 2020
1,000 Rejections
How to get a cartoon in the New Yorker Read More
Jan, 2020
Not Even Looking at My Grades
Oren Karp ’20 "went crazy" with the New Curriculum. Read More
Jan, 2020
From Scholarship to Shelter
Student research bolstered legislation to stop housing discrimination in R.I. Read More
Jan, 2020
How Open is “Open”?
First-gen college students still encounter socioeconomic walls. Read More
Jan, 2020
A Major of One’s Own
Independent concentrations are a flagship of the Open Curriculum.
Here are 5 being pursued today. Read More
Jan, 2020
Fixed It.
A better deal for Brown vets Read More
Nov, 2019
Fighting for Their Future
Lauren Maunus ’19 and Emma Bouton ’20 have been on the front lines of the growing youth environmental movement. Read More
Nov, 2019
Hitting the Grad Center Bar
Yutong Liu ’20 Read More
Nov, 2019
Adios, Amniocentesis?
Testing for genetic abnormalities with a simple swab of the cervix Read More
Nov, 2019
Underwear for Everyone
A website where women with disabilities can buy intimate apparel that actually works—and read about fashion and sex Read More
Nov, 2019
“You Belong Here”
The Third World Transition Program celebrates 50 years Read More
Sep, 2019
The Stigma Slayer
A student-founded arts organization combats silence around mental illness. Read More
Sep, 2019
Arrrcappella Anniversary
The Pirates turn 20 Read More
Sep, 2019
Scooter Mania
Rental scooters are College Hill’s new ride. Read More
Jul, 2019
Robing Them Right
Ginie Callas ’48 has outfitted decades of honorary degree recipients Read More
May, 2019
Sober Spring Break
Fun and connection for an "invisible minority" Read More
May, 2019
Forever Light
The sun will trace an infinity symbol on a new campus sundial Read More
May, 2019

Judith MacIntosh O’Neill and Thomas J. O’Neill III have been enjoying retirement for many years now, spending time with their family and traveling the world. They traveled for a month in Central Asia visiting Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Tom plays trombone in a number of swing bands and orchestras and Judith remains busy gardening and knitting. "It was a fabulous trip learning about these newly free countries. We are thrilled that our granddaughter Claire Harrison ’20 is enjoying Brown. Her parents are Christine O’Neill Harrison ’91 and Marc Harrison ’92."

May, 2019

Class secretary David Nichols reports the Class of 1952 Endowment Scholarship fund was presented to Reed Jaworski ’20, with a concentration is math, physics, and philosophy, for the fiscal year 2017-2018 and to Natalie Montufar ’21, with a goal to attend medical school and become a neurosurgeon to help people with Alzheimer’s disease, for the fiscal year 2018-2019.

Jan, 2019
Valentine Wars
Dueling Facebook pages help students connect Read More
Nov, 2018
The 0.3 Percent
Brown's small but expanding community of students who are military veterans Read More
Sep, 2018
Crossing the Political Divide
Americans are more divided than ever. Can we reclaim middle ground? Read More
Sep, 2018
Coffee Catch
The java’s free—just hand over your data Read More
Sep, 2018
Working Vacation
Eight undergrads told us where and how they spent their summer Read More
Sep, 2018
Portraits of Love
A student uplifts women with cancer and their care teams Read More
Jul, 2018
Applied Academics
Engaged scholars put what they’re learning into immediate action Read More
May, 2018
Make Art
Brown-Trinity Rep MFA programs receive full tuition scholarships in the 2018-2019 academic year. Read More
Jan, 2018
Waiting for Trebek
"I've always been a bit of a dork," says Jeopardy! contestant (and BAM intern) David Kleinman ’20. Read More

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