Class of 2021

Apr, 2021
Brighter Days
Hungering for contact, celebration, and a feeling of lightness. Read More
Mar, 2021
Bankrolling Justice
Trust-fund youth unite to combat inequality Read More
Mar, 2021
Listen Well
10 Podcasts by Brown alums Read More
Mar, 2021
Textiles, Textiles, Textiles
Five minutes with Beth Pollard ’21 Read More
Mar, 2021
Failure to Pay
Student journalists expose the ongoing, illegal practice of insisting court defendants pay fines they’ll never be able to afford. Read More
Mar, 2021
Follow the Money
Students make national news by exposing who’s been funding the movement to deny climate change. Read More
Mar, 2021
Furnace and Fugue
A digital project brings a book on alchemy to life Read More
Mar, 2021
The Power Within
TWTP’s annual welcome meets Afrofuturism, over Zoom Read More
Jan, 2021

Seth Jackson writes: “My daughter, Mariel Jackson ’21, is the general manager of the Brown Daily Herald. My son, Derek, is at the Columbia University School of Engineering in New York.

Jan, 2021
Filming Food
Five minutes with Anessa Petteruti ’21 Read More
Nov, 2020
Say It Ain’t So, Blueno!
Five minutes with Emilia Ruzicka ’21 Read More
Oct, 2020
State of Play
This spring, Brown overhauled its athletics program. Varsity teams went club and vice versa, protests and lawsuits ensued, and some teams were reinstated. Read More
Oct, 2020
Gigs Are Out the Window
But a student band plays on Read More
Oct, 2020
No Lunch Breaks
A chemist’s COVID schedule Read More
Oct, 2020
Comedy of the Century
The Brown Jug is back Read More
Oct, 2020
Coming to COVID Country
Brown’s international students face red tape and health hazards. Read More
Aug, 2020
A Jamaican American in Paris
Six Questions for Makedah Hughes ’19 Read More
Aug, 2020
Rotten Culture
Why removing “bad apples” won’t fix the police Read More
Aug, 2020
Justice, in Community
A non-punitive approach Read More
Aug, 2020
Flying High
Record-breaking long jumps Read More
Aug, 2020
Old-School Photography
Five minutes with Hasiba Zandi ’21 Read More
Aug, 2020
Disparate Data
The COVID-19 Compiler predicts trouble spots and trends Read More
Jun, 2020
Masks, Meals, Viral Medium
The campus pitches in Read More
Jun, 2020
First Responders
Many students rushed to help as COVID hit. A look at two group efforts. Read More
Jun, 2020
Minecraft campus
A digital version of Brown’s College Hill brings the community together during COVID-19 Read More
May, 2020
BAM interns on the spring’s sudden shift Read More
Apr, 2020
Debt Deterrent
A finance expert teaches kids about money before the banks can find them Read More
Apr, 2020
Funny Girls
The Rib launches women into comedy careers Read More
Apr, 2020
Code Red
Is that tech job worth taking? Read More
Jan, 2020
Born Too Soon
A new book examines the rise in premature births Read More
Jan, 2020
A Major of One’s Own
Independent concentrations are a flagship of the Open Curriculum.
Here are 5 being pursued today. Read More
Jan, 2020
Whichever Way You Wear It
Brown Black Hairitage likes your style Read More
Nov, 2019
World of Pop
A hit podcast decodes popular music Read More
Nov, 2019
“You Belong Here”
The Third World Transition Program celebrates 50 years Read More
Sep, 2019
The Stigma Slayer
A student-founded arts organization combats silence around mental illness. Read More
Sep, 2019
They Danced in the Dining Room
Roxanne Barnes ’21 threw benefit parties at the Finlandia co-op Read More
Sep, 2019
Scooter Mania
Rental scooters are College Hill’s new ride. Read More
May, 2019

Class secretary David Nichols reports the Class of 1952 Endowment Scholarship fund was presented to Reed Jaworski ’20, with a concentration is math, physics, and philosophy, for the fiscal year 2017-2018 and to Natalie Montufar ’21, with a goal to attend medical school and become a neurosurgeon to help people with Alzheimer’s disease, for the fiscal year 2018-2019.

Mar, 2019
Speed Queen
Sophomore Sydney McKee takes the wheel Read More
Jan, 2019
Louie’s Time
Peter Deegan ’21 loves those 5 a.m. breakfasts Read More
Sep, 2018
Working Vacation
Eight undergrads told us where and how they spent their summer Read More
Sep, 2018
Taking It Home
Revisiting Dad’s country to play international soccer Read More
Sep, 2018
Tomorrow’s Citizens
Scott Warren ’09 started a nationwide program that teaches students civics via local involvement. Read More
May, 2018
Don’t Sit, Walk.
Snow boots and solidarity Read More
May, 2018
Don’t Sit, Walk.
Brown joins the National School Walkout against gun violence. Read More

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